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Q:I have a small spiderweb crack on my LCD glass. I know that it's impossible to fix, but if I could seal up the cracks with some clear epoxy or something, I may be able to minimize the effected area.
You really can't do that. The LCD glass is behind a protective plastic covering that isn't easily removable. You'd probably do more damage than good by trying to get to the cracks to try to seal them up. You'd have to replace the LCD panel itself or get another monitor.
Q:47 and above
Mostly any LCD you can find will be able to be used as a monitor. It's now a standard norm that they have DVI, HDMI, VGA, etc. inputs on them, enabling them to double as a computer monitor. You probably won't find just a soul monitor that big, they will be equipped with tuners, but will probably cheaper than you could find a pure LCD monitor in that size. Best Buy, Circuit City, Ultimate Electronics, even Wal-Mart and Target's models should be adequate displays. :D Good luck!
Q:Are these LCD's HD or do they just support HD. Can anyone explain?
High Definition is anything above 720p. 720p is 1280x720 resolution, and those two monitors are definitely capable of that (since their resolution is 1680x1050), and since they are HDCP-compliant, you can use them to play back HDCP-protected high-def content like Blu-Ray discs. What those two monitors cannot do is 1080p full HD, which is 1920x1080 resolution. (That is the maximum resolution Blu-Ray playback is capable of.) Hope this helps.
Q:I have a HP LCD monitor . If I were to leave my desk for 1-15 mins or 30-60 is it better to leave my monitor on and run a screen saver or turn it off. I've heard that turning your monitor on and off isn't good for the monitor and I want to get a lot of life out of it!
It wont hurt to leave it on. It used to be when computers first came out that a picture would burn itself into the screen thats why they came up with screensavers Monitors have improved along with everything else so you dont need a screensaver or turn it off.
Q:Hi,I am looking for a good, not too pricey, about 15 LCD monitor that runs on 12 volt. Anyone has any suggestions? I looked around a bit, but couldn't find what I need. Please help!
allcam /products/ i am a fan of lg there is a 17 with 12 v adaptor guessing for car use
Q:hi i want buy lcd monitor my friend suggest me to buy samsung t190 please help me is this lcd is good or can i buy an other an same price range? plz help which model and company is best? plz plz plz
Dell 2208WFP is available at just a bit more, and it is a steal! If u swear by samsung, then I'd recommend 20SW33.
Q:I have a 19-inch LCD monitor on my home PC and wonder if I should get another one the same size and run dual monitors, or give my current monitor to my wife and I buy a nice 24-inch single monitor?I have a fairly new PC with dual HDMI graphics card. I use the PC for all kinds of things - graphics programs; games; internet. While money is not unlimited, it's a secondary consideration just now.What are the disadvantages of dual monitors?
I've got dual monitors, at work and at home. I LOVE using 2 monitors! The only down-side (if you want to call it that), is that some programs won't let you drag windows over to the second monitor, which is stupid. Most do, but some don't. I use mine for film/video/music editing, and some of those programs I'm using are restrictive in this way (Vegas Video, SoundForge, Cubase, GigaStudio). But other than that minor irritation, it's MUCH better having two, than one big one, because the big one isn't that much bigger. Maybe if it were like 32 inches wide, it would compete.
Q:hi im planning to buy a lcd monitor most prebably a hp lg or some thing similar so here are the main things 1. it should be cheap around 150 should be of good quality3.if it has a dvi port that will be good ! should be new and not out of date5. sure it should be available in blackthanks for reading
Got it!!! You want Value for your money but surely you want Quality You have your target Price for the Monitor that is with Quality . Try to look for ViewSonic same Specs with the Branded Ones with reasonable Price But be wise enough to choose the right Model that has good resolution and Fast Response Time you could find 2Ms or 4Ms response Time is better to to prevent Ghosting and Blurr specially when you are into Gaming and Video A good Resolution for a 19 LCD Monitor are[1440x900] or [1280x1024] -------------------------------------- 20/21 or 22 the Best Resolution is[1680x1050] -------------------------------------- For:17 monitor the best Resolution would be [1440x900] and [1280x1024] -------------------------------------- Regarding LG brand they don't produced good quality in LCD Monitors Tho! But in CRT monitors they are one of the best in the Market. I hope I give a little INFO
Q:A brief overview of the internal components of a computer monitor should be useful along with links to any hardware (electronic) sites for more study.
This Site Might Help You. RE: Structure of an LCD Monitor - What are the Internal Components of an LCD Monitor? A brief overview of the internal components of a computer monitor should be useful along with links to any hardware (electronic) sites for more study.
Q:Hi!What monitor would be able to run my ps3 at full 1080p (does not need to have speakers) and my macbook pro? I would prefer using an HDMI cable for the ps3 and a dvi cable for the macbook pro. I would need it to be at least 24 and the cheaper, the better.Thanks!
Well, you are going to want a wide-screen monitor. We have been using Dell's LCD monitor family for some time. We've stayed away from their lowest-end models, but have been very pleased with the performance of their mid-stream models. I am on a 24 Dell 2408FWP with a MacBook Pro right now and it works spectacularly with both the native Mac OS as well as running Windows under Parallels. This particular family has been discontinued, but their replacement line (U2410) is similar in performance and has even more connector types - two DVI inputs, HDMI, DisplayPort, Component and more. Very easy to hook up multiple sources, and if you do want a built-in speaker, the sound bar Dell sells attaches to the monitor and is attractive and space-saving (but is NOT what I would call a high-performance speaker system). Current retail pricing is $599, but they are OFTEN running specials and discounts - and you can always just call Dell directly and ask the sales person to quote you a price that will beat the web price.

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