• For Apple Macbook A1502 Retina Screen Assembly System 1
For Apple Macbook A1502 Retina Screen Assembly

For Apple Macbook A1502 Retina Screen Assembly

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1 Piece pc
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100000 Piece/Pieces per Month Accept 1 pcs order pc/month

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For Apple Macbook A1502 Retina screen assembly

Product nameFor Apple A1502 Retina screen assembly


For Apple A1502 Retina


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Q:I can get a real good deal on an Acer 22 LCD monitor. I have a Samsung 19 which I am happy with, no bad pixels, good color etc. How happy are you with your Acer LCD monitor?
I okorder
Q:i need a LCD monitor at my work.
Refresh rate of 60 Hz. Resolution set to the native resolution of the monitor. The brightness you need to adjust to a level that is comfortable for you in the place the monitor is. For contrast, you generally want this as high as possible. If the brightness range does not adjust low enough, then reducing the contrast will help. But take the brightness all the way down first. Probably more important is to give your eyes a rest every few minutes, and get up an move around every hour or so. Sitting and staring at a screen you tend to not blink enough and your eyes can dry out. The eye muscles get strained when you focus at one distance all the time, and you body gets stiff becasue you do not move enough.
Q:i wanna buy LCD monitor 19 inch for gaming purpose, but first i wanna know :1. what is contrast ratio? is that has effect when i'm playing games (is more higher contrast ratio ex 10000:1 mean more better)2. respon times, what is thatcan somebody explain to me
1. The contrast ratio is a measure of a display system, defined as the ratio of the luminance of the brightest color (white) to that of the darkest color (black) that the system is capable of producing. A high contrast ratio is a desired aspect of any display. more higher more better. 2. Response time is the amount of time a pixel in an LCD monitor takes to go from black to white and back to black again. It is measured in milliseconds (ms). Lower numbers mean faster transitions and therefore fewer visible image artifacts. LCD screens with a high response time value are often unsuitable to play fast paced computer games. The pixel response time is often confused with the LCD input lag which adds another form of latency to pictures displayed by LCD screens. An LCD screen with high response time and significant input lag will not give satisfactory results when playing fast paced computer games or performing fast high accuracy operations on the screen, so 5 or 2 ms will be good for games
Q:I want a 24-26 TV or LCD monitor for use with an xbox 360 and PC - both HDMI so x2 HDMI is needed. Resolution of 1920x1080 (Full HD; 1080p) would be nice with 24FPS and 100Hz support and a quick response rate needed! Speakers would be good but optional.Any ideas? THX!
you dont specify a budget, but this is what i would go for. i've got the same one but without the tv tuner and its excellent. the res is 1920x1200 so its actually a bit higher than HD for the pc. i rang overclockers and asked them if a tv would be as good and they said no as the panel is a lot sharper on dedicated monitor. and this ones got a tv tuner anyway so its win win. speakers are a bit poo tho, but they always are on flat screens.
Q:I bought 2 new LCD monitors and I of course have the better of the two (hubbie get the crappy one haha!) then mine had to be replaced do to a button issue, now this NEW one which is supposed to be better looks even crappier in the colors than the old one. could it be my ATI Radeon graphics card, or just that I'm have bad eyes and all, haha!thanks!
if its fresh, you probably just need to do the tweaks. if theres an auto adjust button give that a go obviously but otherwise run the calibration wizards in your Catalyst Graphics Control program too.
Q:Hi, could anyone recommend me a good quality 20 widescreen LCD monitor? My budget is around $250. Thanks.
For a lcd monitor, the respond time( 2ms or 5ms or) lower is better and the contrast of the monitor. recommened a least 1000:1 or higher.
Q:I use a PC with winTV tuner watch tv on a 17LCD monitor. The features are pretty good. I use windows XP Media Center. Search programming, record to harddisk, browse more channels at same time, schedule recording, a lot of features I like very much. I am thinking buy a big LCD monitor instead of by a big size LCD TV. Please give me some suggestions of what available in the market, how big is the size, what's else need consider,etc. Thanks a bunch.
Hello - I highly suggest you buy a big size TV instead. Today's HDTV market features VGA ports (at least most of them), allowing you to connect your computer straight to the TV without many hassles! You can then watch TV or switch it as your computer monitor (as it would be big I'd suggest sitting a little farther back). I used by 55 HDTV has my computer monitor and it worked out perfectly fine (I just sat about 6-9 feet away when using it). Anything from 42 - 70 would work fine for you! -Kevin
Q:Why LCD diagonally when the color will change?Does this show that the monitor is good or bad?Some liquid crystal display at an angle to see when the color is not in this is why?
Screen is not the same, low-end TN screen is like this, high-end IPS screen will not be like this!
Q:I got LCD monitor With DVI port,
Hiya okorder
Q:Holiday today, the computer moved home, reinstall, and found that LCD can not show red,Change the red settings in the color temperature without a response... What's the matter?Don't tell me to fix it. I know. Is there anything you can do for yourself?
Display color deficiency can be considered from the following aspects:First, the data line is not connected properly, for example, the plug is crooked. If this is the case, the data line can be re inserted and the fixed bolts on both sides of the connector can be screwed down;Second, the data lines, data lines inside wire fracture, or VGA plug pin is bent, resulting in poor contact, if this is the case, you can use the tools to bend the pins carefully straighten the pin, very soft, not broken;Third, the monitor is broken, this requires some special tools to detect, if not the first two cases, you need to take the monitor to repair the Department of repair.

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