15.6 Inch Open Frame Monitor/Open Frame LCD Monitor/No Frame LCD Monitor

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$90.00 - 120.00 / pc
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1 Piece open frame monitor pc
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10000 Piece/Pieces per Month open frame monitor pc/month

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 Product Description

Do you need {   15.6 Inch Open Frame Monitor/Open Frame Lcd Monitor/No Frame Lcd Monitor (SAD1560K) } with below functions ?

1.Open frame

2.Push button

3.VESA mount

4.1366x768HD Screen

6.Video play back.

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Q: What HS Code for your products?
A: 8531200000 LCD ad player (LCD video display)  

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A: 1 (one) year quality guarantee for the products from your purchase date, except the human damage and force majeure factor. For a better maintenance, be sure that the players are using under normal circumstances (not more than 16 hours daily). 
Beyond the guarantee period machine, Kerchan will provide maintenance service and technical support (Hardware and other possible charges, Kerchan will not bear the responsibility)


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Q:Cheap 32 Inch LCD Monitor?
I believe all LCD TV's today can be used as monitors. I use my LCD TV as one. Also I know Walmart has them for like $300.
Q:whats the diff between an HD lcd monitor and a not?
The monitor is HD, you should have an HDMI port. The difference between the 3, DVI is digital. VGA is basic standard for color resolution in computer monitors and HDMI is the new stuff and it will look clearer, is an interface standard used for audiovisual equipment such as high-definition TV's, Monitors and so on.
Q:How to set the resolution of 22 inch LCD?!
That's what the graphics card doesn't support. The computer system defaults to just showing the resolution of the graphics cards you want to see,Desktop right-click - properties - Settings - Advanced adapters - listing all modes is OK
Q:PS3 on HDCP LCD monitor?
HDCP is a content protection encryption protocol to ensure that protected digital content will stay protected between the PS3 and the monitor. HDCP doesn't have anything to do with negotiating the proper aspect ratio of the image being displayed. You're probably thinking of HDMI. Yes, if you connect your PS3 to HDMI, your monitor will display it as the correct resolution. HDMI specifications require that the PS3 and the monitor negotiate what resolutions are available on the LCD screen and then the PS3 only supports the ones that the monitor supports. So, if the monitor only supports 1080i, then the PS3 will grey out the 1080p option from being used. If the monitor only supports 720p, then the PS3 will only provide 720p and below to the LCD. However, your LCD monitor should have the ability to override the aspect from widescreen to 4:3 with a mode change on the remote. Although, the monitor should display the proper resolution unless you override that with your TV's settings. In other words, to answer your question, hooking your PS3 to HDMI will provide the proper aspect to your LCD screen and it will look correct. If your LCD monitor supports HDCP also (content encryption), then you will be able to view all content. If your LCD doesn't support HDCP, then some content may not be playable on your LCD TV. I believe most higher end LCD panels support both HDMI and HDCP to ensure maximum compatibility. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) describes the type of connector and a protocol to describe all resolutions the monitor is capable of supporting. HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is an encryption protocol to protect video content between the display device (computer) and the output device (LCD or Plasma TV panel).
Q:is SAMSUNG LCD MONITOR really good?
i have a samsung lcd. dont know the exact model. It's good enogh. i dont think you need a better one unless you are running a home cinema or something :)
Q:What's wrong with LCD flashing?
You can call the monitor manufacturers, I have encountered, is a fault display, after the repair recovery. I hope this is not a monitor fault. Another: graphics card failure may also produce such a phenomenon. Suggest, if conditional, can think of a way to change a monitor, test whether video card fault. For example, you double headed output, then display the output to the TV to see if it will blink. Will flash, that is, graphics card failure, will not flash, and that may be the largest display line and display, if you can exclude the display line failure, you can be judged as a display fault.
Q:Actual Sizes of LCD Monitors?
Measurements are made from one corner of the visual screen to the opposite corner. It's the viewable area that's measured. Edit: Measure yours then go to google and search for monitors that have the physical dimensions close to yours. This way you're not having to worry mismatching physical size.
Q:How do LCD Monitors Work?
LCD monitors, as their name suggests, use liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, making it far different from the ordinary CRT monitor. An LCD is a thin and flat display device composed of pixels arrayed in front of a light source or reflector. LCDs, in turn, use liquid crystals, which were first discovered in 1888. These crystals are actually liquid chemicals that align perfectly when subjected to electrical fields; when they're properly aligned, they allow light to pass through them. LCDs use this property by using electrical currents to align the crystals and allow varying levels of light to pass through and create the desired images and colors. To be more technical, the liquid crystals are sandwiched between two pieces of polarized glass (substrate). The fluorescent light source, also known as the backlight, emanates light that passes through the first substrate. The electrical currents then cause the crystals to align, allow varying levels of light to pass through to the second substrate. The end result is what you see onscreen. LCDs can use either active-matrix or passive-matrix structure. Most LCD monitors, along with LCD TVs, use active-matrix.
Q:Is there any way to fix this malfunctioning LCD monitor that won't light up properly (detailed answer needed)?
See Already you done few basic troubleshooting steps n you getting power light on your monitor too.So it wil be a internal problem where you need to check with the stores they wil check its a problem with the transistor are its a problem with some other device because we cant check your monitor here to know whats the exact internal problem.So check with a store technician and check what wil be the problem and fix it then your monitor wil be up and running.
Q:LCD and horizontal lines
The liquid crystal display is composed of a liquid crystal module, a drive circuit board and a shell, and the liquid crystal module is composed of a liquid crystal screen and a backlight, because the liquid crystal screen itself does not emit light and needs a light source to illuminate the screen. LCD screen is hardware, if there is a fault, disconnection, the phenomenon is irreversible, irreversible. The backlight is LED or CCFL light source, plus optical film material (make light walk more evenly) of the mechanical structure, closely attached to the back of the LCD screen.Is your problem, back light source on the optical film material due to aging, and the mechanical structure and the backlight module fit is not very strict, in the days when the heat deformation caused by thermal expansion and contraction, light out of the uneven distribution, resulting in the exterior looks like a white bar.If the fault needs to be repaired, it needs to get the dust-free workshop of the liquid crystal module factory, disassemble and replace the backlight, and the time and cost are relatively large.If you really affect vision, it is recommended that the landlord replace the monitor, the cost of maintenance is relatively large; if you have not seen the warranty period, find JS to replace the new monitor.Any further questions, please feel free to contact us

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