For Apple Macbook A1502 Retina Screen Assembly

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$40.00 - 560.00 / pc
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1 Piece pc
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100000 Piece/Pieces per Month Accept 1 pcs order pc/month

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For Apple Macbook A1502 Retina screen assembly

Product nameFor Apple A1502 Retina screen assembly


For Apple A1502 Retina


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Q:Flat Screen LCD monitor for computers?
If you're a gamer look for a screen with a response time of 6ms or less.
Q:Am I supposed to have my LCD monitor connected with DVI-D or DVI-D & VGA ???
The adapter that was supplied was probably to connect to a DVI-I socket which has digital and analogue output. You are now left with a DVI-D socket which is digital output only so, an adapter is your only answer. On a quick google found this adapter for AU$59.95. Have a look around but this is about the cheapest you are likely to find by ant method
Q:New Monitor / Refresh Rate?
Here are several things you can do. First some explanations. LCD monitors can ONLY run at 60hz refresh rate. However, don't confuse 60hz on LCD with 85hz on a CRT. 60hz on an LCD is actually just as good as 100hz or better on a CRT. If you are having eye strain on an LCD monitor it is not the refresh rate but the brightness and contrast on the monitor. If you are having eye strain on a CRT monitor then it usually is the refresh rate. Also, with a larger monitor your eyes are not used to looking into such a large bright screen so close up for long periods. Turning down the brightness should help some. One more thing you can check if you are running Windows XP is make sure that ClearType is turned on. This was added in Windows XP to reduce eye strain for users of LCD monitors. To check to see if it is turned on do the following steps: 1. Right click on your desktop and click properties 2. Next click the appearance tab. 3. Next click the effects button 4. The second option on the effects screen will either be set to standard or cleartype. Use standard for CRT monitor and ClearType for LCD monitor. Good Luck
Q:LED or LCD which monitor is best PC?
If you compare Top Class LED vs Top Class LCD LED wins If you compare Bottom Class LED vs Top Class LCD LCD wins Best of LCDs: Viewsonic, Panasonic Best of LED: Samsung, LG
Q:How can I connect my LCD Monitor to cable TV?
well, you take the plugs that came with your tv and plug them into the plugins that are attached to your cable tv.
Q:Can LCD monitor run on sleek laptop batteries?
Yes it is possible, but you are going to have to either get an inverter to convert the battery voltage to 120 V AC (assuming that is your mains supply) Or you are going to have to adapt the monitor power supply to work of the 11 V (assuming the batter is 3 cell) of the battery. Neither of these should be undertaken lightly. How big a battery you need depends on the power consumption - I would expect something around the 50 W mark, but there could be quite a bit of variation between designs, and how long you want to run the display for. 50 W for 6 hours 300 Wh battery. that is probably about 6 standard laptop batteries.
Q:Are these 2 LCD monitors HD?
High Definition is anything above 720p. 720p is 1280x720 resolution, and those two monitors are definitely capable of that (since their resolution is 1680x1050), and since they are HDCP-compliant, you can use them to play back HDCP-protected high-def content like Blu-Ray discs. What those two monitors cannot do is 1080p full HD, which is 1920x1080 resolution. (That is the maximum resolution Blu-Ray playback is capable of.) Hope this helps.
Q:The Best LCD Monitor For Gaming, Movies And Internet?
that or any new samsung
Q:No voice in my new LCD monitor(PLEASE HELP)?
Some lcd monitors have speakers, but I'm not aware of any with mics. Easiest way to know is if you plugged in a mic connector or speaker connector from your monitor to your computer. If not, then no.
Q:connect ps3 to lcd monitor?
well first off i dont own a ps3 so excuse me with anything said wrong. anyway since u only have a vga port buy a vga to dvi adapter [here is a like to a bestbuy one] then buy a hdmi to dvi cable and connect . but since i assume your monitor is not HD i would buy a vga to composite [the red, white, and yellow cables] adapter found here: . what ever option u choose make sure to hook up sound

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