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Rotary drilling rig when piling, the drill bit off the hole in the pile, how to fish ah?
A winch, a lifter, uses a drill rod to wrap the wire rope into the drill bit, stabilize the drill rod, pull the wire rope, break the fuse, and tighten the small head on the drill bit. Lifting bit.
How much do you charge for a day rig?
Also, if you rent the rig, you must request a drill safety certificate, and the operator's operation certificate, you must carefully check, because there are more false. If there is no test of engineering equipment, a safety accident, you have to bear responsibility.
How many types of rotary drilling rigs should be used for entering ten meters of weathered sandstone in the rock?
The current domestic rotary drilling rig manufacturers and models are more well-known manufacturers are mainly ZOOMLION, 31 heavy machine, Xugong, CSR, Futian, Shanghai Kim, Tianjin sunward, Bauer, Wujiang geotechnical, Yutong, mainstream rock into the rotary drilling rig has 31 main SR280R into the rock rotary drilling rig, Zoomlion ZR280 360, Xugong, Bauer BG25 into the rock can be, but the price is not high, 31 C8 series rotary recently to participate in the 2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition drill SR285RC8/SR385RC8, is said to have ability to exceed the traditional rock entering into the rock type rotary drilling rig.
Hole drilling price of rotary drilling machine
Strong weathered formations are often encountered in the Sichuan area, and drilling is not difficult for the Xugong rotary drilling rig! Please consider these questions more!
How to distinguish the performance of rotary drilling rig?
The main hoist and power head are combined with multi main valves to minimize the resistance along the way and improve work efficiency. The main hoist and the power head adopt double circuit control in the compound action to ensure the independent control of the compound action, and improve the ability of the drilling rig to deal with complicated working conditions.
Rotary drilling rig application
The main purpose of rotary drilling rig is to:Bored pile foundation engineering rotary drilling.
Can rotary drilling machine be used in rock layer?
The rock layer depends on the hardness, I have seen the 280 rig called 700KPA mudstone and 2200KPA granite, and 250 rigs played 4000KPA to beat rock schist, the key lies in the construction of rotary drilling rig, a rock speed is very slow.
What are the equipments used for bored pile construction?
Impact drills are mainly suitable for drilling in eggs (DRIFTS), stone soil and rock formations. The main equipment can be divided into two categories: one for the drill itself with the whole set of equipment, drilling frame, shock and lifting equipment; simple percussive drill another by double drum hoist with clutch components, the drill frame by simple rods. According to the circulation mode of the mud, the impact drill can be divided into impact positive circulation drilling and impact reverse circulation drilling.