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Dot-matrix Display can be used in many aspects,like:

Display in subway station;

display in bank,supermarket,school;

information board in hospital;

automotive advertising screen;

electric gate information screen and so on.

Products in photo album are part of main products in my company.And we also can

manufacture other model according to the requirements from customers.

Looking forward to your inquiry!

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Q:About singlechip 64*64LED dot matrix display, row and column driver how to get?
If you scan 64 lines, each line is only 1/64, the brightness is too low. You can use 4 sets of 16*64 stitching to ensure the brightness of the display.
Q:LED dot matrix how to use it, what is the principle?
Here the 8X8 dot matrix is used to illustrate. 8X8 needs a total of 64 dot matrix of light emitting diodes, light emitting diodes and each intersection is placed in rows and column lines, when corresponding to a column of the 1 level, a row of 0 level, the corresponding diode lights; to display graphics or fonts, only need to consider the display mode. The brightness of each display point can be effectively controlled by programming to control each display point corresponding to the level of LED anode and negative pole.
Q:Want to buy a 8*8LED dot matrix screen, do you want 64 resistors? Single chip microcomputer!
See what kind of work, and use the drive IC do not have to use. It takes 8 to scan, and 64 to light alone.
Q:The dot matrix brightness of single chip computer is inconsistent
Driving ability is different from line to field. "The feeling is that when you move up and down, you pass the resistance, and you move around as if there is no resistance," and you feel right. That's true.
Q:Dot matrix LED brightness is different, how to solve?
You try to put a brown glass outside the screen to see if it's better. If not, you can only change the LED dot matrix module or the unit board.
Q:Using proteus simulation to do LED dot matrix screen clock, the time is not real, seven or eight seconds, seconds before jumping, CPU overload, how can I solve?
Is it the seconds you get with the time delay subroutine? This is not accurate, the best use of timer and interrupt mode is on time, but this time the simulation operation, is certainly not, related to the performance of the computer, if the computer CPU frequency is not high, will affect the simulation speed. If you are using timers and interrupts, you have to optimize the program.
Q:LED dot matrix work principle
It's about putting 64 LED in 8 rows and 8 columns. One LED has two feet. This one should know. Then, put one foot of each line together. (either the anode, or the negative pole, should be unified), and then draw a line out of the line as a drive line, there are 8 such lines. Then, each of the columns is not connected to the foot, followed by columns, but also lead a line out.
Q:How are the multiple 16 *16led dots connected?
Line access. The column requires nothing more than a separate grounding, 16*N dot matrix display, oh....
Q:What is the difference between a LED dot matrix and an ordinary LED lamp?
Light angle: the traditional LED with limited design and heat treatment to poor heat dissipation, light emitting single can not be too large, irradiation distance will be limited, so how to make a small angle, in order to concentrate energy as well, the light angle is 8 degrees -30 degrees, so the formation of a as a flashlight beam, the central image too bright and white and dark around to see clearly. The light of the matrix LED is about 150 degrees from the original angle, and can be changed by optical means at different angles, and the flexibility is great. The room can be evenly lit all the space, while other LED beam can not be achieved, and the use of ultra long distance outdoor, the volume of its overall product is much smaller than the traditional LED products.
Q:LED dot matrix with single-chip microcomputer is how to control?
To put it simply, the LED dot array requires two rows of 8 bits, one for the line, one for the column, for example 0 is the selected meaning, then the line is 01111111, and the column is 1011111, then the first row of the second column lights.

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