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I checked the manual and that‘s what it says, it was hard for me to understand exactly what the problem is. I filled my gas tank up to over 1/2 a tank and it‘s good,all the oil levels are fine.I did drive on a dirt road a day before I saw this light pop up. How can I take this light off if everything seems to be fine?
One of my pet gripes is that the emission control system in most cars will not say what is...
The engine on my ‘05 VW Passat recently flooded while driving in low area during heavy rain. Had everything fixed and car is running perfectly. Yesterday the check engine light came on but the car seems to be running perfectly. What should I check?
Go to an auto parts store and have it scanned for free. They will tell you what code(s) ar...
stopped at autozone and had computer hooked to it.what came up wasevaporative emmission system my vehicle is running great !so i am do for an inspection,will i be able to disconnect the battery and shut off the light just so it passes inspction(it is a 2005 astro van)?also when i go for the inspection is the tool they use different than the tool auto zone used?if not the code will show up anyway? any help
my total came to $5,500 and all of the different braces types are the same for me not sure...
Philips has a car light called blue brick light effect is good ah.
Good, brightest bulb. Pure blue light...
There is nothing in any manual about these two options in the MMI setup and while I have read elsewhere that the Touring Mode has to do with where the headlights point I was hoping someone might know. I believe the Auto Running Lights feature have to do with the sensitivity of the full lighting system coming on but am not sure.
call your saleman. hell tell you exactly what those mean....
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