42 Inch Professional LCD Monitor With Hdmi Dvi Vga Interface

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Product Description:

42 inch professional LCD monitor with HDMI  DVI VGA Interface


Main function & features:

1. The super light ultra-thin design, easy to use and beautiful
2. Automatically adjustment function for VGA image reproduce rate 
3. The latest 3 D graphics digital processing circuit, clear image & wide viewing Angle
4. Support the HD digital signal, support smoothly 1080P video
5. 5 ms response time, the picture is really rapidly without delay
6. The built-in power support low energy consumption, meanwhile lifetime of LCD screen is more than 60000 hours
7. The mute cooling fan design, with ruby capacitance, more safe lifetime for the whole-setting
8. The shell is using technology of high light and wire drawing aluminium alloy with anti-interference function,radiationless

9. Auto-adjustment on screen, four segmentation, roaming etc many functions for management of image.

10.Multi-Language OSD and User Guide.


Model No.


Panel size


Display area(mm)/mode

930(W)×523.0(H)  16:9

Maximum resolution


Display color


Pixel Pitch(mm)


Brightness (nits)




Visual angle 


Response time


Horizontal frequency


Vertical frequency




Input and output

Composite video input

3 (BNC×3)

Y,Pb,Pr/Y,Cb,Cr input

1 (BNC×3)

S-video-Y/C input

1 (BNCX2)

D-15 pin RGB input






Composite video output 

2 (BNC×2)


Color system


Compatible HDMI/DVI input


3D Comb filter


Video reduction noise


OSD display( screen menu display)

Menu language

Chinese/English( Multiple Language Supported)


Power supply


Maximum power consumption


Standby power consumption



Working temperature


Storage temperature


Working humidity


Storage humidity



Body dimension(Lx W x H)mm


Panel color/appearance


Case Material


Net weight


We provide servise:

1. Customized requirment special display of 5-82 inches according to customer need is available, OEM&ODM are welcome.

2. Reasonable and satisfactory solutions Provided to you by our professional engineers and staffs .

3. Warranty: one year overall unit ( Non-artificial damage )



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Q:Technical help - How can I hook up my TV to my Samsung Syncmaster 2494 LCD monitor?
i might like propose you to purchase Samsung LED . Why Use LED television : one million. undemanding setting up 2. Low means intake 3. shiny photograph 4. greater balanced colour saturation 5. No Mercury used as in another liquid crystal exhibit backlight systems. for greater info. approximately Samsung LED :
Q:Can you connect a LCD monitor to a CABLE box?
Sure- assuming your cable box and monitor both have an HDMI plug on them. Add in the model of your monitor to your post so we know exactly what connections it have on it. Going from coax to VGA will be tough, but not impossible. lol - that C64 monitor was easy though - since it was essentially a TV to start with!! (Have a complete C64 in the basement right now!!)
Q:Should I get a wide screen lcd monitor?
for sure. go for LCD monitors. reasons: 1) save alot of space (you can even hang it on the wall) and light to move 2) easier on the eyes (LCD don't rapily flash the image, unlike the old CRTs. less eye and head achs.) 3) no screen saver program nessary (LCD don't have screen burn-in problem. CRTs and plasma do. screen saver will slow down or interupt another program thats already running) go for Wide Screen if you can. reasons: 1) more desk room for editing programs (for example like photoshop, you can have the little tool windows on the side where your standard screen wouldn't have, thus more canvus space) 2) viewing 2 windows side by side is better (have 2 windows open, right click on an empty part of taskbar, click Tile Windows Vertically. the 2 windows are wider and easier to see simutaniously) 3) and of course, more suitable for wide screen movies as for the resolution problem, you should do more research. what i think is the PC (with Windows XP) will detect and find the capiable resolution of the new monitor and spit out a new list that you can choose. but i may be wrong so double check that. ok, these input/output ports is alittle more complicated. the biggest difference, other than shape and size of the port head, is Analog or Digital Signal that runs through it. the PC, LCD monitor, and DVD player all handle and deal with digital, so it's best if the signal still digital through out the way between them. Analog Ports: VGA (15 pin) / S-Video Digital Ports: DVI Digital Coaxial output is for Audio only. CRT monitors only handles analog ports.
Q:Which is the best computer LCD?
Apple display, regardless of clarity or resolution, is very goodMatters needing attention:Select the display area to pay attention to or more, to talk about the problem size more intuitive, display size, this is often an important standard user to judge the quality of FPDs, indeed the right size can make users more comfortable. It's entirely up to you to buy it.Resolution is keyAt present the display resolution is the key, the resolution is very important for the user, a considerable part of the time in order to select the display game player is cheap to ignore the factors, it is very not advocated, mainstream resolution is 1920*1080 now, we can see the plain 1080p Full HD video display resolution to this need normal to experience full HD effect.Panel type selectionAnother important parameter is the type of display panel, the first panel is TN, the popularity of the panel is the highest, the most important reason is that the price is cheap, the production technology is mature, disadvantage is that the visual angle is small, as long as the game player slightly tilted body color will be distorted, and not conducive to the reduction of color. Color can only reach 16.2M color.
Q:Why can't I see things on my LCD monitor?
sounds like a driver issue. I would say to update drivers on the monitor and the video card. Also you can go and check the settings to see if your monitor is the correct monitor for your display. You should get into safe mode and correct the problems. Or you can go back to a known date when things ran ok.
Q:Are LCD tv's comparable to LCD computer monitors when playing high intensity games?
An LCD TV will work fine for gaming. But keep in mind an LCD computer monitor will always be able to display a higher resolution. For example, for $400-500, a good (Samsumg) 24 LCD monitor will handle up to 1920x1200 resolution. An LCD TV in the $400-500 range will only be a 720P (1366 x 768) resolution. A 1080P television can display 1920 x 1080. But even the cheapest 1080P TV will cost you at least double the price ($800). So, given the same price range, a TV would give you more viewing space in inches, but the resolution will be much lower. It will be fine for console gaming. But the current gen systems (360, PS3) work best with 1080P anyway. My final opinion is to go with a computer monitor that you can attach to your consoles.
Q:Are LED monitors better than LCD monitors?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Are LED monitors better than LCD monitors? Aren't LED monitors better than LCD monitors? I think of LED as having really clear picture quality. I also think of them as having these really high dynamic contrast ratios. Millions to one dynamic contrast ratio. Isn't that why they have so clear picture quality? Some opinion from
Q:LCD Monitor - DVD Player?
Component is an analog signal, not digital. You cannot convert it to DVI without the transcoder mentioned above. In any case, why bother connecting a standalone DVD player to an LCD monitor? Since DVD drives are standard equipment on the vast majority of PCs sold today, you should be able to use your PC to play back DVD discs.
Q:Whats a good refresh rate for a 28 LCD monitor?
Some of the best LCD monitors have a 2ms response time. In order to prevent ghosting (that blurriness you are seeing) a response time of 10ms is ideal. I run a 24 with a 5ms response time and don't notice any blurring. My old, old LCD had a 25ms and I could definitely see it.
Q:What's the difference between LED and WLED in LCD?
They are collectively referred to as LED. Ordinary LED emit light, there are generally 4-5 kinds of spectrum. What WLED does is white light. The white light is the kind of light emitted by a camera flash, which contains no other spectral components or is very low. WLED LCD monitors, like LED displays, have more meaning than hype. Even when welding can be made, the arc of light has no meaning for liquid crystal displays.

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