55 Inch Industry All In One Ir Kiosk Touch Screen Pc Monitor

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$780.00 - 4,000.00 / pc
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1 Piece pc
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3000 Piece/Pieces per Month none pc/month
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Product specifications:


A. Anti-scratched tempered glass(thickness 6mm) as front cover, shining silver aluminum alloy side frame. Size available from 17 inch to 55 inches.


B. Safe locking system function with USB flash drive for updating.


C. Support HD picture format, timer function.


D.Capable of setting scrolling caption on the screen.


E. Touch Screen is optional.

Product Function Parameter:


-Support memory card capability:32MB-16GB, such as CF card, SD card and U-disk etc.


-Support file playing format: MP4(AVI: DIVX/XVID), MPG2(DVD:VOB/MPG2), MPEG1 (VCD: DAT/MPG1), WMV, MP3, JPG etc.


-Support video playing format: AUTO/NTSC/PAL is optional.


-Audio output: stereo L/R, 5W*2, 8Ω


-Power supply: AC 110V 240V, 50/60HZ.


Technique Parameter for LCD Panel


Panel Size: 55 inch real color LCD screen  


Aspect Ratio: 16:9    


Active Area: 1209.6mm(H) x 680.4mm(V)

55 inch Max. Resolution: 1920 x 1080  


Dot Pitch: 0.630mm(H)x 0.630mm(W)  


Panel Life: above 50000 hours

55 inch Max. Brightness: 500cd/m2  


Contrast Ratio: 2000:1  

Responsive Time: 8ms


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Q:I have got an ACER P235H model LCD monitor I want to connect my PS2. I do have an external TV tuner card (Intex LCD skyview IT-191). There is just a yellow(VGA) plug on the TV tuner but no red white, for me to connect the audio. Any plug converters that could help? Please do let me know what its called as well.
The yellow input that is in your Acer monitor is an RCA input, this for video only. All you need is to connect the audio ( red and white RCA) to a sound hardware (surround sound system or something like that ) and you're good to go. There is no other way since what you have is only a monitor, not a tv set. And a converter is not going to do you any good because the monitor have no audio input. Anything else just let me know.
Q:I have a 22 widescreen Acer LCD computer monitor that has 1680*1050 resolution. The monitor has a VGA and DVI-D inputs and also has/supports HDCP.
It all depends on the HDTV source. You can force the monitor to display 1080p but it may damage your monitor as it is a resolution that it does not support. It can display 780i/p though with no problem. This does not mean it can display all types of HD content. HDCP or High-Definition Content Protection is not regulated and is in no way standardized between different hardware components and various HD media. A Montior or graphics card can be HDCP certified because it has the little extra piece of on board hardware that allows it to accept and translate the copy protection but since each company has their own why of doing it, it does not work 100% of the time. you will run into this most often with things like HD DVDs or Blue-rays. Now, HD sources like XBL are set up to work for as many people as possible. When the 360 launched HDMI was not the standard, Component was, and that is why the 360 came with component cables and not HDMI, until recently. Xbox offered an alternative for people who may be using wide screen monitors and you can buy a VGA cable for a 360 and watch 720p movies downloaded from XBL using your monitor. I have an Acer P221w and use the DVI port for my comptuer and the VGA port for my 360. Only draw back is the 360 maxes out at 1280x1024 for it's resolutions using the VGA cable so I can not play my games and the highest detail my monitor supports, 1680x1050 just like your's But since 1024 is greater then 720, the HD content from XBL plays at full resolution with out issue. I do not own the HD DVD player for 360 so I do not know if it will work with you monitor, but since Xbox uses the VGA plug as an available output I would assume they are designed to work together. If you were to try and connect an HDTV cable box to your monitor using a HDMI to DVI adapter it may or may not work. Again, your monitor is not meant to display 1080p signals so you would have to some how make sure the signal from the HD box is only running at 720p.
Q:Hey. I have a Viewsonic VX1940W 19 LCD monitor. It has worked fine for last year with my new computer (which I got at the same time).Just recently, when I boot my PC the beginning screen shows very briefly then my monitor just shuts off and goes to black. The light on the monitor still lights up blue like there is no error (error shows orange light).I checked monitor on another computer and it was playing up so it mustn't be my video card or overheating or something else, just the monitor. Also, if I press in my DVI button on the monitor, the screen comes back for just a second but it shows windows loading screen like nothing is wrong, then goes black again.Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
Did you play with the output settings for your monitor? You might want to try and running it in safe mode and changing the output settings. Not all monitors can use all settings. For example 800x600 is the standard, but if you have a widescreen you might use something like 1600x1200. Try tuning it back down to 800x600 so your monitor will recognize your graphics card output.
Q:I have a crt monitor right now which is fine and I like to mainly play cs1.6 and i heard crt monitors are better for gaming because it has something to do with faster refresh rates.Im getting tired of staring at my old crt and want a gaming lcd that will look great but also play great like a crt.I really like samsung.Id like the lcd to be at least 24 inches.
Refresh rate used to be a problem with older monitors. But LCD technology has advanced a lot and most games these days are played on flat-screen monitors. I've got a 1-year-old Samsung 2233RZ 120Hz monitor for gaming and it works well for most of my games. It's a 24 monitor but I recommend getting a 32 Samsung or Viewsonic LCD.
Q:I had a game running for like 3 days on pause and i can see the outlines of the game on my screen. will this go away in time or do i need a fix or do i need a new monitor.Also dead pixels are they fixable?
LCD's are not supposed to be susceptible to this problem, but it does happen. Technically they call this Image Persistance for the LCD's. Below are a couple of websites that talk about this problem and the possible solutions. In some cases the image may become permanent. What you can try is to setting an all white picture on the display (with lowered intensity so backlight isn't driven too hard) for awhile, turning off the monitor when not in use, activate a full screen screensaver that will cycle the whole screen with different graphics. These will help destabilize the pixels that have the image memory and possibly get them back to as near normal as possible. Something to try at least. As for the dead pixels, no, they are not fixable. Once gone, they're gone. If you still have a warranty for the monitor and enough pixels are dead, the manufacturer will replace it (but, you'll need quite a few dead ones). The warranty may also cover the Image Persistence problem. Best of luck.
Q:Hi,I am looking for a good, not too pricey, about 15 LCD monitor that runs on 12 volt. Anyone has any suggestions? I looked around a bit, but couldn't find what I need. Please help!
allcam /products/lcd_tv.ht i am a fan of lg there is a 17 with 12 v adaptor guessing for car use
Q:I'm buying a new monitor for my pc and i want to know what distinguishes LCD monitors over the normal ones besides the size issue Are they healthier for the eyes? more efficient? BTW, i heard they are not as durable as CRT , is it true?
LCDs are healthier for your eyes but not because of the reasons you think. CRTs don't cause harm but instead they cause eye fatigue. LCDs can have that same effect because of glare so if you're going to get one, make sure it's anti-glare as well. Also LCDs ARE more efficient compared to CRT.
Q:What does the "AUTO" button mean on the LCD display?
AUTO means automatically. According to the size of the screen, the brightness of the surrounding, the resolution of the display automatically adjusts the brightness, size and clarity of the screen display!
Q:I am building a bar and have a couple spare LCD monitors that I have acquired. I would like to construct the bar with the screens under the bar oriented face up covered by a hard clear plastic or glass and linked to a dual video multimedia PC housed under the bar. Will LCDs function in that orientation for a good amount of time or will they not work after long? I would of course have plenty of ventilation and airflow through the area. I have only seen documentation on Ceiling mounting for LCDs, but never for floor mounting style. Any ideas?
Should work just fine. I suggest instead of just covering thiem in plexiglass, that you mount one piece of plexiglass across the LCD itself, and then mount it inside the bar side. That way the monitor is completely inside the bar but the screen acts as part of the bar wall. People will be able to see it and you won't have to worry about anything touching it (including drinks ;-)). I've mounted LCD's in just about every position in a lot of places (even INSIDE desktop computers). They're pretty easy.
Q:The LCD display can turn on the power switch after a few seconds the computer screen display lights turn off the power after a few seconds to open and bright and close... Is not bad. The power adapter.... do not know how hastily to and thank you heroes!!I got a power adapter from the company and changed it. No, I didn't expect the adapter to be broken. 12V 4.16A
According to my maintenance of liquid crystal, there are several situations: 1, generally high voltage protection, not very serious kind of high voltage protection, you can manage the chip through the protection of the foot grounding. 2, the power on the board of a capacitor explosive pulp or drum bag phenomenon, replaced on the OK. The bad performance of the 3, one of the high voltage coil power supply board, now the general case is directly to the general high pressure, the poor performance of the lamp light a few seconds can be the perfect solution, because the general pressure did not set up the general protection. 4, if a few seconds feel bright screen than the normal use of dark words, there may be a bad performance caused by the bright lamp seconds phenomenon, direct replacement of lamp can be solved, or the third point is that the change of general pressure can be solved. These are generally more familiar with the point, the circuit principle can go to get, otherwise there is an electric shock risk, because the power on the board is energized with high-voltage, without electricity, the case is without high pressure. General take outside repair one hundred yuan less than normal, ha ha, hope to say these can help you.

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