China Manufacturer Export C7 C9 LED Christmas Light Bulb

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Item specifice:

Item No.: C9 Christmas Light Bulb Warranty: 2 Years Base: E17
Wattage: 0.8W Lamp of material: Polycarbonate Lumens: 30
Waterproof: IP68 Dimmable: Yes Application: Indoor and Outdoor
Design Style: Faceted Finished LED Numbers: 2*2835 SMD OEM: Yes
MOQ: 500 Package: 25 Packs/Bag Lifespan: 50000h
Working Voltage: 110v-130V

Product Description:

-Super Bright Diamond Faceted Finished

-50000 Bulb Life

-Utilize 2 Ultra-Bright SMD LED Technology

-Bright from Tip to Base

-360 Degree Viewing Angle

-Durable Polycarbonate Construction


-Fit E17 Intermediate Base Sockets

-Impact Resistant & Waterproof IP68 Outdoor Rated

-Indoor and Outdoor are available

Applications Include:

-Wrapping Trees

-Swinging Between Backyard trees

-Accenting commercial and residential patios

-Christmas Tree Lighting

-Halloween decorations

Use our C9 LED Christmas Lights to create bold outdoor Christmas light desplays.These energy efficient C9 LED light bulbs are beautiful,super bright,versatile and will shine for 50000 hours.Incandescent C9 bulbs can easily be swapped out of your old strands for these energy-saving retrofit LED C9 bulbs.This will save you money !

Multifaceted LED bulbs taht do not break,chip,or fade.We sell our LED bulbs in packs of 25 single-color and multi-color sets so that you can customize your own color scheme this holiday season.These LED bulbs screw into our C9 Stringers,our E17 Heavy Duty Light Strings,out commercial grade bulk 1000ft C9 Spools as well.

China manufacturer Wholesale distributor Bulk C9 Replacement Christmas Light Bulbs LED SMD technology Retrofit Xmas Lamps.

Ultra Bright,Long Lasting,Waterpfoot IP65,Durable,Fast Shipping Indoor Outdoor Christmas Light LED C9 Bulbs Faceted Finished E17 Intermediate Base

varied Colors are available. (Warm White,Cool White,Red,Green,Blue,Orange,Gold,Amber,Yellow,Purple,Pink,Teal for option)

Wholesale LED C9 C7 Christmas Light Bulb Replacement

Bulk Sales C7 C9 Light Bulb Outdoor LED Christmas Lighting Decorations

Promotional Commercial Grade Holiday Time Lighting LED C7 C9 Christmas Light Replacement Bulbs Faceted.

Made-In-China seasonal light decorating Christmas Light C7 C9 LED Bulbs strawberry Faceted Finished.

Holiday Lighting C7 C9 Christmas Light LED Bulb Replace for Incandescent Lamp

C9 Red LED Chrismtas Light bulbs

LED Xmas Light Red C9 Bulbs Replacement

Red Chrismtas Light LED C9 Bulbs Faceted

Outdoor red bulb C9 LED Chrismtas Lights

Commercial Grade Red LED Chrismtas Lights Bulb C9

Hot selling Red C9 Bulb Faceted Chrismtas Lights for Outside and Indoor

China Manufacturer Export C7 C9 LED Christmas Light Bulb

China Manufacturer Export C7 C9 LED Christmas Light Bulb

China Manufacturer Export C7 C9 LED Christmas Light Bulb

China Manufacturer Export C7 C9 LED Christmas Light Bulb

China Manufacturer Export C7 C9 LED Christmas Light Bulb

China Manufacturer Export C7 C9 LED Christmas Light Bulb

China Manufacturer Export C7 C9 LED Christmas Light Bulb

China Manufacturer Export C7 C9 LED Christmas Light Bulb

China Manufacturer Export C7 C9 LED Christmas Light Bulb

China Manufacturer Export C7 C9 LED Christmas Light Bulb

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