New Grade A+ Laptop Screen 15.6&Quot; Led For Lg Lp156Wh4-Tln2

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NEW Grade A+ 15.6" LED LAPTOP SCREEN for LG Brand LP156WH4-TLN2 WXGA


Size:    15.6 Inch                     

  • Resolution:   1366 × 768

  • Radion Aspect:    WXGA, Wide Screen

  • Backlight Lamp:    LED

  • Data Connector:    Standard 40-pin

  • Screen Type:     TFT Active Matrix

  • Finish:  Glossy

  • Condition:     Brand New, Direct From Manufacture

  • Warranty:   6 months


We  Supply Different Brands and Different Size of Laptop LCD Screen: 


8.9, 10.1, 12.1, 13.3, 14.0, 14.1, 15.0, 15.4, 15.6, 17.0, 17.3, 18.4  ... WSVGA, WXGA, WXGA HD, XGA, WXGA+, WXGA++ ... LED, 1 CCFL, 2 CCFL
    • These Sizes: 8.9", 10.1", 12.1", 13.3", 14.0", 14.1", 15.0", 15.4", 15.6", 17.0", 17.3", 18.4"
    • These Resolutions: WSVGA, WXGA, WXGA HD, XGA, WXGA+, WXGA++
    • These Backlight technologies: LED, 1 CCFL, 2 CCFL


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Q:Hello,why does my LCD TV MONITOR cannot access channels that my old CRT TV does, and says no TV signal
If what you call LCD TV MONITOR is a TV set, then you must find and memorize the TV channels first into the programs of the TV set. Then you will have TV signal. If what you call LCD TV MONITOR is a monitor, then it may not have a TV tuner. So it cannot tune into TV channels. First determine what sort of equipment you have and then check the connections. For a TV set, the antenna cable must be firmly attached to the TV antenna-in socket. The cable should also be firmly secured at the other end to the antenna.
Q:i got samsung 2243SWXPLUS, in the manual it said that the monitor contains a power switch which i can turn the monitor on or off but everytime i turn on the monitor via the plug the monitor just turns on automatically but now i wanna turn off the monitor sometimes to conserve some energy but the power switch on the lcd monitor just wont work i touched it many times and nothing respond anyhelp on how to turn off this monitor? only way i know is to switch off the plug. this might sound stupid. i just cant get the power switch to turn off my monitor.
the best way to turn off your monitor is to go to control panel on your PC and then to power settings and set your monitor to go to sleep or turn off if you would rather turn it off manuley then you should power off your PC first before shutting off your monitor because your PC needs a display to operate and it will keep turning your monitor back on
Q:I just purchased a LCD monitor last night after using a CRT monitor for 15 years. I feel funny. :( I don't know what is wrong with me but something is not right. I have adjusted so many settings and I cant quite place what it is. I dont see any flickering, but it seems I have to strain. I do have bad eyes anyway. I also have seizures. I have always viewed my screen at 800x600. I know lots of people dont like this setting. Anyway, I tried the suggested setting, and several others and the only one that looks right is still 800x600. It seems so much bigger on the LCD monitor though. It is a 19inch, and I had been using a 17inch CRT.I just dont know whats wrong, but somethings not right. Anyone else ever have this type of problem when changing from CRT to LCD?
LCD's okorder
Q:If the page, no bright color or brightness in the game is relatively small, the display will automatically darken, then open the web page, a large area of white pages, the display will light up, why? How can I get back to stable? Mine is PHILPS Philips 193E
This is DCR, the legendary dynamic contrast, the most useless one of the most deceptive thingsOSD to find those special features, turn off the OK
Q:I had a game running for like 3 days on pause and i can see the outlines of the game on my screen. will this go away in time or do i need a fix or do i need a new monitor.Also dead pixels are they fixable?
Screen Burn Lcd
Q:i need help! pls tell me how has the computer LCD monitors changed and developed over the past years!!!!! a million thx to u all!
Yes. The biggest change has been the drop in price. TN technology has been a mainstay of LCD panels, but has become faster to respond and the introduction of prismatic layers has improved the viewing angle. Alternative liquid crystal orientations have improved viewing angles - In-Plane-Switching (IPS) and a variety of vertical alignments and also has better gray scale tracking for luminance and colour. Usually at some level of price, brightness and response time. Improvements in the scaling algorithms has made the display of non-native resolutions better (but still not especially good) Improvements in the DLP processor in the monitor have given better uniformity and better response time (by overdriving the pixel for 1 cycle to get the crystals to move faster) Improvements in the CCFL backlights have made them brighter. Improvements in the colour dyes have produced better colour ranges. The breakout of LCD TVs has also meant that prices have dropped and screen sizes have gotten larger as the manufacturers have set up production lines for bigger and bigger pieces of glass.
Q:I am building a bar and have a couple spare LCD monitors that I have acquired. I would like to construct the bar with the screens under the bar oriented face up covered by a hard clear plastic or glass and linked to a dual video multimedia PC housed under the bar. Will LCDs function in that orientation for a good amount of time or will they not work after long? I would of course have plenty of ventilation and airflow through the area. I have only seen documentation on Ceiling mounting for LCDs, but never for floor mounting style. Any ideas?
There should be no issues as long as you have them sealed away from spilled drinks and a little ventilation. You will need more ventilation on the back of the monitor than on the front.
Q:My LCD monitor is LG47 inch computer graphics card is GT 220, even after it is not clear, I adjusted the resolution 1024*768, frequency is 70HZ, but still can not do it!
This situation can be solved by reference to the following methods:1, start the computer, come to the desktop, in the blank, click the right mouse button, to open the desktop right-click menu.2, in the pop-up right-click menu, select the property, this one click.3, and then go to the display properties window, move the cursor right, and select the settings tools menu.4, below the settings toolbar, find the screen resolution, a general screen resolution of 1024X768.5, use the mouse to hold down the slider, adjust the resolution, set it to 800X600, set it and press "OK" button. Each person's screen size is different, according to the size of their computer screen to set the resolution. But do not adjust the screen too high, otherwise it will be black screen, that would be troublesome.6, after setting the screen resolution, back to the desktop, take a look at the size of the desktop icon changes, and whether the rubber is clear, and so on, if not suitable, then you need to re tune, directly to the satisfaction.
Q:A CRT Monitor or a LCD Monitor?
in general a crt would use more. there are probably exceptions.
Q:I would like to know the approximate lifespan of LCD monitors. I have an 22-inch Samsung LCD monitor. They are expensive, so I hope they last at least for 2-3 years with say at least a couple of hours of use daily.I tried looking around, but couldn't find the answer. If anyone has experience, do share.Thanks in advance.
Most of the modern day LCDs last for 2-3 yrs minimum, so there's no problem there. As Megan said, they can last up to 8 yrs (or more) based on usage environmental factors.

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