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Voice line out from the 110 patch panel, what should be connected to the switch is not connected
Is the computer in the shutdown state of the boot, to open twice to find the hard drive. The first time you can not find the hard drive, from the beginning will be able to find. Why is that? Please master under the instructions. Thank you Question added: I would like to ask under the COMS should be how to set up to listen to them that seemingly there is nothing to close the hard disk option seems to be in the COMS power inside But I do not know that foreign language is not close the hard disk that? Who said to me! Thank you more
110 patch panel can only be used for voice?
Whether it is to do voice distribution or network allocation can play a flexible use, the role of flexible allocation For example, when used as a voice line A company has hundreds of phone calls, if the department within the increase or call the phone number of the situation, then the network management or other administrators can use the adjustment jumper to complete this behavior
A floor wiring between the three switches, need a few patch panels, patch panels how many mouth?
Can wear steel pipe ah! The reason for wearing steel pipe is to prevent the cable from being affected by the external environment, will not cause mechanical damage, will not have any impact on other performance bar
In the horizontal subsystem of the integrated cabling system, the total length of the cable from the information outlet to the patch panel can not exceed () meters, can you tell the reason?
The trough bridge is sealed, with a rectangular or square cross-section, with a cover plate, plastic and metal. Generally used for fire, moisture, dust, anti-interference, anti-mechanical damage and other places. Ladder bridge like ladder-like open, easy to heat, are used for more cable, high temperature requirements of the place.
What is the relationship between the switch and the patch panel?
This is a physical about the conductive problem, the sparrow standing on the wire is two feet at the same time to seize the wire, if it is a single foot then it will because of the high voltage of the voltage to death, it is said to burst, because the sparrow feet standing wire On its feet as a pair of two electrodes through its body quickly and was everywhere, single-handed, then it is a conductor, the current nowhere to export
See my family downstairs box there is a beam splitter, is just take the district, not to stay, is not the network is the fiber? You told me this can be a! Thank you! The The Question added: tell me, after my home network is not fiber on the line! The The More
Taobao only you can not think of, no you can not find.
42U of the cabinet, up to the number of 24 switches can be placed. Please elaborate, thank you! More
Factory inspection (settlement test) report must have! Type test is used when the production of stereotypes; sampling is the quality supervision departments of the regular sampling test.
Patch panels, cable management planes, and jumper frame What is the difference between the three? And in what aspects?
Product Name Description Specification Treasure JDG / KBG threading tube 16 * 0