Seetec 7 Inch Hd Gh2 Gh3 Portable Field LCD Monitor With Plastic Sun Cover

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Product Description:

SEETEC 7 inch HD GH2 GH3 Portable Field LCD Monitor with Plastic Sun Cover 


The monitor is with HDMI, COMPONENT(YPbPr), composite video, Audio signals input& output.


New functions:


Peaking focus assist;


After exposure hint;


Brightness histogram;


Flase colors.


Advanced Features

*Peaking Focus Assist(peaking filter)


*Brightness Histogram

*5D  camera Mode

*Front earphone jack

*Check Field:


*Marker background      &scale&frame finder:


*4:3&16:9 image adjustable

*Power sources

XLR DC input


DC6-15V input


Battery plate: Sony F970,PA D28S,Canon E6 optional


Power from DV service




7"HD portable field monitor





Dot Resolution:

1024x600 pixels (max to1920×1440)

Contrast Ratio:


Aspect Ratio:




Viewing Angle:

75°/75°(L/R) 70°/75°(U/D)

Input Voltage:

DC 6V-24V

Input Signals:

Video,Audio,YPbPr,HDMI,earphone jack

Output Signals:


Power Consumption:


Work Temperature:


Store Temperature:


Unit Size:

188.5L × 134W × 42.5H(mm)

Unit Weight:



Mini HDMI cableX1 pc

Hot shoe mount X1 pc

Sony F970 plate X1 pc

Sun hood X1 pc

Operation manual X1pc



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Q:Can someone please help me find my dream LCD monitor?
Q:Whats the best way to clean a LCD computer monitor?
I don't use Windex and a paper towel since I found that it can scratch. If you use Windex, use a cloth or a Swifer
Q:how can I Play PS 3 on LCD Monitor Without Computer?
Yep! You might have to get a HDMI to DVI cable, but I think those only run around $10-$15 or so. :)
Q:How to choose a computer LCD
It is recommended to buy ViewSonic, ViewSonic warranty for 3 years, the price is also affordable.
Q:LCD cannot display red
Should be the three primary colors, red signal is not connected, first look at the VGA connector socket has no breakage, loose connections or VGA connections to a problem in itself (you can try to replace the VGA cable or other host connection) in addition to the graphics VGA graphics card or the end of the problem.
Q:LCD Electric Usage - Is it true that the LCD monitor screen consumes the most electrical power?
a typical VGA cable ought to artwork. make constructive that the alternative is desperate to the community determination if the panel - 1280 by applying 1024 - and the refresh fee set to 60 Hz, for the terrific image. in case you have a DVI connector on your device (white particularly of blue) then you incredibly are greater beneficial off getting a DVI-D cable (you purely want a single hyperlink cable in the event that they provide single or double hyperlink) you will get a truly greater beneficial image high quality with DVI.
Q:is there a difference between monitors advertised as.?
On paper, they look similar. Just very slight differences (viewing angle, for instance, and response time). One possibility: They're calibrated differently. If the difference you're noting is that the first is vivid and bright, recognize that there are adjustments you can make to the second to increase brightness, contrast, and color saturation. Beyond that, there may be specs that aren't listed that are affecting performance. I assume you're viewing both under the same lighting conditions, and they're both connected with the same quality connection (HDMI, for instance). Hope that helps.
Q:Can my LCD Computer Monitor display HDTV?
It all depends on the HDTV source. You can force the monitor to display 1080p but it may damage your monitor as it is a resolution that it does not support. It can display 780i/p though with no problem. This does not mean it can display all types of HD content. HDCP or High-Definition Content Protection is not regulated and is in no way standardized between different hardware components and various HD media. A Montior or graphics card can be HDCP certified because it has the little extra piece of on board hardware that allows it to accept and translate the copy protection but since each company has their own why of doing it, it does not work 100% of the time. you will run into this most often with things like HD DVDs or Blue-rays. Now, HD sources like XBL are set up to work for as many people as possible. When the 360 launched HDMI was not the standard, Component was, and that is why the 360 came with component cables and not HDMI, until recently. Xbox offered an alternative for people who may be using wide screen monitors and you can buy a VGA cable for a 360 and watch 720p movies downloaded from XBL using your monitor. I have an Acer P221w and use the DVI port for my comptuer and the VGA port for my 360. Only draw back is the 360 maxes out at 1280x1024 for it's resolutions using the VGA cable so I can not play my games and the highest detail my monitor supports, 1680x1050 just like your's But since 1024 is greater then 720, the HD content from XBL plays at full resolution with out issue. I do not own the HD DVD player for 360 so I do not know if it will work with you monitor, but since Xbox uses the VGA plug as an available output I would assume they are designed to work together. If you were to try and connect an HDTV cable box to your monitor using a HDMI to DVI adapter it may or may not work. Again, your monitor is not meant to display 1080p signals so you would have to some how make sure the signal from the HD box is only running at 720p.
Q:Broken LCD monitor by bb gun shot?
if you clean your bb gun while its loaded well, i smell natural selection
Q:Which is the best LCD Monitor to buy in 17" or 19"?
Viewsonic or Samsung monitors are the best in LCDs. I myself have a 22 Samsung LCD and it's great for normal use and gaming as well.

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