The Best Laptop Screen Seller 15.6 Led 1366*768 Lp156Wh4 Tln2

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  The best laptop screen seller 15.6 led 1366*768 LP156WH4 TLN2



Detailed Product Description

Size15.6 inch wide screen
GradeNew A grade
ModelLP156WH4 TLN2
Packing20pcs per carton
Warranty3 months

1.Compatible model: LP156WH4 TLN2  LP156WH4 TLN1 LP156WH4 TLA1 N156BGE-L21 N156BGE-L22 B156XTN02.2 LTN156AT02

2.Applicability:normal 15.6 led screen for most laptop 15.6 inch

3.Packaging : Fragile Customized Package

4.Condition: Brand New, Direct from manufacture 100% COMPATIBLE


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Q:Can someone give me a great or do you think the best brand or name of an Lcd monitor that I can plug my ps3?Lcd monitor that can support the resolution of the ps3 and can give a great graphics.thanks
The PS3's HDMI port will basically artwork with sixteen:9 video show gadgets. in case you desire to apply 4:3 with the PS3, you would be compelled to apply its Analog Multiport, which defeats the objective of you spending all that funds on the PS3 interior the 1st place (for its complete HD 1080p HDMI features). Get a 1080p HDMI-equipped visual show unit in case you desire to take complete great component in regards to the PS3's features. .
Q:I am looking into getting a new LCD monitor so I can take advantage of my 256mb video card with a DVI output. I am wondering if anybody has some good input on which brand and model to get , I like the samsung T220 with it's 20000:1 contrast ratio . Thanks for you input.
Stick to samsung or lg, good prices, good screens, and most have hdmi 1080p build in, so take your pick. :)
Q:I have what I think is an odd problem with my Asus LED-LCD monitor. A few weeks ago I just noticed these big, vertical lines going across the screen if I have very dark or black images on it. These lines are sort of a very dark grey color, they're not super easy to spot, they're really not a big deal because I don't notice them whenever I'm doing stuff on the computer. There may be only one line, but it's like 6'' thick, going across the entire screen vertically. Again it's not easily visible, it's slight. But I want to know what this is and how to get rid of it, and possibly how it got there. I got this monitor last Summer and it wasn't very cheap so I want to know what's going on. Though I can't really see it during normal use, the fact that its there is just bothering me.
Lcd Discoloration
Q:Is there a simple way?
Personally think that the most simple and effective way is to sell 1 yuan supermarket money a pack of wipes, decontamination effect is excellent, can be combined with a pack of paper towels, and a package can be used for a long time, this method is for my personal use for years, liquid crystal display and display the same with ordinary.
Q:Does anyone have any pics of this or design schematics?
it is a peice of glass with lots of tape on the top with copper , and to the bottom , it looks like your mobile phone screen when you rip it apart but bigger
Q:can you fix a backlight on a lcd monitor? i got a comcrap wf1907 lcd monitor from a friend tht found it outside his work. i went to turn it on and it was working ok but it was flickering a bit. after leaving it on for a few mins it just shuts off, i can turn it back on for a sec but it goes off again. when i was messing with the setting on the monitor it was showin like 10,000 hours on back or somthing like that which is kinda ridiculous. 400+ days of leaving it on LOL. so im just wonder if its even the backlight and or if it could be fixed or worth fixing since it is COMCRAP
yes okorder
Q:Hello everyone, and thank you for viewing my question. My monitor, a Dell LCD has this problem (I'm using Windows XP by the way). Whenever I turn it off (the monitor) and then turn it on, the monitor would black out or dim out. The screen would go incredibly dark and i would need a really bright light source and to look extremely close to the monitor to see the desktop.This computer this about 4 years old, buying it in mid-2005. Please and thank you.
Yes, it's definitely a back light problem. Since your monitor is more than 4 years old, you might start to see some dimness in display. If it goes completely dark, then it's a clear indication that the backlight has failed and needs replacement.
Q:I have a Toshiba Qosmio laptop, with a 17' LCD Flat screen and Im not sure how to go about cleaning it. Should I just use windex and a paper towel like I would on my TV, or is there a special way to clean LCD monitors?????
I don't use Windex and a paper towel since I found that it can scratch. If you use Windex, use a cloth or a Swifer
Q:Hi, these are the specifications i found for my LCD computer monitor, just wondering if they will work with a PS3 and if so what cabling would I needModel CMV T38D Brand ChiMei Monitor Type Flat Panel LCD (Passive Matrix) Size 20 inch Contrast Ratio 650:1 Max. Resolution 1400 x 1050 Brightness 330 cd/m2 Response Time 8 ms Dot Pitch 0.2916 mm Digital Video Input Standard D-Sub DVI-D Synchronization Range - Vertical 56 - 76 Hz Synchronization Range - Horizontal 30 - 82 kHz
These specs are useless. All you need to know if it is HDCP compliant. PS3 only works with HDCP compliant displays. Check your manual if it says something about HDCP. (Google HDCP if you want to know more).
Q:Hi, I just noticed that my Innovision MAG LCD monitor is either losing magenta or adding cyan -- can't tell which. Any ideas as to the problem? It's only a couple of years old, is it dying or could it be a cable problem? I know on my plasma TV it was a cable problem, but not sure on this! Thanks for the help!
I would check the cable theory by just switching cables, or even wiggling it. It may just be a short in the cable on that particular color's strand. It may aslo be the plug on the PC or monitor. Other than that, i am not sure if LCD's can actually lose colors.

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