Pile Driver (DPD Tilting Clamp Type Series)

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Detailed Product Description of Pile Driver (DPD Tilting Clamp Type Series)


-360 degrees free rotation & 90 degrees tilting rotation of jaw clamp


-Simple replacement tooth of pile clamp



DPD Tilting Series

(PATENT NO.10-0851430)


- 30% better efficiency of construction working site

- 90 degrees Tilting devices

- Easy & Accurate control tilting operation system

- Tested safety through double device

- This leads to greater customer satisfaction!

- The tilting sheet pile driver can be operated alone ; No necessary assistant worker

- As it tilts up to 90 degree, the operation with sheet pile, H beam, tube, pipe, and steel can easily be controlled without the help of another worker. The cost of one worker can be saved

- Maximizes operational performance with its much more enhanced functions

- Best in 35 ton class for impulse and clamping power

- Dramatically reduces costs of transport and assistant worker

- Highly improved sheet piling operation method

- Extended service life using a special bearing designed for high frequency vibration

- Heavy duty Special elastomers (Patent) isolate vibration protecting the excavator from damage

- Making the best use of the excavator, operation in a narrow space is possible

- Easy installation using breaker hydraulic lines of the excavator and electric one control cable device


 Specification of Pile Driver (DPD Tilting Clamp Type Series)


Pile Driver (DPD Tilting Clamp Type Series)

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Q:What is the working principle of a pile driver?
Hammer piling machinePile hammer comprises a hammer head and a hammer base, with steam or compressed air as a driving force, a single action and double action two hammer hammer. Single acting piston or cylinder as the hammer to hammer, steam driven hammer up, then let the hammer seat along the guide rod fall and piling. Double acting steam hammer is increased as the plunger cylinder as the hammer to hammer, steam driven hammer up, then drive the downward impact hammer piling. The reciprocating speed is high and the frequency is high, so that the pile can vibrate when penetrating into the stratum, and the friction resistance can be reduced, and the pile driving effect is good. Differential two-way unequal force hammer, the hammer seat light weight, effective impact weight can be relatively stronger and better performance. The hammer into the exhaust valve reversing by manual control, can also be installed in the side with the hammer and hammer lifting flange lever automatic control, impact stroke two ways can adjust the hammer.
Q:What's the effect of Engineering piling?
Provide the foundation with carrying capacity. Figuratively speaking: you want to select a piece of land, build a house on it, but the soil is not good, if the house made above may sink may also occur uneven settlement drained, it is necessary to carry out treatment on the site, a lot of processing method, which is a kind of pile. Thus the building passes the load to the foundation, the foundation passes to the pile and the pile passes to the rock below the pile.
Q:Can a small country pile driver be able to hit a stone?
micro special vehicles and C2, C3, C4. Which color car license did you say? What about the maximum load?Supplement:C1 seems to be the open quality (weight + weight) of 4.5 tons.
Q:What are the types of hammer pile drivers?
There are diesel tube pile driver, power source brand, Zhong Zhong brand, and Zhejiang is very popular guide rod hammer
Q:Diesel hammer piling machine principle
The guide rod type diesel hammer is pressed on the pile cap with a plunger as a hammer seat, and the cylinder is used as a hammer head to move up and down along the two guide rods.When in operation, the pile hanging in place pile frame in Longmen, then put the diesel hammer at the top of the pile, the hook will lift down the cylinder, and the cylinder sleeve off hook to the whereabouts of the piston, the cylinder will be closed in the air compression cylinder rocker pin until the pressure continues to fall outside the cylinder pushing hammer on the base of the fuel pump, fuel pump will be injected into the cylinder oil mist, oil mist meet high temperature gas burning immediately above, blasting, explosive shock down pile., to push the cylinder to cylinder to rise, fall along the guide rod, and the beginning of the second impact cycle.
Q:Is the spiral pile driver still being dug? Is it easy to operate? How many people do you need?
Tengzhou Five Dragon pile driver is very good, without artificial shovel, 360 degrees rotation, six minutes can hit ten meters, diameter two meters!
Q:What safety measures should be taken when assembling a pile driver?
4, mechanical equipment installation and transportation safety mattersThe mechanical equipment should be installed in a safe place, not in the rock slope landslide, or may be installed by flood invasion and flying stone in place, to ensure personal safety and machinery.The room layout shall be constructed according to the mechanical instructions or actual needs. Room to ensure mechanical windproof and rainproof, antifreeze and other requirements, to the appropriate area, convenient operation and maintenance, and adequate lighting, good ventilation, shutdown protection facilities for temporary use of machinery should be necessary.Mechanical equipment shall be installed according to the instruction manual and relevant regulations. After installation, safety inspection and performance test shall be carried out, and may be put into use after the test operation has been qualified.When the mechanical equipment is transported, make sure the binding is firm, the center of gravity is reliable, the brake is reliable, and the traffic safety is ensured.When mechanical equipment is unloaded, be sure to handle with care, forbid to throw and throw off from the car, use dump truck to transport machinery, forbid dumping with dumping method.
Q:How deep can a pile driver work?
As the drill wylong machinery in rotary machine is capable of hitting at least 20 meters deep
Q:How much is a small pile driver with a 15 meter depth? When can I get a discount?
In addition, building foundation piling is also a very profitable thing. You can buy a pile driver yourself and pile it for others.
Q:Why do some people need to dig the foundation and pile it up to dig a hole?
Digging foundation, piling and digging, piling are twoGenerally after the first pile driving, dig the foundation, you think, I pile is to pile machine back and forth, you dug the pit, how the machine down to pit how to walk, the foundation pit bearing capacity is not enough or the foundation pit is disturbed,
Our products is the worlds very first new concept ripper which developed and designed to use ultra high-frequency vibration for breaking rock and ripper operation.Since the time of Establishment, we have focused and specialized on vibration construction machinery development and successfully built up innovative know-how in vibrating technology. We will continuously invest and develop wide range of innovative products .

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