Auo 12.1&Quot;Tft Industrial LCD Module /800*600 LCD Module G121Sn01 V4

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AUO 12.1"TFT industrial lcd module /800*600 lcd module G121SN01 V4


Screen Diagonal(inch)12.1"
Active Area(mm)246 (H) x 184.5 (V)
resolution800 x 3(RGB) x 600
Pixel Pitch(mm)0.3075 x 0.3075
Pixel ArrangementR.G.B. Vertical Stripe
brightness450g (typ.)
Display ModeNormally White
contrast ratio600:1 Typ
surface treatmentAnti-glare, Hardness 3H
Physical Size(mm)279.0(H)x 209.0(V) x 11.0(D) (typ.)
Electrical Interface1 channel LVDS
backlight CCFL
Support Color 262K colors (RGB 6-bit driver)
RoHS ComplianceRoHS Compliance


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Q:Will using an LCD monitor with my Xbox 360 be any improvement on SDTV by itself?
Mostly all new monitors use HD resolution now standard, getting a lcd will improve the quality as it will be HD, you have to look for one that has 1080i or 720p. HDTV has two official resolutions, 1280x720 progressive and 1920x1080 interkaced or psf (progressive with segmented frames, like film). (YES I KNOW there is also 1080p but the above 2 are good enough) Get a monitor that does either of these (or above) and your good to go. EDIT to find one go to pcworld they will be helpful there I recomend the purchace :)
Q:Where can I take my LCD monitor to be fixed?
LOL i actually broke my LCD screen with my bare fists, so i know exactly what you are talking about. If you look online, you can actually order LCD screens for you computer/laptop. They even come with instructions if you dont know how to install it. (its very easy). Otherwise, you can bring your monitor to any computer place in Las Vegas, and just got to customer service. Most places should be able to fix it or install a new monitor for you if the screen is broken.
Q:why is my lcd Monitor screen blank?
hi Kamal, How are you mutually with your loved ones? in basic terms attempt to reboot the computing device and on the time of commencing in basic terms press F8 to flow into into thoughts. go with the alternative boot with final stable configuration in basic terms attempt this and enable me kno. thank you Narendra Saini
Q:I need to connect a LCD monitor using my S-Video out on my video card.?
Yes you can, your graphics card should have no problem detecting the s-video connected monitor. However, almost all standard LCD monitors don't have an s-video input, unless the monitor in question is in fact an HDTV. You're most likely better off getting a converter box.
Q:Is a LED monitor a liquid crystal display?
Among the consumers of many displays, LCD (Liquid, Crystal, Display) refers to liquid crystal displays; LED generally refers to liquid crystal display using LED backlight. So it's not appropriate to compare the LCD and LED's different classes.In the current market, liquid crystal display is mainly divided into two categories, one is the use of traditional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent tube) LCD, and the other is the use of LED (LED) backlit lcd. Many consumers directly refer to the first type of monitor as LCD, and the second type of monitor is called LED. If the statement is incorrect, it does exist.Because, for many consumers put forward "LCD and LED difference", in fact, the real comparison is "LED backlit LCD display and the traditional CCFL backlight LCD display" the difference between".At present, LED backlight in the civil display market has greatly replaced the traditional CCFL backlight potential, the following author from the point of view of both advantages and disadvantages to introduce two kinds of backlight.
Q:Why do old crt monitors have better picture quality than lcds?
It really depends on your LCD monitor, there are cheaper models with less mature technology, whereas CRTs have been around a long time and hence it's cheap to produce good models, and they don't (afaik) make them anymore. Try look at high-end IPS monitors, which do have much better colour reproduction, viewing angles and then the price :P. People moved to LCD, not because of image quality, but for energy-efficiency and how light it is.
Q:Are these 2 LCD monitors HD?
High Definition is anything above 720p. 720p is 1280x720 resolution, and those two monitors are definitely capable of that (since their resolution is 1680x1050), and since they are HDCP-compliant, you can use them to play back HDCP-protected high-def content like Blu-Ray discs. What those two monitors cannot do is 1080p full HD, which is 1920x1080 resolution. (That is the maximum resolution Blu-Ray playback is capable of.) Hope this helps.
Q:How to get sound when playing XBOX 360 on LCD monitor?
With HDMI its not going to work more then likely. What you want is a cable that has the audio outputs, red and white plugs, and then a monitor cable output aswell. I got one for 20 dollars at gamestop. It will still display HD if your monitor supports it, and I run the adio stright into my sound system and it works wonderful.
Q:What are the advantages of LCD?
1, in fact, the biggest advantage is that the liquid crystal display power consumption and volume compared with the traditional CRT, the traditional CRT, its power consumption is almost 80W, but most of the LCD power on 40W, in so doing, it has obvious advantages in energy saving liquid crystal.2, compared with the traditional CRT LCD is also reflected in the environmental performance, this is because the LCD has no high voltage components like CRT, so it may not appear as X ray high voltage lead to exceed the standard, so the radiation indicators generally lower than CRT.3, because the CRT display is the electromagnetic field generated by a deflection coil to control the electron beam, but due to the electron beam on the screen and not absolute positioning, so CRT display usually there are different degrees of geometric distortion, linear distortion. And because of the principle of LCD, it will not appear any geometric distortion, linear distortion, and this is also a big advantage.Of course, in addition to these advantages, the LCD also has a clear advantage in the light.
Q:Question on a LCD Monitor?
liquid crystal show could have a extra ideal show from CRT because it has very small pixels which could alter themselves to fairly much any shade (relies upon on the photograph card or the processor photographs in the event that they are able to help that shade). yet they are not tough and hard.A small bump can harm their pixels. yet CRT's are no longer.they are completely tough and hard and have a extra physically powerful existence expectancy than liquid crystal show's. even with the undeniable fact that this is not any longer sturdy in any respect because it consumes bigger electricity, Have extra weight, Consumes extra area which isn't sturdy. they are additionally no longer sturdy for gaming and designing Use as they can't help intense resolutions while liquid crystal show's and LED's can.

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