DSLR LCD Field Digital Monitor with 7 Inch HDMI Monitor Screen Hot Sale

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$100.00 - 200.00 / pc
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1 Piece OLINK 7 inch DSLR LCD field monitor pc
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5000 Piece/Pieces per Month OLINK 7 inch DSLR LCD field monitor pc/month
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FM7D/O is our lightweight designed 7 inch DSLR LCD field monitor and full of impressive list of convient features for photographer. Adopting the big 7-inch digital LCD panel, FM7D will not only maximize the real resolution of your DSLR's real images, providing a high contrast and a sharp picture ever for you, but also hep you to enjoy your best shots immediately.



Model No.       FM7D (HDMI input)
       FM7D/O (HDMI input & ouput)
LCD PanelSize7 inch TFT LCD
Backlight LampLED Backlight
Resolution1024 x 600, up to 1920 x 1080 (H x V)
Aspect Raito16:9
Viewing Angle75°/75°(L/R), 70°/75°(U/D)
DisplayDisplay Mode480i/p, 576i/p, 720p (50/60Hz), 1080i/p (50/60Hz)
Color SystemPAL / NTSC
I/O FunctionsSDIN/A
HDMI Output (Model: FM7D/O)
YPbPr - BNCYPbPr Inputs
Video - BNC1x Video Input, 1x Video Output
Audio - BNC1x Audio Input
Earphone Jack1x 3.5mm Earphone Jack at Front Panel
Speakers1x Built-in 1W Speaker at Front Panel
XLR DCAvailable
Function KeysLeft, Right, Up, Down, Menu, Focus, Ratio
Switch, Composite, YPbPr, HDMI, Temperature,
Scale, Camera, B/W
Canon 5D II Camera Mode, Center Marker, Screen
Marker, Aspect Ratio,Color Mode, Underscan/Overscan
Power SupplyInput VoltageDC 6~24V or AC 100~240V
Power Consumption ≤6W
MountShoe mount screw holes (for camera & bracket)
Dimension188.5(H)×134(W)×42.5(H) mm
Operating Temp.-20°C~55°C
Storage Temp.-30°C~65°C
AccessoriesBattery Plate (F970) 
Cloth Sun hood   
HDMI to mini HDMI cable  
Hot Shoe Mount      
Operation manual     
Power AC/DC adapter (optional)
Sony V battery plate (optional)           
Panasonic Anton battery plate (optional)      
D28 battery plate (optional)  
LP-E6 battery plate (optional)    
DC Battery
Mount Plate Selection Note
Model DU21 for battery of Panasonic DV: NV-GS/PV-GS/DZ-MV/GS/H28/
H258/H288GK series, comply with Panasonic battery DU06/VBD140, Sanyo
DZHS301SW, Hitachi DZ-HS303SW/BZ-BP14S/DZ3200/BP07W

Model QM91D for battery of Sony DV: DSCR1/F/S/MVCCD/E/HC15E/HC1E/
AE1u/DCRTRV828/E/CCD-TRV116/DCR-DVD/PS105K/300K/10P/1E series

Model F970 for battery of Sony DV: DCR-TRV series, DCR-TRV series,
VX2100E PD P series, GV-A700, GV-D800 FD/CCD-SC/TR3/FX1E/



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Q:Do I need a glass filter for LCD monitor to protect eyes?
The main reasons for putting a filter on an LCD monitor are to reduce glare on the screen, and to protect the screen from damage in industrial environments. I don't think the filter would affect your eyes at all, except by dimming the monitor slightly. You can adjust the brightness of all new monitors, so a filter is probably not needed unless you are bothered by glare on the screen.
Q:First plz answer which is better for 23 size, Pleasebe carefull, i already know if we go to Large size display system like 40 then LED is better than LCD. my concern is for a system having size 23.please suggest which catagory for monitor having 23 size is better, I am going to buy a new monitor and i have selected SAMSUNG P2350 LCD monitor which costs 190$ as per my available budget.
Please may I point out a little confusion here. The question should be (I think) LED Monitor vs CCFL Monitor. They both use Liquid Crystal Displays. The LED (Light Emitting Diodes) and CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) refers to the type of back lighting used. LED-backlit LCD TVs are considered a more sustainable choice, with a longer life and better energy efficiency also * Because LEDs are able to be switched on and off more quickly than CCFL displays and can offer a higher light output, it is theoretically possible to offer very high contrast ratios. They can produce deep blacks (LEDs off) and a high brightness (LEDs on). However, measurements made from pure black and pure white outputs complicated by Edge-LED lighting not allowing these outputs to be reproduced simultaneously on-screen. Another big advantage of LED over CCFL panels is they are much slimmer and lighter. I have both types of panels and I have to say I much prefer the LED of the two. Just thought It might interest you.
Q:I have a 22-inch LCD monitor, and I hardly watch movies. I use it almost entirely as just a computer desktop monitor, and I like large monitors. In fact, with this one, I notice that I can't see the whole screen at once -- I'm always looking at one part of the screen. Now, if you have had some experience with larger monitors, I'd like to ask: would a 24 and 26 be too large? I mean, do you think it's overkill, given that I won't be watching movies on it?
bigger the better! lol im currently running two DVI Envision 21 widescreen and its fantastic my right monitor is for my vista sidebar and winamp and the left is for everything else
Q:I could go out and buy a 19 LCD Monitor right now, but I want to know how wand why they are better than CRT monitors. I have a 17 CRT monitor now, which doesn't have the best color. I have to the nVidia digital vibrance feature just so it won't look bad.The 19 LCD I had my eye on has a 2ms response time and a 3000:1 contrast ratio, which is apparently really goodCould someone tell me what differences I would notice playing games, or viewing pictures, etc? Thanks a lot, Mark
LCDs look worlds better than CRTs, IMHO. I've used both, and would go with LCD any day. The color is better, the brightness is better, and the response time is almost always better. Plus, the reduced weight is a huge plus as well. :)
Q:hi allIs there any LCD Monitor with 85MHZ Screen Refresh Rate ??what is the best LCD Monitor for my pc ? , i am planning to buy a new one, and i don't care at all about price,,, just want it perfect clear with small pixels and max Refrest Rate,,,anyone can suggest some ?thanks alot in advace
I don't think there is any that fast because lcd's have a slow response time, meaning they can't clear the pixels that fast anyway. However, since lcd's are slow, you won't see any flicker, but you will probably always see a little blur with fast movement in fast paced gaming.
Q:Because my LCD monitor hasn't audio , so do I need to play without audio? ,Please answer
Yes, your assumption is correct. Unless your monitor has connections for speakers.
Q:I have a Target TruTech 19 LCD DVD/PC/TV flat screen monitor. I dropped it today, and it is fine on the outside. But, when I plug it into my computer, there is a corner of the screen, about 5 by 2, that is covered in colored lines, cracks (internal) and what looks like gray or black liquid. Again, this is all inside the monitor, there is no outside damage. But, I use this screen for work and this is going to impair me. How easy will it be to fix? Can I just get some computer expert to fix it up? Is it a minor or major problem? I am NOT a tech person and need MAJOR help!!!! I am FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEELPPPPPP MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! :( :( :(
You have turned it into junk.
Q:Hi i just got this monitor, everything is fine but i only have one problem with it. The top side of this rectangle monitor is kinda hot while I have it is running, basically from the top left corner along to the top right corner of the back. No other parts are getting hot except that top area. So im just wondering if this is normal at all?
you ought to purchase the Samsung 2233SW 21.5-Inch complete HD Widescreen liquid crystal exhibit visual exhibit unit from Amazon for $199.00. Technical information: * 21.5 Widescreen liquid crystal exhibit visual exhibit unit * 1920x1080 complete HD determination * diverse mushy layout with wealthy piano end * 5ms reaction time, as much as fifteen,000:a million dynamic assessment ratio * unique Samsung Magic technologies for wealthy, organic shade Product Description: think of a sculpture that doubles as a helpful employer device. That describes the Samsung 2233SW 21.5 widescreen liquid crystal exhibit visual exhibit unit completely. Its mushy curves, wealthy piano black end and sparkling acrylic accessory bar lend diverse variety and class on your table. Its sparkling look extends even to the returned, with an built-in housing that hides all your cables. And once you turn it on, the 2233SW extra beneficial than lives as much as expectancies. The sixteen:9 element ratio delivers extra area for multitasking. 1920 x 1080 complete HD determination grants the utmost determination plausible. The 5ms reaction time and 15,000:a million dynamic assessment ratio advise razor-sharp, particular action video. unique Samsung technologies supply you wealthy shade with organic dermis tones. With element Ratio administration, the 2233SW won't stretch 4:3 content textile to fill the widescreen. whether you're viewing 5:4 or 4:3 content textile, that is going to continuously be distortion unfastened. The 2233SW additionally provide you with a custom Key, for fast, one-touch get admission to to the Samsung image optimization function you employ the main. And an potential-saving potential intake administration enables you to set your 2233SW to tutor off immediately at a particular time. attractiveness interior and out. With the Samsung 2233SW, that is not difficult to think of. purchase this merchandise via traveling the hyperlink below.
Q:i have got 19 samsung lcd monitor to my computer. all of sudden background has changed to pink color. it showing dark pink color . how will i get normal mode. i tried all setting options.please help me.
Were the setting options you tried related to your computer Desktop display properties? Or it could be a bad or loose cable/cord problem, so see if the cables/cords connecting your monitor are secure and connected. Or turn off the monitor and computer, unplug the monitor, remove and reconnect the monitor to you computer, and see if the problem is fixed. Try the monitor on a another computer if you can to see if that fixes the problem. If you use the same cable/cord, and the monitor is pink, could be a bad cord. If a different cord used, and still pink, could be a monitor problem (just by elimination here).
Q:How much is the voltage of LCD driver? How much is it?
Extension cords are connected with the driving plate is generally the cross connection, manufacturers will be in the power supply board and driver board marked VCCGNDADJED some manufacturers directly labeled +5V +12V, which is the power driver board board input voltage. Then, the driving plate is supply voltage pin type cable screen screen has a white screen, the Department of power supply (typically five volts)!

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