• 19&Quot; Led Monitor With Touch Screen System 1
19&Quot; Led Monitor With Touch Screen

19&Quot; Led Monitor With Touch Screen

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19inch touch screen lcd monitor
Detailed Product Descriptions


Product Description  

19inch LCD touch display with SAW touch screen
SAW desktop TM for LCD 19", 4mm clear glas, USB touch interface, stable base

19inch LCD touch display with SAW touch screen

Designed, developed and built to provide the most cost-effective touch solutions for system integrators and VARs. It packs Keetouch's quality and reliability into an integrated, affordable touchmonitor



Main Features:

   Designed for touch features such as a stable tilt base 

   IEC IP65 standard,effectively protect the reflective grating and the transducers from the dust and liquid

   Dual RS232 and USB touch interface 

   Optional USB Hub with 4 ports output

   Keetouchs SAW technology on pure glass for the ultimate in image quality 

   High quality panel with high brightness,high contrast ratio and broad viewing angle

   Mounting holes on the base bottom for tabletop security

   Finger or gloved hand operation 




 Model No.




Case/bezel color

Dark gray

LCD Type

Active matrix TFT-LCD

Display Size


Active Area


Monitor dimensions

Width: 19.5495 mm

Height(including base): 15.6395 mm

Depth (including base): 8.3210 mm

Suggested Resolution


Support Colors



Pure LCD Panel


With SAW Glass Sensor


Response Time(Typ.)


Viewing Angle

(Typ.at CR10)





Contrast Ratio(Typ.)


Video Input

Analog RGB

Signal Input

H/V Separate Sync. (TTL)

Video Signal Input Connector

Mini D-Sub 15-pin VGA


3080KHz / 6075Hz

Power Supply 

Type:Adaptor in base

Input (line) voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz


Operating Temp.


Storage Temp.


Operating RH:


Storage RH:


LCD Back light Life(Typ.)

50,000 Hours


Approximately 7Kg /8Kg

Power Consumption

50W Max.

Mount options

Threaded-through mounting holes under base

OSD Control

Brightness, Contrast Ratio, Auto-adjust, Phase, Clock, H/V Location, Languages, Function, Reset

Touch screen Type

Keetouch 19 SAW water-proof 4MM thickness of touch screen

(Available Options: Thickness/Anti-glare)  

Touch Response time


Touch System Interface

Dual RS232 and USB 



Regular Warranty

5 years for SAW Sensor; 3 years for controller; 1 year for LCD

Other features

Optional USB Hub with 4 ports output

NOTE:The display SPEC. will change follow the relevant LCD panel brand and model




Power Cable: A North American power cable or an European power cable is included according to the end user’s area.

Power Supply Brick:A power supply brick is included.

Touch/Video/DVI Cables: Detachable serial or USB touch cable,video cable and DVI cable are included

L-brackets:Four standard L-brackets are included.


Typical Application:

Gaming/Casino Systems

Outdoor and indoor Kiosks


Transport and Ticketing



Customizsed Solutions



Touch driver


Supporting O/S:Microsoft Windows 7 / XP / 2000 / VISTA


                  Linux:RedHat 9.0 , Fedaro , Ubuntu , Suse , Debian



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Q:I have a sceptre komodo LCD 19 inch. The power light comes on but there is no display. Anyone knows whats wrong with it? Any clue on why nothing will show? It powers on but no picture.Thanks in advance!
Can you hear your hard drive spin. does your monitor light flicker when you turn off your computer and then flicker and turn solid when you turn your computer on. If it does turn solid then cpu is running and monitor is recieving data. Next check video cable between computer and monitor.Next check their connections. Now lay case on its side open panel. Before touching anything unplug all power cables from outlet. See if video card is seated if it is remove card and replace with a pci video card. You should get something on the screen Replace video card.
Q:I want to by an LCD monitor that is best for watching movies.Please share ur experiences if u have Dell E1909W or any other LCD in reasonable prices.
I have an Acer 21 1/2 and it's excellent for watching movies. It cost $140. A good video card is also important for good video playback, so you'll want to check that. Enjoy the movies!
Q:I am looking to upgrade my dual 19 lcd's. I love the 22 size, but don't want to wish OI went with 24's 2 weeks later. I will be using them for primarily trading, emails, reading docs and etc. 4ft is the furthest I can place them away. My existing setup is 2ft away. I am looking to spend less than $400 per monitor and am leaning toward one of Samsungs from Costco.
You can get 24 LCDs from newegg for well under $400 each. There are many to chose from at $350. If you have a $400 budget per LCD, I'd go ahead and go with a 24 inch.
Q:After bootup, the right half of my monitor is completely black, and there is also a 2 inch white bar that separates the working half and the black half. After about a minute or two, the black half starts twitching, then completely disappears. There is now very thin horizontal lines on the right half of my laptop. The 2 inch bar also went from white to the horizontal bars. After that, the right half becomes functional again, but the 2 inch bar in the middle is still there. At this point the problem is barely noticable. After about 3 or 4 hours, the problem comes back, but in reverse order. The right half gets bars, then becomes black. The bar in the middle becomes white.How do I fix my screen? Do I have to replace it altogether?
Have you checked to see if it is the video chipset? You would do this by using the VGA port on your laptop to connect up to a regular monitor, and see if the problem replicates there. Of course, I must assume that you have a VGA port, since you did not share the make and model of your laptop. If the problem does NOT occur on an external monitor, you can safely assume it is either the LCD panel itself, or it is the connection harness behind the panel. If the problem DOES occur on an external monitor, it is your integrated video card, and would require replacement of your motherboard. end of line
Q:I have a LG Flatron w2343t. When hooked up to my pc there is always a green tint in the dark areas, especially in movies when there is black. I have tried updating video drivers, I have tried using both vga and dvi and still nothing. The monitor works perfectly when connected to my xbox. Also I have another lcd monitor and that works perfectly on my pc. What could be the problem?
i'm tired of the burnouts. it extremely is beautiful, yet they have performed it to dying. those automobiles have brake proportioning valves the place the motive force can adjust the rear brake to a minimum and max out the front brakes. This makes it extremely trouble-free to do a burnout (enormous horsepower enables of direction) so it extremely is no longer like it takes some form of particular expertise to do it.
Q:For a few months now I've been glued to the ViewSonic VX2025wm as the number one to get. Great for all of the above, solid reponse time and contrast ratio and widescreen. But I was wondering maybe something better will emerge soon, within a few months or is even already out now.By the way I am looking for an LCD, 20-21, widescreen and good for all the above. Also I believe there is a solid line between monitors for business, graphic design, etc and the rest of the things I mentioned. By the way what would widescreen essientally mean for pc monitor? Do you agree it is better?
that or any new samsung
Q:Anybody have any experience checking in a 20 or 24 inch LCD monitor on domestic airlines? I have original packaging but shipping it via FedEx or UPS is pretty expensive and am wondering if I can check it in as luggage when I travel. Do you know if they get damaged or if airlines take 'some' care in handling fragile stuff. I've seen baggage handlers toss luggage, don't know how they handle fragile boxes. Thanks.
My best advice is to take the LCD monitor as carry-on luggage. Do not check in your LCD monitor. Although fragile items are not tossed into the aircraft hold, but they are stacked on top of other fragile items. And you never know what is put on top of your LCD monitor.
Q:Hi I just bought 720p LCD HDTV 37 but I am not happy with the picture. I am planning to buy a 28 LCD Computer Monitor which has Component and HDMI Connections where I can hookup my VCR and I will put my Coxial cable to the VCR to watch TV, in this process How I can change the channels.My new Monitor is going to have at least 1920 x 1200. will it make any diff. as far as watching HD movies.
1st verify it out who supply terrific provider help after sale. terrific is LG Samsung the two. sidestep to taking extensive one. do not forget approximately to good deal it. verify learn d fee with minimum 5-6 save. all r having 3 Yrs guarantee, if u r in Bangalore loose transport with bill. 19 LG 7200/-, 19'' BENQ G900WA -6850/- 20'' ACER -7150/- 20 SAMSUNG 2033SW-7700/- 20'' ASUS- -7350/- 15.6'' ACER X153W -5050/- 15'' BENQ T52WA -5200/- sixteen LG -5575/- 17'' LG -6800/- 17'' DELL -6200/- 17'' BENQ -G700WA -6575/- 18.5'' LG -7000/- 18.5'' ACER -6650/- 18.5'' DELL -6762/- 18.5 SAMSUNG 943SW DVI -7450/- 18.5 BENQ -6650/- 18.5'' ASUS -6550/- 20'' LG -7625/- 19'' DELL -7340/- thank u
Q:Are generally normal, but a dark things display picture is a little black, for example, when playing the game when the ground is dark, the ground completely appear black (notebook display can display the ground itself). My laptop is connected to the LCD TV, using the HDMI output image
1., check that your LCD monitor has dynamic contrast (DCR) function, and if so, set it to 'close'.2., you can search your monitor online, how to enter the factory model;3. follow the online approach into the factory mode and find the 'Auto color' or ''Auto level' 'option (usually shown as the former);4 by 3, to find a black and white picture (only black and white colors of the two picture), open, full screen, and then the factory menu cursor to 'Auto Color' through the key move, and then press OK (MENU).5. after the monitor OK, quit the factory mode to see if the problem is resolved.If item 1 is executed, you can ignore the item 2-5.
Q:If i have a high end video card like an ATI Radeon 5870 but my LCD monitor is not that good which has only the screen resolutions of 1400X900Do you think if i play some hardcore games like Modern Warfare2. it could run at the highest maximum resolutions although i have a shitty LCD Monitor?Or should i buy a better monitor?
Modern Warfare2 should run exceptionally well at the resolution with that card. Actually every game out should run exceptionally well. I assume you have a 19 or 20 monitor. I wouldn't force the monitor to play beyond the maximum resolution though, as all you would see is monitor can't display message.

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