Cheap Laptop LCD Screen Lp156Wh1 Tl A3

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cheap laptop lcd screen lp156wh1 tl a3                        

 We specialize in this field from 2004.with 2 warehouse in HongKong and more than 30000pcs in our stock from 7" to 18.4".with good quanlity and pretty competitive price.and we keep trying be  a best partner and laptop screen supplier .


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We still have other model



Model No.


10.1 LED 1024*600 NEW MATTE




N101L6 L0D


8.9 LED 1024*600 NEW MATTE



11.6 LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY

N116B6 L02


12.1 LCD 1280*800 80-90% in new glossy



13.4 LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY

N134B6 L02


13.3 LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY

LP133WH1 TL A3


13.3 SLIM LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY

LP133WH2 TL N1


14.0 LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY

LP140WH1 TL A1


14.0 SLIM LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY

LP140WH2 TL N1


15.6 LCD 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY

LP156WH1 TL C1


15.6 LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY



14.1 LCD 1280*800 NEW GLOSSY



15.4 LCD 1280*800 NEW MATTE



14.1 LED 1280*800 NEW GLOSSY

B141EW05 V.0


15.4 LED 1280*800 NEW MATTE

LP154X7 TL P2


16.0 LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY



17.0 LCD 1440*900 NEW GLOSSY



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Q:How well do LCD monitors perform as TVs?
I've okorder
Q:Which is the best computer LCD?
Of all brands, the apple monitor is the best. To say why, it boils down to the following:1. most Apple display screens are Retina screens. Retina screen refers to the retina screen, can more clearly reflect the details of things, textures, colors and other physical attributes, so that people can see things more easily.2.Retina screen cost is high. Because of the high cost, workmanship is more refined, the price is high, the effect is good. The so-called penny, a sub goods, that is the reason.3., the future direction of Apple products display is Retina. With the Retina display, it can solve most of the problems that could not be solved before. Because times are developing, society is progressing, and science and technology are more and more developed.
Q:Are laptops using LCDs?
No, the notebook LCD display is divided into two categories LCD and LEDLCD is often said, is Liquid Crystal Display, the LCD structure is placed in the liquid of two pieces of parallel glass crystal, fine wire and many vertical and horizontal between two pieces of glass, through the power to control the crystal rod the molecular changes of direction, will produce the picture reflected light. Liquid crystal display in accordance with different control methods can be divided into passive matrix LCD and active matrix LCD two. LED display (LED Panel) LED (Light Emitting Diode) led is a solid state semiconductor device, which can directly convert electricity into light. The LED pixel module is assembled and arranged in accordance with the actual needs, arranged into a matrix, and provided with a special display drive circuit, a DC stabilized voltage power supply, a software, a frame and an outer decoration, etc. to form a LED display screen. At present, some of the high-end Apple series is LED screen, more light, more power saving, more realistic. The single element of the LED display is 1000 times faster than the LCD LCD screen, and can be taken care of under high light conditions, and adapts to a low temperature of 40 degrees below zero. Another big advantage of LED is that it can last up to 100 thousand hours, even if it lasts 10 hours a day for 27 years. Laptop LCD screen is the use of CCFL fluorescent tube backlight, due to CCFL life, environmental protection and other adverse reasons, is currently toward the development of LED backlight. According to the size of the LCD screen, generally need dozens to hundreds of white LED backlight, and its LED drive IC market potential will be great.
Q:How to clean my samsung lcd monitor?
Personally, I use a product that I picked up in the automotive section. Stoner Invisible Glass cleans very well and doesn't leave behind any residue. I spray the product on to a cotton towel and wipe down the monitor, then just give it a few minutes to air dry. A can of this stuff runs $3.89 at Walmart. Failing that, there are wet wipes specifically made for wiping down monitors/electronics. They run around $4 for a box of 50 and work quite well. EDIT: Derek, wow. It's amazing we came up with the same answer.
Q:can a 24 lcd monitor break from bringing it over to other peoples house alot?
Freestanding LCD monitors are not intended to be moved around a lot - it is OK moving them on their brackets occasionally t adjust the angle, but they are not intended to be portable devices. You may be OK, but with the cost of such a monitor I would not chance it myself. Bear in mind that as they are nor intended to be porotable should you have a problem you may find the supplier refuses to help.
Q:where can i buy LCD monitors?
Circuit City, Best Buy, Walmart, etc
Q:How do I turn the LCD into a touch screen?
The touch screen is mainly divided into resistance type and capacitance type. The LCD is only an output device!!Solution: buy a touch screen
Q:Faint Vertical Lines On LCD Monitor?
i've got seen loose video exhibit cables do all varieties of loopy issues to the exhibit. make confident the two ends of the video exhibit cable are screwed tight (on the returned of the computer and the returned of the video exhibit).
Q:lcd monitors ?
Most okorder
Q:What is the best method to seal up cracked glass on an LCD monitor?
You really can't do that. The LCD glass is behind a protective plastic covering that isn't easily removable. You'd probably do more damage than good by trying to get to the cracks to try to seal them up. You'd have to replace the LCD panel itself or get another monitor.

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