84" HD LCD Display with Touchscreen in High Quality form China Manufacturer

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Product Description:

84" 4k LCD Display
1. 50,000 hours lifetime
2. HD signal compatible
3. 4k display with touchscreen


4k LCD display PARAMETE



Screen panel


Sreen size


product size


Viewing Area Size


Pixel Pitch








Contrast Ratio


Color Gamut




Viewing Angle



D-Sub 15-Pin*1




Aspect Ratio


Response Time(G-G)


LC mode


display mode


 Mean Time Between Failures

Seven years above 


Power supply

AC 100~240V,50/60,Universal,±10%

Power Consumption (max)


Frame Color


Frame Materials




Protective Glass / Touch screen

N/A N/A 


0°C~ 40°C 



Working Mode

24/7 continuous Operation

Net Weight




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Q:are all LCD computer monitors 1080p capable?
No. A monitor that is 1080p compatible will have a resolution of at least 1920x1080. In other words it needs to be at least 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels tall. This means that your 1680x1050, while it still looks good, is not displaying a true 1080p picture. The p in 1080p stands for Progressive Scan, and to the best of my knowledge, all LCD monitors are progressive scan. When taking about resolutions, monitors and TVs are the same, though monitors are traditionally higher resolution than TVs because, like you said, you have to sit close to them. However, when talking about HD standards 720p and 1080p, LCD monitors and TVs are exactly the same, except for their size in inches across (which does not affect resolution at all). For Blu-Ray Disk playback, it also needs to be HDCP compliant. Your video card supports HDCP and 1080p playback. By the way, HD stands for High Definition. Technically, any high resolution picture can be considered HD, but the HD standards are 1280x720p and the larger 1920x1080p, which is referred to as Full HD.
Q:Jitter ripple occurs after the VGA is connected to the LCD screen
Change a good line of VGA, poor quality VGA line, interference is poor, there will be fluctuations. It is best to find the original disassemble VGA line, such as those of PHILPS Samsung
Q:The displays on some of our lab monitors are wavy.?
LCD monitors are completely immune to the problems of CRT monitors. When you say wavy, are you talking about vertical waves or horizontal? Are they standing waves or do they drift across the screen? Are the waves luminous waves or color waves? Are they ALL experiencing this problem? Of those with the problem, are the patterns identical and synchronous or are they independently wavy? Are all the computers identical systems? Do all the computers share a common power source? You say you're a teacher, which makes me take this shot in the dark: Does your institution also have a radio lab (I.e.: a class capable of producing a strong source of EMI)?
Q:Which LCD monitor is easiest on the eyes?
I stare at a monitor all day every day, it has a black border, and my eyes are fine. I recommend you get a reasonably priced monitor regardless of border colour, and take a trip to an optician.
Q:Can I use a British LCD TV/Monitor in America?
Most monitors will work on 240 V or 120 V. However, just to be sure, check the rating plate on the back of the monitor. You will need to replace the power cord, but that is easy enough. You might also want to check that it has UL and FCC agency marks on the rating label too. Customs might give you some grief if you tried to bring a monitor without these into the US. Edit: Oops. Missed the TV part. That will not work. US uses NTSC encoding, the UK uses PAL. The TV tuner part will not work. I can't remember the acronyms for the new digital broadcasts, but I believe that those are incompatible too. If you are going to connect it to a satellite or cable box via HDMI or component video then you should be O.K.
Q:LCD monitor, 10 point awaitng?
Basically you want the lower response time. 4-8ms is pretty good for an LCD monitor. And as far as contrast ratio goes, yes you're right a higher contrast ratio (5000:1 vs. 1000:1) is better.
Q:LCD monitor problem! Help!?
Did you play with the output settings for your monitor? You might want to try and running it in safe mode and changing the output settings. Not all monitors can use all settings. For example 800x600 is the standard, but if you have a widescreen you might use something like 1600x1200. Try tuning it back down to 800x600 so your monitor will recognize your graphics card output.
Q:LCD monitor problem ?
you cant really fix it the only way is to take it to a repair shop and ask them if changing the LCD screen will fix the problem if so then that would be the best way to fix it.
Q:Is there anyway a LCD monitor can be repaired.?
Are you sure it's the monitor? A bad graphics card can also do that. The getting hot part reminds me of the last time I had a graphics card die. If the monitor turns out to be the problem you can replace it for $150.00. Graphics cards can be had even cheaper. You don't repair this stuff, you replace it.
Q:Hooking an XBox 360 to LCD computer monitor?
Siempre he tenido una excelente experiencia cundo he comprado ordenadores de sitios web, el ultimo ordenador que he comprado ha sido para un amigo que le gustan los juegos, he encontrado un ordenador perfecto en la pagina y en realidad es aun mejoren realidad, el diseños de la caja le ha encantado y el ordenador funciona perfectamente para los juegos, una excelente placa video, gran memoria y un buen procesador además de estar full HD, hacen de este ordenador un excelente ordenador para los juegos, tal como él quería.

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