The Best Laptop Screen Seller 15.6 Led 1366*768 Lp156Wh4 Tln2

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  The best laptop screen seller 15.6 led 1366*768 LP156WH4 TLN2



Detailed Product Description

Size15.6 inch wide screen
GradeNew A grade
ModelLP156WH4 TLN2
Packing20pcs per carton
Warranty3 months

1.Compatible model: LP156WH4 TLN2  LP156WH4 TLN1 LP156WH4 TLA1 N156BGE-L21 N156BGE-L22 B156XTN02.2 LTN156AT02

2.Applicability:normal 15.6 led screen for most laptop 15.6 inch

3.Packaging : Fragile Customized Package

4.Condition: Brand New, Direct from manufacture 100% COMPATIBLE


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Q:What are the advantages of LCD?
No blinking, no eye damage, less power consumption, small size, light weight
Q:The displays on some of our lab monitors are wavy.?
LCD monitors are completely immune to the problems of CRT monitors. When you say wavy, are you talking about vertical waves or horizontal? Are they standing waves or do they drift across the screen? Are the waves luminous waves or color waves? Are they ALL experiencing this problem? Of those with the problem, are the patterns identical and synchronous or are they independently wavy? Are all the computers identical systems? Do all the computers share a common power source? You say you're a teacher, which makes me take this shot in the dark: Does your institution also have a radio lab (I.e.: a class capable of producing a strong source of EMI)?
Q:What does ITO mean in an LCD LCD?
Generally, the TFT-LCD is composed of an upper substrate assembly, a lower substrate assembly, a liquid crystal, a drive circuit unit, a backlight module, and other accessoriesLiquid crystal molecules are a kind of material that can be controlled by an electric field in order. Liquid crystal molecules are usually injected between two glass substrates, and there are many small grids between the two glass substrates, and liquid crystal molecules are filled in the small grids.In the inside of the glass substrate on the surface coated with a layer of transparent conductive glass plate, is indium tin oxide (Indium Tin Oxide, referred to as ITO) made it as a common electrode substrate and numerous conductive micro plate forming a series of electric field.
Q:LCD display pattern
There are several possible, I worked at Toshiba information machine company in a notebook computer assembly is to look at the screen to detect whether water ripples, most of the reason is the data line not connected, similarly, in the liquid crystal display, a part is the interference from the power supply, to see whether the filter capacitor is deformed, the other is internal wiring loose.
Q:How to clean LCD computer computer screen?
Here okorder
Q:How to get sound when playing XBOX 360 on LCD monitor?
Estoy muy apasionada de este mundo y todos mis amigos han confiado en mí a l. a. hora de comprar un ordenador, yo siempre les he comprado de sitios information superhighway porque tienen l. a. mejor oferta al mejor precio, pero, el ultimo ordenador que he comprado ha sido uno de juguete para mi hija, y como siempre he acertado, tiene l. a. dimensión perfecta para ella, buenas canciones, aprende con él y imita muy bien un ordenador portátil con su ratón con todo, a ella le ha encantado muchísimo.
Q:Broken LCD monitor by bb gun shot?
I don't know how Grace above thinks it can be repaired in any way except to replace it. I've never heard of any way to fix a cracked screen other than replacement, and I replace a lot of them in my job. The LCD is basically like glass with liquid inside. Once the glass breaks like that, there's no way to make it whole again, just like how glass can't be put back together once broken, especially with liquid inside it and LCD glass also carry electrical signals across and through it. That's how it works. Unfortunately, you'll have to buy a whole new monitor. It'll probably be cheaper than trying to get the LCD panel replaced in your current monitor, but you can always make some calls to find out. Best of luck. P.S. Never work on or clean a loaded gun, of any kind :-)
Q:What is the best use for an extra LCD monitor?
Yes, you can hook up 2 monitors to a computer. You need an extra VGA outlet from your computer. Most video cards have two outlets. You cannot use one from the video card and the other from the computer case because the video card will disable the other. If you had two monitors, you can read two documents at the same time, instead of shifting from one to the other. Macinotsh had this function for about 10 years. New PC comes with graphics program that will let you active the second monitor. You can choose to display the graphics at 90 degrees (good for word processors) or even upside down.
Q:PS3 to PC with LCD/LED Monitor?
If you want to use a monitor as a display for a PS3, you do not connect the PS3 to a PC. You connect the PS3 directly to the monitor. The PS3's HDMI port is designed to work best with 1080p HDCP-compliant monitors, such as those equipped with an HDMI jack. So make sure the monitor you buy is 1080p full HD and is equipped with HDMI.
Q:Are LED monitors better than LCD monitors?
LCD okorder

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