42 Inch Professional LCD Monitor With Hdmi Dvi Vga Interface

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42 inch professional LCD monitor with HDMI  DVI VGA Interface


Main function & features:

1. The super light ultra-thin design, easy to use and beautiful
2. Automatically adjustment function for VGA image reproduce rate 
3. The latest 3 D graphics digital processing circuit, clear image & wide viewing Angle
4. Support the HD digital signal, support smoothly 1080P video
5. 5 ms response time, the picture is really rapidly without delay
6. The built-in power support low energy consumption, meanwhile lifetime of LCD screen is more than 60000 hours
7. The mute cooling fan design, with ruby capacitance, more safe lifetime for the whole-setting
8. The shell is using technology of high light and wire drawing aluminium alloy with anti-interference function,radiationless

9. Auto-adjustment on screen, four segmentation, roaming etc many functions for management of image.

10.Multi-Language OSD and User Guide.


Model No.


Panel size


Display area(mm)/mode

930(W)×523.0(H)  16:9

Maximum resolution


Display color


Pixel Pitch(mm)


Brightness (nits)




Visual angle 


Response time


Horizontal frequency


Vertical frequency




Input and output

Composite video input

3 (BNC×3)

Y,Pb,Pr/Y,Cb,Cr input

1 (BNC×3)

S-video-Y/C input

1 (BNCX2)

D-15 pin RGB input






Composite video output 

2 (BNC×2)


Color system


Compatible HDMI/DVI input


3D Comb filter


Video reduction noise


OSD display( screen menu display)

Menu language

Chinese/English( Multiple Language Supported)


Power supply


Maximum power consumption


Standby power consumption



Working temperature


Storage temperature


Working humidity


Storage humidity



Body dimension(Lx W x H)mm


Panel color/appearance


Case Material


Net weight


We provide servise:

1. Customized requirment special display of 5-82 inches according to customer need is available, OEM&ODM are welcome.

2. Reasonable and satisfactory solutions Provided to you by our professional engineers and staffs .

3. Warranty: one year overall unit ( Non-artificial damage )



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Q:I want to buy a Acer's LCD monitor--AL1916WAsd 19-inch, would you recommend it? Thanks!!
I sure would. I use an ACER 1916, and it's great for gaming, graphics, everything. Use the Manufacturers driver, though, you'll get more benefits! Also, they go on sale often, I got my 19 for 159, about a year ago!
Q:if compare this two monitors, which one is better? why?which one u prefer? why?what are the weakness of plasma monitors??what are the stronger of plasma monitors?what are the weakness of lcd monitors?what are the stronger of lcd monitors?got any website is about this information??
I okorder
Q:Can an LCD monitor create a black light effect the same as a black light bulb?
NO, not interior the sense i think of you're after. there is not any such ingredient as Black mild, in basic terms no mild in any respect which to be magnificent is unquestionably in basic terms darker than the attention can come across so we come across entire darkness. there remains a history radiation in lots of tiers, UV and Infra crimson to call the main uncomplicated in spite of the undeniable fact that it somewhat is not mild that the human eye can come across. Your exhibit to exhibit the colour black unquestionably in basic terms switches off the decrease back-mild and all diodes interior the mandatory pixels so there is not any mild source and what we see is then black. Black mild bulbs emit UV waves which lower back isn't unquestionably black yet extremely Violet radiation that reacts with different products and colorations to offer a luminescence (so which you get a lights result) yet lower back it somewhat is not mild. Your liquid crystal exhibit isn't able to emitting UV mild.
Q:i have a BenQ 17'' lcd monitor, i think it has no HDCP, and i wanna connect my ps3 to it,the monitor just has one vga input, does'nt have dvi, what cable should i get, and i don't want a simple solution please, i already know how to get the sound, so i just want the video part, thanks in advance :)
The only monitors that can be directely connected to a PS3 using a simple cable (no signal conversion) are those monitors equipped with either an HDMI port or an HDCP-compliant DVI port. If your monitor does not have either, you are out of luck. Sorry. And no, those component-to-VGA cables will NEVER work with the PS3.
Q:With a liquid crystal display, need the power adapter to use 12V, so I use the battery I put to the beach (12V, a) to pick up, the result is of course what is generally where burned, burned, how much money can be repaired?I mean the monitor is burning. Just look at my title
Did you say that the monitor is burning or the adapter is burning? Adapter burn can change adapters, usually 12V4A of about 30 yuan. Monitor burning can also be repaired, and your monitor should be the power supply plate, insurance, filtering, rectifier bridges and other places burned, less than 100 yuan can be repaired.
Q:I am building a a personal media center based on only music. My plan was to use a low-powered computer to play lots of different music and only music, so I do not need a large monitor to view web pages or play video. What I'm really looking for is a monitor about 10'' (give or take a few inches) to put inside a custom-built case. Led and oled may work too, As long as I'm able hook it up to a modern desktop computer.
buscando un buen regalo he encontrado algo muy interesante, un set de maquillaje con one hundred twenty colores y he sabido que es el mejor regalo para mi amiga y así ha sido, es un regalo practico que lo emplea cada día, un compra excelente
Q:A neighbor offered to sell me an older 24 LCD monitor ( with one dead pixel ) for a good price. Since I have limited funds, this would work well if there was a way to fix it or at least minimize the effect.Any suggestions? Is there a way to repair or minimize the pixel somehow?Thanks in advance.
there is nothing you can do about a dead pixel, sorry but you would just have to get used to it
Q:I picked up a 19 Hanns G LCD monitor to use with my laptop as an external monitor. The connection is a standard VGA and using the VGA out from the laptop. The issue is, on dark colors (but not black!), it looks like there's a little bit of noise or fuzziness only on those darker colors. On lighter colors, there are no issues. The colors overall look balanced and bright. The 'moving noise' is hardly noticeable unless you're a few inches away from the screen, but want to be safe since it's brand new and can return it if necessary. Is this normal on some LCD's? Could it just be the analog signal? Anything else it could be? Thanks!
Perhaps the video adapter (or graphics) driver needs to be updated. Go to the microsoft update website and click on custom and you will other software you can update. You could also try another cord. If that does not work, it may be normal for a LCD monitor to do that. Esp, a external one or the laptop itself. If you are really concerned, you can try another LCD monitor and see if does the same thing.
Q:I am building a bar and have a couple spare LCD monitors that I have acquired. I would like to construct the bar with the screens under the bar oriented face up covered by a hard clear plastic or glass and linked to a dual video multimedia PC housed under the bar. Will LCDs function in that orientation for a good amount of time or will they not work after long? I would of course have plenty of ventilation and airflow through the area. I have only seen documentation on Ceiling mounting for LCDs, but never for floor mounting style. Any ideas?
Should work just fine. I suggest instead of just covering thiem in plexiglass, that you mount one piece of plexiglass across the LCD itself, and then mount it inside the bar side. That way the monitor is completely inside the bar but the screen acts as part of the bar wall. People will be able to see it and you won't have to worry about anything touching it (including drinks ;-)). I've mounted LCD's in just about every position in a lot of places (even INSIDE desktop computers). They're pretty easy.
Q:I'm also looking for a brief comparison between LCD and CRT power consumption.
NO, it's not. CRT's use about twice as much energy as an LCD monitor.

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