• New 3840*2160 120Hz Android 4.2 39Inch 4K*2K 3D Smart Tv Monitor System 1
New 3840*2160 120Hz Android 4.2 39Inch 4K*2K 3D Smart Tv Monitor

New 3840*2160 120Hz Android 4.2 39Inch 4K*2K 3D Smart Tv Monitor

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New 3840*2160 120hz Android 4.2 39inch 4k*2k 3D smart tv monitor


1.Discription of 3840*2160 39inch led tv monitor

Active   Area853.92 (H) x 480.33 (V)   (39” diagonal) mm
Driver Elementa-si TFT active matrix
Display Colors1.07G colors (8-bit+FRC)
Surface TreatmentAnti-Glare coating (Haze   1%)
Pixel Pitch0.074125 (H) x 0.222375 (V)
Aspect Ratio16:09
SystemAndroid 4.2.0
Scanning Frequency120Hz
Pixel Number3840x2160
Contrast Ratio"5000:1
Response Time6ms
Viewing AngleR/L 178(Typ.) U/D 178(Typ.)
Power Consumption48W
Power Input110-240V
InterfaceHDMI*3(1.4) VGA   /AV/USB*3/TV/Network
Audio   input/Audio Output
USB   Support hd video Support
VESA   Wall MountSupport
VESA Mounting hole150mm X 150mm
NET Weight14KGS/kg/lpcs)
Gross   Weight15.5KGS/kg/lpcs)


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Q:i have a fairly new LCD monitor i got it a year ago and im pretty sure its an HDMI monitor. i want to know what i have to buy and how to use those things to make my ps3 work with my monitor. (dont have a HD t.v )so please list the things i needor if you know a GOOD video explaining how to do it please sent me the link. but make sure it explains it good cuss im like semi-retarded when it comes to this stuff lol :P
What i do is grab a HDMI-USB cord, plug the usb end into ur ps3, and the other end into ur tv
Q:i wanna buy LCD monitor 19 inch for gaming purpose, but first i wanna know :1. what is contrast ratio? is that has effect when i'm playing games (is more higher contrast ratio ex 10000:1 mean more better)2. respon times, what is thatcan somebody explain to me
1. The contrast ratio is a measure of a display system, defined as the ratio of the luminance of the brightest color (white) to that of the darkest color (black) that the system is capable of producing. A high contrast ratio is a desired aspect of any display. more higher more better. 2. Response time is the amount of time a pixel in an LCD monitor takes to go from black to white and back to black again. It is measured in milliseconds (ms). Lower numbers mean faster transitions and therefore fewer visible image artifacts. LCD screens with a high response time value are often unsuitable to play fast paced computer games. The pixel response time is often confused with the LCD input lag which adds another form of latency to pictures displayed by LCD screens. An LCD screen with high response time and significant input lag will not give satisfactory results when playing fast paced computer games or performing fast high accuracy operations on the screen, so 5 or 2 ms will be good for games
Q:I bought a new 22 inch LCD monitor (samsung 226bw) about a week ago but everytime I use it, it hurts my eyes because the refresh rate is too low.When I take a look at the refresh rate it's only at 60hz. I'm pretty sure this is why my eyes hurt. My question is why the max refresh is only 60hz for this brand new top of the line monitor? (or am I mistaken and it's possible to make the refresh higher somehow?)more info: running windows vista at the monitors native resolution ( 1680 x 1050 ). Have installed the latest monitor software/drivers and graphics drivers but the max vista shows the monitor can go up to is 60 hz. My old monitor was running at a refresh rate of 85 hz and I had no eye strain. any help is appreciated!
60 hz is standard and you can't easily have it go higher. Chances are that your computer settings aren't set to 60 hz. You may have the screen too bright or too dim and that would cause your eyes to strain which cause them to hurt.
Q:Mine is HPw17e widescreen, with speakers only a year and a half, now out of the white screen is what is bad, can I also repair?
The display screen and its white screen quality, cable, motherboard, nothing to do with the host. Suggestions: break the back cover and the shielding shell, hand pinch wire to see whether the normal, if not repaired.
Q:Based on your personal experience, how long should an average 19 LCD monitor stay on before the lamp fades and the images lose brightness?Did it happen to you? A pal told me it's about two years with 8 hour daily usage.Could I expect a shorter fall time in the case I leave it always on (even when I'm not looking at it) or will frequent on-off cycles damage it more quickly?Thank you, very appreciated!
that doesnt sound right, i bought a 22 LG monitor for Gaming and when i got it it said that i should have a life of 40,000 hours or somethign like thatyour monitor really shouldnt fade within a couple of years, and turning your monitor on or off will not hurt it, i always shut mine off if im going somewhere real quick or doing something else.sounds like you got a bad monitor, hope you can return iti would call and complain they should send you a new one.
Q:First plz answer which is better for 23 size, Pleasebe carefull, i already know if we go to Large size display system like 40 then LED is better than LCD. my concern is for a system having size 23.please suggest which catagory for monitor having 23 size is better, I am going to buy a new monitor and i have selected SAMSUNG P2350 LCD monitor which costs 190$ as per my available budget.
Watch for sales. The LED monitors use less power and are much better quality picture I have noticed. Watch for sales and you can get a very nice monitor for very little. Case in point, I picked up a 22 LG brand full HD LED monitor from Microcenter for $100. It works wonderfully and I all my games, videos, etc. come in clear as day. Samsung is really making progress with monitors and TVs alike. If you can, I would suggest you go ahead and get the LED instead of the LCD. Won't be too long before they start trying to phase out LCD screens all together just like they eventually do with all technology.
Q:What are the advantages of LCD?
Electricity saving, environmental protection, small size, fashionable, convenient, small radiation
Q:i need a lcd monitor which is black has a contrast ratio of 1000:1; 22 and is below ?200 with a resolution of 1680 by 1050.thank you
go okorder
Q:i have got 19 samsung lcd monitor to my computer. all of sudden background has changed to pink color. it showing dark pink color . how will i get normal mode. i tried all setting options.please help me.
It was a loose cable cord.
Q:Holiday today, the computer moved home, reinstall, and found that LCD can not show red,Change the red settings in the color temperature without a response... What's the matter?Don't tell me to fix it. I know. Is there anything you can do for yourself?
Display color deficiency can be considered from the following aspects:First, the data line is not connected properly, for example, the plug is crooked. If this is the case, the data line can be re inserted and the fixed bolts on both sides of the connector can be screwed down;Second, the data lines, data lines inside wire fracture, or VGA plug pin is bent, resulting in poor contact, if this is the case, you can use the tools to bend the pins carefully straighten the pin, very soft, not broken;Third, the monitor is broken, this requires some special tools to detect, if not the first two cases, you need to take the monitor to repair the Department of repair.

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