im trying to run my house with with solar panels, is it possible? if so please let me know how....i have a 6000 w inverter
In my opinion you can do it. You will need to have solar panels. and batteries to store th...
A local air conditioning company is advertising combining their (newly installed) central air conditioning system for homes, with roof solar panels. They say that the combination MAY reduce your electric bill. Nothing I can see to back-up their claims. Hmmmmm. And they offer, if you can get it; central air conditioning that runs on natural gas. Again, possibly cheaper than using electricity.Has any one actually tested to find out if solar panels and/or natural gas DOES, or DOES NOT save you any money to make it worth the bother?
Solar okorder /...
solar panels are way too expensive to buy, can they be homemade cheaply? i want at least 500 watts. everyone on the web sells these instructions, but i'd like a link to free info, if it is really possible for a non-sciencey person to make. thank you
Build okorder ...
I don't have a regulator connected as they are a little expensive for a pensioner, If I join the panels into line to the battery bank from the roof should that be OK.?
You can do this, but it isn't the best way to go. There is no problem with joining the sol...
I have a panel that quot;deep breatheproduces at 4% efficiency, what can it power, It's about 4ft by 2ft
I also doubt your claim of 4% efficiency. That strength solar panel is brand new technolog...
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