Cheapest! 15&Quot;17&Quot;19&Quot;Lcd Tv Monitors Flat Pc Monitor

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1000000000 Set/Sets per Year set/month
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Cheapest! 15"17"19"lcd tv monitors flat pc monitor



LCD Panel

15" (Samsung,LG,AU)

Pixel Pitch

0.2835H x 0.2835W

Screen ratio


Display Color


Contrast Ratio




Viewing Angle


Response Time


Max Resolution


Horizontal Frequency Range


Vertical Frequency Range

55-75HZ Depend on panel model


























HDTV Compatible


Deintertace/Comb filter


3D Video Noise Reduction




OSD Language







Sound Effect

MTS,Spatial Stereo,Dynamic Bass

Sound System


Stereo System









Power input

90-260V AC,50/60HZ

Power Consumption


Power Stand by


Safety Approvals




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Q:LCD color bias gray how to adjust?
In the display menu options, select color adjustment keys, respectively, for three colors swap, tune to their satisfaction
Q:How do you clean an LCD monitor?
Here okorder
Q:because i got three of my LCD broken almost at the same time.
I've been using an LCD monitor for the past 4 years. Apart from a few minor problems (which were easy to repair) there have been no other issues. Sometimes you'll have to replace the backlight when the monitor goes dim. It's cheaper to just replace the backlight instead of replacing the whole monitor. You also need to check the quality of electrical supply in your house to make sure your monitor doesn't go bust. LCD monitors last anywhere from 6-10 years (or more) if maintained in a proper environment.
Q:I curently own a Lg w2241 monitor and i want to buy a new one. I'm looking for these specs: 1920x1080 native rezolution, 2ms. Also integrated speakers are not an issue, but it won't bother me if they are thereIs there a significant difference between 22'' and 24'' @1080p ?
Acer is an awesome form. I in no way had a situation out of them. of path they are synthetic so as that they are no longer likely to be appropriate no count what form you get yet numerous pc companies like dell and hp use Acer and then in basic terms positioned their call on them.
Q:When the winter is fine, the weather gets hot after a period of time will appear below the screen white stripes. The first one is very thin, and then gradually widened, and finally about 8 mm will not change the way, if the monitor off, and so on, he cooled, in the open is good, after the heat is the case again
Display aging, quality can not be done.
Q:i would like to ask is it worth it to buy lcd monitor for my pc use? I heard they say that the lifespan of lcd is 50000 hours is this true?I also heard that lcd is so bright that it strains the eye, is this true?How does an lcd get dead pixel and how to prevent it? Is it true uninstalling your videocard will get rid of the dead pixels? Is it necessary to have a new videocard to use lcd cuz mine is only nvidia 2.Is it ok to use an analog to digital adapter for the dvi of the lcd?What is the use of widescreen anyway? Do you know of any wallpaper manager that can enlarge to fit a whole widescreen lcd like 1400*900?Thanks for reading my questions. i know its so many. But thanks a lot
I okorder
Q:I currently have an LCD monitor for my computer and I am getting a second monitor and it is LED. Will there be much difference and will they work well side by side. They both have DVI input.
LCD is liquid crystal display, you must be knowing and LED is light emitting diode, the basic difference is nothing but LED will br able to provide more and effective light than LCD
Q:iam planning to buy a lcd HD monitor 24 - 26 i am using a mac and a pc i i also want to use it to play my xbox 360 there's a lot of kinds and types of lcd monitors and im confuse on what to get please help.
Q:I am reading all over the internet and am getting two answers on this question. I bought a new LCD monitor with DVI and HDMI inputs. My new video card has both DVI and HDMI outputs. Which will give me the best performance on this monitor? Now the easy answer everyone says is HDMI is better. Sure, for a TV. I am reading that some say DVI is best for a computer and LCD monitor connection.Uggg
nicely hdmi is clearer and additionally the photograph high quality is alot extra powerful yet dvi works just to boot in my opinion in the experience that your into intense end gaming and truthfully care relating to the frequently used your staring at then pay the $forty yet as a popular person like me do no longer difficulty approximately it it truly is the comparable and seems only as sturdy, additionally you're able to be able to desire to understand in the experience that your photographs card is able to helping hdmi and with the flexibility to handle the photographs it truly is generating :) wish this helps
Q:hi i want buy lcd monitor my friend suggest me to buy samsung t190 please help me is this lcd is good or can i buy an other an same price range? plz help which model and company is best? plz plz plz
You seem to be attentive to what you're doing. First, you're employing a surprising mail order with newegg, whom I do all my organization with to boot. next, I even have offered probable a 0.5 dozen liquid crystal show video show instruments in the process the final 18 months interior the 17-19 inc length. My rule of thumb with newegg lists is that I scroll up the checklist till i'm getting to the 1st NEC, then I start to look heavily at what's provided. i like Viewsonic and NEC, and as long as you at the instant are not employing them for hardcore quickly transferring video games you're gonna be high quality. the image high quality would be staggering on your common purpose, that's pictures. I even have by no ability had a ineffective pixel in my orders (hands crossed) and that i desire to no longer. solid good fortune.

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