Accu Td-104 Signature Panel, Intelligent Interactive Digi-Work, Small Touch Monitor, Conference

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USB Digitizer Display

Intelligent pen touch on screen

Pen and Paint directly on screen, intelligent interactive digi-work


TD-104-1 / TD-104-2 USB digitizer display specification



Display       10.1" TFT LCD Panel   10.4" TFT LCD Panel  
Screen Size222.72 (H) × 125.28 (V)210.43 (H) × 157.8 (V)
Resolution1024 × 6001024 × 768
Pixel Pitch (mm)0.2175(H) × 0.2088(V)0.2055(H) × 0.2055(V)
Brightness250cd/m2(type) LED340cd/m2(type) LED
Display ColorsSupport Colors 262 KSupport Colors 262 K
Response Time16 ms16 ms




Patent TechnologyElectromagnetic with Stylus
Resolution2048 LPI
Report Rate138 ~ 150 pps
Pen Pressure1024 levels @ full scale
Reading HighMax.10 mm ( customized )
Coordinate Accuracy±0.5mm ( central area )
OptionalFinger Touch ( 101WD / 104WD )
Internal MemoryUSB 2.0 Flash disk ( single )
Status Indicator LampFlash Disk × 1; Display × 1
Key Function3KEY ( light intensity switch )



Operation SystemWindows XP / VISTA / 7
Work Voltage5V
Power Dissipation7.5W
InterfaceUSB Port × 1
 DC Jack × 1
 Wired Pen Jack × 1



Touch MonitorElectromagnetic + Capacitance
 Multi Touch ( Optional )


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Q:22 inch monitor LCD for a desktop computer?
Samsung T220 is a pretty good monitor for doing what you mentioned. It has a decent contrast ratio, a 2ms response time, and I believe the price is pretty good on it right now as well. As for the video card, pretty much anything will do that supports at least a 1680x1050 resolution.
Q:Is there any differences between Brands in LCD monitor?
I own a couple of ViewSonic LCDs. One is about 4 years old, the other is about 2y. I have never had a problem with either - no dead pixels, nothing. There really isn't much difference between brand name LCDs, other than some being WAY overpriced.
Q:Life span of a 24 Dell LCD Monitor?
Lcd Monitor Lifespan
Q:Is there any battery in the computer LCD?
Of course, there is no battery, I think you would like to ask the power supply, there are some power, some LCD monitors are built-in power, and some are external.
Q:LCD monitor strains my eyes?
Welcome Aboard!! those so called patented demonstrate features of colur, brightness etc is all HUMBUG. the phantasm of coloration is have been given by utilising blending pink, blue green. Then u have the brightnes assessment buttons. U can alter those 5 butttons on all video demonstrate units as consistent with ur decision. there is particularly little eyestrain in a liquid crystal demonstrate computer screen because it fairly is flat like ur e book. basically make certain u get the slimmest physique (the only which boarders the demonstrate screen). it fairly is sizeable exceptionally while it holds audio device mike or digital camera. those are acceptable while they're exterenal. acceptable of lluck.
Q:What is the function of LCD?
Advantages of lcd:(1) liquid crystal has obvious advantages in energy saving.(2) the radiation index is generally lower than that of CRT.(3) no geometric distortion occurs, linear distortion.(4) liquid crystal display has a large visual area.(5) high resolution quality (except for some low shrinkage monitors).(6) the display is several times lighter in weight than the CRT, and the thickness is several times thinner, so it is easy to move.(7) the color of the picture will not be distorted due to insufficient power supply.
Q:Why does my lcd monitor blank out after a while?
Assuming you've already checked your operating system's screensaver settings, and made sure there aren't any power-saving settings enabled on the monitor's hardware itself, it could be because there's a subtle incompatibility between your video card, video driver, and the monitor itself. If you're running Windows, remove all the video and monitor references from the Device Manager and reboot to let Windows rediscover and refresh the setup. If it only detects your monitor as Generic LCD monitor or some such, and the problem is still occurring, you may want to check the internet to see if there's a specific driver for that monitor. In addition, look the model of monitor up, find out its hardware resolution, and set your Windows desktop resolution to the same numbers. Also make sure that your video card supports that particular resolution - some of the older cards don't work all that well with widescreen LCDs. To get around that problem a bit, make sure you are running the very latest video drivers for your video card.
Q:problem with my LCD computer monitor?
visual reveal unit: video reveal units are called seen reveal unit or seen reveal terminal. They provides us softcopy output. So that's called Softcopy output gadget. video reveal units in marked are modern-day in distinctive length. even though it has have been given 2 types in accordance its reveal: a) Monochrome video reveal units b) colour video reveal units video reveal units makes use of particular reveal adapters to grant output. those adapters define its types so we could desire to earnings its types too. MDA (Monochrome reveal Adapter) CGA (colour image Adapter) EGA (more advantageous image Adapter) MCGA (Multicolor image Array) VGA (Video photos Array) SVGA (great Video photos Array)
Q:lcd monitor flickers and goes black?
The bulb might be going out. The one thing I hate about plasma screens and LCD, is that it costs about the same thing or sometimes MORE to fix them as it does to buy a whole new one.
Q:I need to purchase a 19 inch LCD computer monitor.?
Try Asus! They have much better specs in both contrast and candle power. Viewing angle is better and I've never seen one with a bad pixel which is common on cheaper monitors.

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