Wholesale Laptop 14.0 Led Screen B140Xw02 Genuine

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$23.00 - 32.00 / pc
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Hong Kong
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40 Pieces pc
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30000 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Wholesale laptop 14.0 led screen B140XW02 Genuine                


Product Details 

Size:14.0 inch

Part number:   LP140WH2 TLN1

Resolution: WSVGA 1366*768

Aspect Ratio: Widescreen

Surface: Glossy
Backlight Type: LED

Aspect Ratio: Widescreen
Packing: Antistatic bag and box
Condtion:100% Brand new Grade A+, NO DEAD PIXEL
Warranty: 6 months
Payment Terms:T/T,Western Union, Paypal.

Delivery time: Normally we ship by DHL,EMS etc. the delivery time is about 5 business days


Compatible part number: LP140WH2 TLN4/TLA1 N140BGE-L41 N140B6-L06 M140NWR1 B140XW02 V.1/V.2 B140XW03 v.0 LTN140AT06/08/10/11/20


Product characteristic:

1) Over  6 years of professional experience in laptop repair parts.

2) Strong R&D Capability, all kinds of products available.

3) Abundant inventory for fast delivery.

4)Passed FCC,CE Certificates. Reliable quality


Size for Sell

Sizes: 7.0, 8.9", 9.7”, 10.0”, 10.1", 10.2”, 10.4”, 11.1”,11.6”,12.1", 12.5",13.1”, 13.3", 14.0", 14.1", 14.5",15.0" 15.4”, 15.6",16.0”, 16.4”, 17.0", 17.1”, 17.3" ,18.4"



WUXGA++, Full-HD  


8.9WSVGA 1024*600LED
10WSVGA 1024*600LED
10.1WSVGA 1024*600LED
10.1WXGA, 1024*600LED
10.1WXGA, 1366*768LED
11.6WXGA 1366*768LED
11.6WXGA 1366*768LED
13.3"WXGA, 1366*768LED
14.0"WXGA, 1366*768LED
14.0"WXGA, 1366*768LED
15.6"WXGA 1366*768LED
17"1440*9001 CCFL


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We win the customers' long-term trust by stable quality.
Professional after-sales maintaining service. 


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Q:are all LCD computer monitors 1080p capable?
No. A monitor that is 1080p compatible will have a resolution of at least 1920x1080. In other words it needs to be at least 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels tall. This means that your 1680x1050, while it still looks good, is not displaying a true 1080p picture. The p in 1080p stands for Progressive Scan, and to the best of my knowledge, all LCD monitors are progressive scan. When taking about resolutions, monitors and TVs are the same, though monitors are traditionally higher resolution than TVs because, like you said, you have to sit close to them. However, when talking about HD standards 720p and 1080p, LCD monitors and TVs are exactly the same, except for their size in inches across (which does not affect resolution at all). For Blu-Ray Disk playback, it also needs to be HDCP compliant. Your video card supports HDCP and 1080p playback. By the way, HD stands for High Definition. Technically, any high resolution picture can be considered HD, but the HD standards are 1280x720p and the larger 1920x1080p, which is referred to as Full HD.
Q:How long do LCD monitors typically last?
It will last for years. I have been using mine for 4 years now and it's still great!
Q:My LCD monitor isn't working?
sometimes you can unplug the lcd monitor for awhile, plug it back in and try again - might help. this has happened to me too - and chances are that the video drivers need to be reinstalled - i use an old video card to do this because your current video card will not get a display at all - I don't know how to help you unless you have an old video card to use. A computer shop could reinstall the drivers pretty cheaply.
Q:Blank White LCD Monitor?
check the lcd screen open it up, plug it to the lapto, to see if the light inside the lcd screen is in good condition
Q:Can the liquid crystal display of notebook computer be wiped directly with wet cloth?
Buy a notebook, screen cleaning cloth and detergent. Wipe with a wet cloth will damage the screen.
Q:Hello, my computer LCD is bright and black. The power light is also bright and black,
Monitor power failure. Judging from the phenomenon, should be 300V or 12V filter capacitor drum, the capacity decreased, resulting in insufficient power output power. The process is: when the monitor starts, the power supply is insufficient, the backlight is extinguished, and after the backlight is extinguished, the voltage is restored to normal, and then re lighted.
Q:grey horizontal line on my LCD monitor?
how old is your monitor? lcd monitors are prone to this with age maybe someone hit the screen with something by accident, that can cause such a thing i don't know how to fix it other than to take it to someone who can repair it. otherwise, just buy a new one or get used to it if it doesn't bother you that much
Q:Will a 19 lcd monitor be worse for the eyes?
not that i know of, but if you get headaches often a smaller monitor would be better.
Q:LCD Monitor Repair No Display?
Can you hear your hard drive spin. does your monitor light flicker when you turn off your computer and then flicker and turn solid when you turn your computer on. If it does turn solid then cpu is running and monitor is recieving data. Next check video cable between computer and monitor.Next check their connections. Now lay case on its side open panel. Before touching anything unplug all power cables from outlet. See if video card is seated if it is remove card and replace with a pci video card. You should get something on the screen Replace video card.
Q:Do all LCD displays have power adapters?
The power interface reads "enter 12V DC" or "enter 220V exchange", 12V is the adapter, and the 220V does not use the adapter.Liquid crystal display (LCD) a type of display used in digital timepieces and many portable computers. The LCD showed two polarizing materials, liquid crystal solutions between them. When the current passes through the liquid, the crystals are rearranged so that the light does not pass through them. Therefore, each crystal is like a shutter that allows light to pass through and to block light. At present, LCD products are developing towards light, thin, short and small targets, and the display products with a long history in computer peripherals are of course no exception. The portability and handling for the premise, show the traditional way such as CRT CRT display and LED display panel and so on, are subject to the volume is too large or huge power consumption and other factors, the actual needs of users can not be reached. And the development of LCD technology just meets the current trend of information products, whether it is right angle display, low power consumption, small size, or zero radiation, etc., can allow users to enjoy the best visual environment.

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