W75-9 Small Wheel Excavator

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China main port
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1500 PCS/month

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Product Description:

    W75-9 Small Wheel Excavator 


    Boom Length


    Maximum Digging Reach


    Maximum Digging Depth


    Maximum Digging Height


    Maximum Dumping Height


    Minimum Platform Tail Tuning Radius



    Width of Platform


    Overall Width


    Machine Height


    Distance from the Digging Arm to Rotate Machine


    Maximum Length of transportation


    Maximum Ground Clearance


    Maximum Height for Bulldozing


    Rise quantity decline quantity of bulldozing plate





    Machine Weight


    Volume of Bucket


    Set pressure with main spill vale


    Maximum Digging Force


    Grade ability


    Pressure to the Ground


    Travel Speed


    Maximum Traction Force


    Swing Speed of Platform


    Fuel Tank Capacity


    Hydraulic Tank Capacity


W75-9 Small Wheel Excavator

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