New 13.3&Quot; Led LCD Screen For Macbook &Amp; Pro 13 Inch Unibody Replacement A1278 A1342 Screen

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Product Description:

NEW 13.3" LED LCD SCREEN For MacBook & Pro 13 inch Unibody Replacement  A1278 A1342 Screen


Display Specifications
LP133WX3-TLA2 LP133WX3(TL)(A2)
LP133WX3-TLA1 LP133WX3(TL)(A1)
LP133WX2-TLC1 LP133WX2(TL)(C1)
LP133WX3-TLG1 LP133WX3(TL)(G1)

Size: 13.3-inch WideScreen (11.3"x7.1")
Resolution:  WXGA (1280x800)
Pixels:   WXGA (1280x800)
Backlight Lamp: DIODE
Backlight Illumination: LED
Quality: A+ Grade
Status : New
Aspect Ratio: WIDESCREEN
Product Type: Laptop LCD Screen Display
Source: Factory Direct
Packaging: Fragile Customized Package
Compatibility: 100% OEM Compatible


  please match your original lcd model number before purchase. thanks 


  To ensure you receive correct screen, buyer should be note to do a confirmation with photos above before place your order:
  1. Please match your laptop model in compatible list and tell if wide screen or standard screen.
  2. Please match the LCD screen size.
  3. Please match the Data connector (14pin, 20pin, 30pin(S-L) , 40pin(S,M,L), 50pin 60pin )  and its position
  4. Please match the physical resolution pixels of LCD screen.
  5. Please match the backlight type(LED or 1CCFL, 2 CCFL)


  Other attention:
  1. This item is a LCD screen  , not a laptop. This LCD screen as a component , mainly used for repairing or upgrading .
  2. Seller will not responsible for extra fees caused by customer purchase wrong LCD screen but still accept returns in good condition.  


  Please make sure that your original screen match this item 's BACKLIGHT TYPE, SIZE, RESOLUTION before order, because some laptop model come with more than one type of screens


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Q:Noisy new LCD Monitor?
it is not normal of course if you can enjoy the sound with that much hum or if it is insignificant then leave it otherwise get it replaced
Q:Computer LCD monitor has no power?
Monitor No Power
Q:Green tint on LG lcd monitor?
i'm tired of the burnouts. it extremely is beautiful, yet they have performed it to dying. those automobiles have brake proportioning valves the place the motive force can adjust the rear brake to a minimum and max out the front brakes. This makes it extremely trouble-free to do a burnout (enormous horsepower enables of direction) so it extremely is no longer like it takes some form of particular expertise to do it.
Q:Small LCD monitor for field use.?
Cheap and easy do not go well together, but if your looking for basic output I would suggest either an outdated car LCD or PVP. You will not get the best resolutions and will need an external power source, but do your research to see how cheap a small AC pack is vs buying one that takes cells. More than likely, for basic resolution you could get away with a cheap 100 watt pack on a screen not built for carry.
Q:how i know how many refresh rate my monitor supports?
LCD monitors typically just have 60Hz refresh rate, the actual rate that the image is refreshed while illumination from the backlight is constant. Because of the constant illumination, flicker is hardly noticeable. The conventional cathode lamp backlight actually flickers somewhat but at ~200Hz (beyond what can be perceived by human eye). It is the CRT monitors that usually have a wider range of refresh rate. At 1280x1024, a CRT monitor could have ~90Hz refresh rate.
Q:what is the ______of this lcd monitor?
It will last longer if it is set up to turn off or go into power save mode after the computer has been idle for a while as opposed to being on 24/7. Most LCD panels have a MTBF of well over 10 years of continuous use. The part that goes bad over time is the backlighting, which dims over time and can be down to 1/2 brightness after 30-50,000 hours on newer monitors. This means that at 8 hours per day of usage it will be noticeably dimmer in 10 years, however you can compensate by increasing the brightness setting when this eventually happens. My LCDs from 2003 are running just fine after 5 years of 12 hours+ per day and I bet they can take another 5.
Q:How do you safely and effectively clean an LCD monitor?
Use a soft cloth (microfiber or cotton) dampened with water, or some soap solution (liquid hand soap) It should be damp enough to actually wet the screen but not so wet that water will run down the screen. If you have a more stubborn mark then you can try some rubbing alcohol on the same type of cloth. The wipes sold for cleaning glasses or monitor screens also should be good. Do not use: paper towels - they are abrasive. dish detergent - it has abrasive salts in it. household cleaners - they can contain damaging chemicals.
Q:how to connect ps3 to lcd monitor?
There is a third-party cable out there that has a signal converter chip built into the connector for converting the YPbPr Component signal from the PS3's Analog Multiport to VGA, but the image quality is horrible. It defeats the purpose of you spending all that money buying that PS3 if you are only going to run it in such a crippled manner. Remember the reason why the PS3 is so expensive is because of its Digital HDMI 1080p full HD capabilities. To take full advantage of your PS3's capabilities you should buy a 1080p HDMI-equipped monitor.
Q:I want to know the flat panel display and liquid crystal display which is more damage to the eyes
Certainly hurt some flat.You adjust the contrast of the lcd.
Q:LCD operating principle (LCD, LED)
The analog signal is changed to digital signal processing, and the digital signal is controlled by IC

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