Lp156Wh4-Tln1 Lp156Wh4-Tln2 Laptop 15.6 Led Screen Compatible To Led Screen N156Bge-L21 M156Nwr2

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$1.00 / pc
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1 Piece pc
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10,000 Piece/Pieces per Month USED 15.6 LED Screen Supply Available pc/month
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LP156WH4-TLN1 LP156WH4-TLN2 Laptop 15.6 LED Screen Compatible to LED Screen N156BGE-L21 M156NWR2




Application15.6 LED Screen for Laptop
LED Screen Size15.6"
LED Screen Brandfor LG
Compitable ModelsLP156WH4-TLN2 N156BGE-L21 M156NWR2 R0
ConditonGenuine New
Interface TypeConnector
Signal CategoryLVDS
Pixel Pitch0.252x0.252mm(Wxh)
Response Time16ms
Panel TypeTFT
Display Color262K
Aspect Rtio16:9 (W:H)
Input Voltage3.3V(Typ./Max)
Input Current220/250mA(Typ./Max)
Vertical Frequency60Hz
Viewing Angle45/45/15/35 (Typ.)(CR≥10)
Lamp Type4 strings WLED
Lamp Life Time12K(Min.)(Hours)
Interface Pins40 pins


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 You can order single items as samples. No MOQ.
 Shipping worldwide
 Drop-shipping available
 Stocked in Regional Warehouses for Immediate Shipment
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Q:I have a five year old laptop here. The monitor is a little messed up so I'm thinking of buying a separate LCD monitor to hook up to, also in preparation of getting a new pc tower. I will mostly be using the thing to watch youtube and other downloaded videos.I'm a computer noob, so I was wondering how to picture quality might be.Does it matter what my video/graphics card is?Also, this laptop only has a VGA port apparently.Any suggestions on what I should do in order to get the best picture quality in my situation?
I recently purchased a new Acer LED monitor that works fine with my desktop. When I plug in one of my laptops, (one is 1995 vintage), the monitor goes into an 'Auto-Config'. Works for me. Any new monitor should be able to something similar.
Q:Aren't LED monitors better than LCD monitors? I think of LED as having really clear picture quality. I also think of them as having these really high dynamic contrast ratios. Millions to one dynamic contrast ratio. Isn't that why they have so clear picture quality? Some opinion from somewhere thinks that an LCD monitor for $300 is better than an LED monitor for $300. Aren't LED monitors and LED tvs better than just LCD?
Lcd Vs Led Monitor
Q:I want to buy an LCD monitor , but I don't know which one is better, after thinking , I suggested to ask people who may know .
Hey I'd recommend non of these brands. Im using an ACER P193w LCD moniter and its well cool. Really nice looking and its a bargain if you ask me :D Check it out on this link! amazon .uk/Acer-P193W-Crystalbrite-Widescreen-Monitor/dp/B000VPG16G
Q:i have a pc with BenQ FP71G+ LCD monitor, i wanna connect ps3 and pc to the same monitor, how can i do that, plz i want details cuz i don't know anything about the process, thanx in advance ;)
If it has just one place, then switch when needed.
Q:I purchased an Electron 32 TV/LCD Monitor in April from Walmart for $488. I saw that it was supposed to only do 1366x768. But I ran at a higher resolution 1600x1200 with a standard VGA adapter in/out. I did manage to get 1920x1080 with the same setup running with my onboard Intel GX31 chipset on the motherboard. Now I have installed a ATI 4550, and now my max resolution is 1600x1200 again, do I just have to use DVI or HDMI connectors to get back to 1920x1080 I also had 1920 x 1440 but the screen was of set. I love my monitor as it doubles as a TV I'd just like to get the maximum resolution I can with whatever cables I need. Also I just bought the video card on the weekend.
Your LCD TV's native resolution is 1366x768. That means the screen has an actual physical grid of thin-film transistor picture elements (the dots that make up an image) arranged in a rectangle 1366 dots wide, 768 dots tall. There is no point in trying to use resolutions higher than 1366x768 on that LCD TV, because the LCD TV will just downscale a higher resolution image to fit its 1366x768 screen. In fact, trying to display 1920x1080 on that screen will look WORSE than a 1366x768 image. The 1366x768 image needs no manipulation-- It will pixel-map 1:1 onto that 1366x768 screen. The 1920x1080 screen on the other hand will need pixel interpolation (shrink-down to 1366x768), which results in fuzziness or jaggies on the scaled-down image.
Q:I have a 20.1 Sceptre.Scenario:1. Turn on computer2. Turn on monitor3. Monitor stays black but the power light flashes on and off4. Computer boots up normally5. After 20mins-1hour, monitor finally displays desktop and everything works again6. Turn off computer and monitor. Go to sleep.7. Wake up, turn on monitor and computer.8. Repeat steps 1-6. Add 30 mins to step 5 per day. (Up until now it takes a few hours for it to work. Right now it won't even turn on)*I have plugged my monitor into another computer that has no GFX only to get the same result.
Hi there, Very good description of the problem. It sounds like it is time for a new monitor. A good time to get a 23-24 inch LCD monitoryou will love the new monitor. The monitorat link below for $220- has all three inputs plus a built-in HDTV tuner so you can watch TV on it also (just connect cable box, etc plus your computer) Also has good name and specs. Hope this helps, Al
Q:I really wnna ply my PS3 on an LCD monitor. Ive seen alot of videos but I really not sure which LCd monitor to buy. My budget is 2$ - 40$ and Ive read tht some monitors wont be able to display the game nd stuff so pls explin tht nd could you explin the whole process to the part u get audio :P (me a noob). Thnks nywys ????
No way your getting a monitor for $40. If you can spare an extra $100 you can get a really good ASUS gaming monitor. Anyway setup is pretty simple you just plug the HDMI cable into the PS3 the the monitor. Some monitors don't have HDMI that's why you can't use them.
Q:I have an ATI 9600 Radeon on a Dell 8200 machine. I'm looking to purchase either a 20 (Samsung 206BW) or 22 (Samsung 225BW) LCD monitor. I've been reading articles about if the card's native resolution does not match the monitor's then the picture will not be good. When I look at my card's setting, it's set to 1280x1024. will this card work with either one of these monitors or is the card/PC too old to work? I do play games on this PC.Thanks, Tommy
A 9600 isn't to bad, I used to have one. You really can't do anything but very light gaming now. Your much better off spending around $100 on a Nvidia 7600 GS. As far as the monitor goes it should be fine, your card will adjust to the monitor. I had an older monitor that would only support 1024x768, but my card supports a lot more.
Q:Green shades in my lcd monitor while watching ripped hd movies on character faces or in the corner of the screen or while playing some HD games .why is it ? and I've tried different codecs yet problem persists, is it my monitor fault or my graphics card nvidia 8400gs fault?
Do you have another monitor? could you connect your PC to the LCD TV? If you use another monitor then you would know weather its the card or the Monitor. Also as its an external graphic card, you could take it out and use the on board graphic card on the motherboard. Try it out and see if monitor is still green.
Q:A brief overview of the internal components of a computer monitor should be useful along with links to any hardware (electronic) sites for more study.
Its difficult to briefly tell you what's inside the LCD display. To talk simply, it has a backlight behind and an LCD panel on the front. There are also some components to smooth the backlight brightness. If it uses CCFL lamps, then it needs a transformer for lighting up the lamps.

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