Accu Td-104 Signature Panel, Intelligent Interactive Digi-Work, Small Touch Monitor, Conference

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USB Digitizer Display

Intelligent pen touch on screen

Pen and Paint directly on screen, intelligent interactive digi-work


TD-104-1 / TD-104-2 USB digitizer display specification



Display       10.1" TFT LCD Panel   10.4" TFT LCD Panel  
Screen Size222.72 (H) × 125.28 (V)210.43 (H) × 157.8 (V)
Resolution1024 × 6001024 × 768
Pixel Pitch (mm)0.2175(H) × 0.2088(V)0.2055(H) × 0.2055(V)
Brightness250cd/m2(type) LED340cd/m2(type) LED
Display ColorsSupport Colors 262 KSupport Colors 262 K
Response Time16 ms16 ms




Patent TechnologyElectromagnetic with Stylus
Resolution2048 LPI
Report Rate138 ~ 150 pps
Pen Pressure1024 levels @ full scale
Reading HighMax.10 mm ( customized )
Coordinate Accuracy±0.5mm ( central area )
OptionalFinger Touch ( 101WD / 104WD )
Internal MemoryUSB 2.0 Flash disk ( single )
Status Indicator LampFlash Disk × 1; Display × 1
Key Function3KEY ( light intensity switch )



Operation SystemWindows XP / VISTA / 7
Work Voltage5V
Power Dissipation7.5W
InterfaceUSB Port × 1
 DC Jack × 1
 Wired Pen Jack × 1



Touch MonitorElectromagnetic + Capacitance
 Multi Touch ( Optional )


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Q:I have a fairly old Dell 15 and a new Samsung 19 currently connected to my computer. They both work fine together, as my Nvidia 6600 GT has dual output. Now, I want to add my 40 Haier TV (which has a VGA port) as a third screen. Normally, I wouldn't think this possible with one video card, but I have a splitter that converts my DVI port on my PC into a DVI and VGA port. With 2 VGA ports and one DVI port (this is after using the splitter, of course) is it possible to connect three monitors to one video card? I've already tried simply plugging in and restarting the computer, but that doesn't seem to work. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
I don't think this is currently possible with Nvidia Geforce graphics cards.
Q:20 inches founder LCD display, new can not buy a year, now open, all the words on the screen looked blurred, please experts pointing! In attributes, the resolution is 1600*900. The button on the bottom right of the point display. It always comes out. Yes, the display mode is 1440*900, 60HZ.
Reinstall the video card driver.
Q:What is the difference between LCD monitor and LCD monitor?
In essence, there is no difference, but some businesses intentionally mislead consumers; all are liquid crystals
Q:i recently bought an xbox 360 cable to hook up to this monitor. now i just want know whether or not it will look better than my regular home tv. its a 20 inch lcd computer monitor
The monitor is 1600 x 900 so it will be able to display 720p but not full 1080, however the spec also says the following :- Support for HDCP enables the monitor to display HDTV resolution if connected by the DVI connector. A monitor without HDCP support, or connected by analog VGA, causes the displayed video to be downgraded in quality to a DVD-like resolution that is less than HDTV. wether that means it has its own 1600 x 900 interpolation of a 1080 signal or not is open to question.
Q:A neighbor offered to sell me an older 24 LCD monitor ( with one dead pixel ) for a good price. Since I have limited funds, this would work well if there was a way to fix it or at least minimize the effect.Any suggestions? Is there a way to repair or minimize the pixel somehow?Thanks in advance.
Nothing short of a new display will fix it.
Q:When the winter is fine, the weather gets hot after a period of time will appear below the screen white stripes. The first one is very thin, and then gradually widened, and finally about 8 mm will not change the way, if the monitor off, and so on, he cooled, in the open is good, after the heat is the case again
The liquid crystal display is composed of a liquid crystal module, a drive circuit board and a shell, and the liquid crystal module is composed of a liquid crystal screen and a backlight, because the liquid crystal screen itself does not emit light and needs a light source to illuminate the screen. LCD screen is hardware, if there is a fault, disconnection, the phenomenon is irreversible, irreversible. The backlight is LED or CCFL light source, plus optical film material (make light walk more evenly) of the mechanical structure, closely attached to the back of the LCD screen.Is your problem, back light source on the optical film material due to aging, and the mechanical structure and the backlight module fit is not very strict, in the days when the heat deformation caused by thermal expansion and contraction, light out of the uneven distribution, resulting in the exterior looks like a white bar.If the fault needs to be repaired, it needs to get the dust-free workshop of the liquid crystal module factory, disassemble and replace the backlight, and the time and cost are relatively large.If you really affect vision, it is recommended that the landlord replace the monitor, the cost of maintenance is relatively large; if you have not seen the warranty period, find JS to replace the new monitor.Any further questions, please feel free to contact us
Q:I looked at other people's monitors. Some were 2000:1, some were 5000:1,There are also larger 8000:1, these parameters and LCD display qualityContact? In the end, we should choose the good LCD according to those parameters?
The parameter is not good, there is a written, yourself, see yourself or to be able to choose good LCD
Q:I wonder, are HD LCD monitors worth it? How are they compared to a regular LCD? Dumb question, I know. I'm usually the one that answers these kinds of questions
it is definitely worth it, 1080p is the future dude! if i was you, i'd wait a bit until the prices goes down, unless if you really need a new monitor. in a nutshell, a Hi def monitor is worth every penny!
Q:I am thinking of buying an lcd monitor with and hdmi inlet to play videogames on my ps3 in hd, but i am concerned about the quality of the picture will it match that of the hd tvs or not.
Well HD stands for High Definition, I dunno what LCD stands for but if it supports a HDMI then it is HD ready meaning its HD
Q:Hi, these are the specifications i found for my LCD computer monitor, just wondering if they will work with a PS3 and if so what cabling would I needModel CMV T38D Brand ChiMei Monitor Type Flat Panel LCD (Passive Matrix) Size 20 inch Contrast Ratio 650:1 Max. Resolution 1400 x 1050 Brightness 330 cd/m2 Response Time 8 ms Dot Pitch 0.2916 mm Digital Video Input Standard D-Sub DVI-D Synchronization Range - Vertical 56 - 76 Hz Synchronization Range - Horizontal 30 - 82 kHz
These specs are useless. All you need to know if it is HDCP compliant. PS3 only works with HDCP compliant displays. Check your manual if it says something about HDCP. (Google HDCP if you want to know more).

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