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Q:How do I know if my ECU is bad? It blows ECU fuse the second I turn on ignition.?
Sound like you know way too much to be on here! Your on the right track. Trace the wire and you will probably find a short. The easiest thing to do since you have the schematic is to just go straight to the ECM and overlay the wire. This way you don't have to take the whole harness apart. If it fixes your problem then make a permanent connection and zip tie or tape the wire over the factory harness. Unless you just HAVE to know where the wire is bad. But that could take awhile.
Q:2000 mercedes ml320 power seats dont work?
Since you say it applies to both seats, the fault is most probably in a component common for both seat circuits. That would be the relay k1 (looking in the direction of travel it will be on the left side, top, close to row of fuses above it) in the right front footwell relay/fuse box. I presume you also have checked already the fuses f30 and f31 - they supply the power to both seat modules, there are orange (quite thick) wires coming from the fuse box to each seat. Please check if the seat modules are getting power. The other possibility is lack of seat activation signal (it comes from the AAM (All Activity Module) in the front left fuse box, via grey wire and it simply enables the seat by activating the relay k1. might want to try if applying battery power there (gray wire, connector 1, pin L) of the front footwell fusebox will make the seats work. Funny thing i was working on similar problem on W164 ML couple of days ago.The thing cooked down to faulty front module that did not supply the seat activation signal anymore.
Q:TV repair question?
one of the 4 large rectifier diodes is shorted causing the fuse to blow. The diodes are part # 1N4608. Replaced the shorted diode and fuse and you will be in business.
Q:My fuse blows every time I turn on my (optimus stereo amplifier mpa 250)?
That fuse collection is saving your amp. You've got a short circuit in it somewhere. Needs checking out. Take the cover off and look for burn marks in the mains-in part and on the circuit boards. You might have a burnt-out resister or capacitor somewhere or a badly screwed up transister especially in the output stage. Power transisters can get hot. They have heat sinks they get bolted to and heat paste to make a good junction so the heat gets transfered better, Check the wires all round for molten or burnt insulation. Sometimes it's just dust that builds up inside that causes the problem especially in vintage amps that may have running twenty years without a clean out. Sometimes it's insects that get burned to a cinder and form a carbon bridge between components. Carbon is a good conductor and then you get a short circuit. Make sure the plug is out of the wall socket and give the amp a brush out with a vacuum cleaner nozzle held close to the brush. A 1-2 inch house painting brush works fine.
Q:Calling all Wrench Heads.?
yes it can damage alot of things not just the altenator have an electrical diagnosis done on it.
Q:What is the easiest way to diagnose a bad component in a 5.1 surround sound system?
If by surround sub you mean a dedicated amplifier and a subwoofer hooked to it: 1] Test the impedence of the subwoofer; if it is shorter that may be the sole problem [or it may have fired the amp]. Compare that with the specification value 2] You can measure caps with an ohmmeter [very crubdely, though, but likely well enough; see
Q:2003 dodge grand caravan the park lights wont come on?
when you open the door look on the end of the dash on that van, there's a panel that you remove,there you,ll find the main fuse box for the the inside components and the one for the park lights,good luck.
Q:How much to replace or fix the cigarette lighter in your car? (Not a fuse problem)?
About 5 bucks and 5 minutes
Q:What will happen if I use a 5 amp tube fuse instead of a recommended 1 amp fuse?
If you use a higher rated amp fuse I think it could catch on fire . Each wire size is only able to carry a given amount of amps. The bigger the wire the more amps and the smaller the wire size number. #14 wire 15amp fuse #12wire20amp fuse #10wire30amp fuse #8 wire40amp fuse. The fuse acts as safety feacher incase the amps are exceeded. The fuse blowes before the isulations on the wire meltes and causes a short .
Q:Blown Kenwood KDC-P5028 CD Reciever?
If the fuses are good and it was a dead short you most likely fried the circut board. If you are mechanically and electronically inclined dis assemble the unit and go over everything with a good magnifying glass. Start at the point of the burn. (it will be obviously marked) and follow the track. If it is only the wire its self then you get off easy by replacing it. Next look inside as many units have another fuse hidden inside. If that is not it and it is one of the fine strips in the board take a very fine bit of wire and solder it in to bridge the burnt section. If any of the small components (resistors, diodes) you can replace the larger ones but not the tiny ones. Damaged ones of any type will be discolored and you can spot them with the glass.

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