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Cause my monitor broke down few days ago so i plan to buy an LCD MonitorBut i not sure what brand and whether to buy 17 or 19And what is RSP(like 2MS,4MS,6MS,8MS,16MS)? and its Input A and A+DVI,what's the difference? and its CR (400:1, 600:1, 700:1, 1500:1) Will those thing are important?Anything else important when by an LCD monitor?Pls help.I appreciate everyone's reply!Thanks!
the 2ms 4ms is response time. LCDs were much slower than normal monitors and on old ones, they really show it. You'll type a letter and wait for the letter to appear. Really annoying. Bigger is better w/ lcd's. Get the biggest one you can afford. Try the Dell e207wfp it's 20.1 Widescreen for the same price as the 19 NEC.
I am reading all over the internet and am getting two answers on this question. I bought a new LCD monitor with DVI and HDMI inputs. My new video card has both DVI and HDMI outputs. Which will give me the best performance on this monitor? Now the easy answer everyone says is HDMI is better. Sure, for a TV. I am reading that some say DVI is best for a computer and LCD monitor connection.Uggg
I would go with HDMI. Not only will it display the full resolution that your new monitor can handle, it will give you audio too on the same cable. HDMI cables are less expensive, as they've gotten much more commonplace since LCD TV's took over from CRT screens. If you don't have a spare one laying around, you can pick one up for maybe five bucks or less. I have a 32 LCD TV hooked up to my computer with HDMI as a second display, and it looks awesome.
I want to by an LCD monitor that is best for watching movies.Please share ur experiences if u have Dell E1909W or any other LCD in reasonable prices.
if my dell se198wfp lcd monitor is any thing like yours and it looks like it is it's a very good monitor to watch movies on for I do it all the time from 2007 transformer movie or any other movie to any anime I can find.
if i want to get full hd movie or games, i have to buy 40 inch lcd tv which has a resolution 1920 X 1200, can i get full hd as well by buying 22 or 23 inch lcd monitor which has the same resolution? Thanks!
LCD monitor is not really made for watching tv its just a monitor probably for your gaming purposes. But id rather get a TV instead of monitor if i were u.
What's the difference between HD LCD and other ordinary LCD?
Watch HD movies, play HD games! But I recommend the HP monitor to you! Good! There are businessmen in China all over the country! About 1600 HD
I wanna buy a 19 LCD monitor and currently weighing between HP and Samsung monitors. All HP monitors are called LCD monitors as per the package details as well as per their website, while all Samsung monitors are called TFT LCD Monitors. I am a bit confused, as I work a lot on PC, I would like to protect my eyes and health. Can someone help me with correct answer?
This is a bit like a what's the difference between a dog and an animal? question. LCD means Liquid Crystal Display, while TFT stands for the Thin Film Transistors that are used to drive the LCD pixels. TFT's are ALWAYS used for this purpose, but some brands like to mention it as if it's something extra. There's no difference. LCD (as well as TFT) screens are far less a burden to the eyes as CRT screens are. because the liquid crystals are stable between refreshes, while CRT pixels are not. Therefore an LCD screen with a refresh rate of 60 Hz can yet be less tiring than a CRT screen with a refresh rate of 85 Hz. As long as the lightning of the room is comparable with the light from the screen and you look away from the screen every now and then your eyes should be fine.
I have a lcd monitor with vga and dvi-d inputs.How do I connect my normal cable to it.
If you want to use your LCD monitor as a TV without adding any extra hardware, these are the requirements: - The LCD monitor must be HDCP-compliant, so it can display encrypted high-definition TV content. - You must have a digital HD cable box (or satellite or Fios box). Digital HD cable boxes have either a DVI or HDMI output and can be directly connected to an HDCP-compliant monitor. Note that a regular standard-definition cable box do NOT have DVI or HDMI ports. You must make sure you have a digital HD cable box. - You will need to hook up a separate set of speakers to the cable box to get sound, if the monitor doesn't have any speakers. Hope this helps.
I got a LCD Monitor for X'mas and would like to connect it to two computers on my desk. Can I do that? How? Do I need extr a hardwares or softwares ?Thanks.
If you are lucky your LCD had 2 video inputs that you can switch between using buttons on the display. If not, go for a KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse switch) and share all 3 desktop bits. You can get KVMs that handle sound or USB as well for more money. Dont forget you will need cables for your KVM as well unless you buy one with cables built in.