China Wholesale C9 SMD LED Christmas Light bulbs for Outdoor

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Item specifice:

Item No.: C9 Christmas Bulb Working Voltage: 110v-130V Base: E17
Wattage: 0.8W Lamp of material: Shatterproof Plastic MOQ: 500
Dimmable: Yes Lifespan: 50000h Lumens: 25-30LM
Warranty: 2 years OEM Service: Yes Emitting Colors: Red,Green,Blue,Orange,Yellow,Pink,Purple,Teal.Warm White,Cool White

Product Description:

-Super Bright Diamond Faceted Finished

-50000 Bulb Life

-Utilize 2 Ultra-Bright SMD LED Technology

-Bright from Tip to Base

-360 Degree Viewing Angle

-Durable Polycarbonate Construction


-Fit E17 Intermediate Base Sockets

-Shatter Resistant & Waterproof IP65

-Indoor and Outdoor Use

Applications Include:

-Wrapping Trees

-Swinging Between Backyard trees

-Accenting commercial and residential patios

-Christmas Tree Lighting

-Halloween decorations

Use our C9 LED Christmas Lights to create bold outdoor Christmas light desplays.These energy efficient C9 LED light bulbs are beautiful,super bright,versatile and will shine for 50000 hours.Incandescent C9 bulbs can easily be swapped out of your old strands for these energy-saving retrofit LED C9 bulbs.This will save you money !

Multifaceted LED bulbs taht do not break,chip,or fade.We sell our LED bulbs in packs of 25 single-color and multi-color sets so that you can customize your own color scheme this holiday season.These LED bulbs screw into our C9 Stringers,our E17 Heavy Duty Light Strings,out commercial grade bulk 1000ft C9 Spools as well.

China manufacturer Wholesale distributor Bulk C9 Replacement Christmas Light Bulbs LED SMD technology Retrofit Xmas Lamps.

Ultra Bright,Long Lasting,Waterpfoot IP65,Durable,Fast Shipping Indoor Outdoor Christmas Light LED C9 Bulbs Faceted Finished E17 Intermediate Base

varied Colors are available. (Warm White,Cool White,Red,Green,Blue,Orange,Gold,Amber,Yellow,Purple,Pink,Teal for option)

Welcome to contact us for more discount price and further informations.

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China Wholesale C9 SMD LED Christmas Light bulbs for Outdoor

China Wholesale C9 SMD LED Christmas Light bulbs for Outdoor

China Wholesale C9 SMD LED Christmas Light bulbs for Outdoor

China Wholesale C9 SMD LED Christmas Light bulbs for Outdoor

China Wholesale C9 SMD LED Christmas Light bulbs for Outdoor

China Wholesale C9 SMD LED Christmas Light bulbs for Outdoor

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Q:What are some good suggestions for plant energy saving lighting modification?
The factory is the national advocate energy-saving lighting transformation,
Q:Lighting line connections?
The characteristic is that the current flowing through one component flows through the other at the same time. For example: small lanterns in the festival. In the series circuit, the closing switch, the two bulbs simultaneously emit light, and the switch is switched off, and the two bulbs are extinguished, indicating that the switch in the series circuit can control all the appliances.
Q:How to use electric car storage battery and energy saving lamp to produce street lamp
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there is mercury pollution in the process of production and after the use of waste;
Q:The sign and meaning of energy saving lamp
the two signs all indicate that products meet the requirements of national standards for energy conservation evaluation.
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Q:Notes on installation of lighting for 105W high power energy-saving lamp factory building
A lot of university laboratory and operation room are used in this light. However, it is recommended that you consider those specializing in the production of xenon lamp xenon lamp manufacturers

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