I am doing a school project and we need to find the cost of solar panels for our school. The problem is i don't know what size the system needs to be. Is it 000 watts or 000000 watts?Also can you find the cost of the system?Thanks
Take a look at the website from Retscreen International. This is a site sponsored by the C...
I'm looking at solar panels and I have NO IDEA what this stuff means.They come in catagories of Watts. What does that refer to? If a solar pannel is in the 200-watt catagory, what does that really mean? Will it produce 200 watts an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year?? How many watts of energy does the average house use up in one month? I really wish they would just tell me on the website!! :(0 points!!!!!!!! :D
Watts is a measurement of power which is a combination of Voltage x Amps Example: a 200 Wa...
What are the different applications for solar panels for residential use? How many should I purchase if the avg panel produces 80 watts .
Solar okorder ...
Can someone tell me the average savings you get PER solar panel installed? I do not have the money to invest in a bunch of them at once, so I am forced to buy one at a time, when I have the money. So how much can I expect to save after I buy the first one?
I am afraid you are in for some disapointment. A typical solar panel might put out somethi...
our school spends around $0,000 dollars on energy.we want to know how much money would installing solar panels on the roof save our school.
I can tell you for a fact you can save money with solar panels. I have a system. I have a ...
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