17 Inch Pearl White LCD Touch Monitor / 1280*1024 Resolution / 8 Osd Languages

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Product Description:

17 inch pearl white LCD touch monitor / 1280*1024 resolution / 8 OSD Languages


Product Description

>>>>>> Specification <<<<<<
Model                                                 DTK-1768R
Dimension LCD 17"
Resolution                                                             1280(H) x 1024(V) 
Color Resolution16.7M
Contrast Radio800 / 1
Pixel Pitch0.264mm
Response Time5ms
Viewing AngleHorizontal: 170° & Vertical: 160°
VGA PortDB-15 Pin R/G/B Analog Signal
ControllerUSB / RS232 (Optional) 
Operation TemperatureMinus 10°C ~ 50°C
Store TemperatureMinus 20°C ~ 60°C 
Operation Humidity5% ~ 95% RH, Non-condensing
Storage Humidity5% ~ 95% RH, Non-condensing
Installing WaysWall mounting, Desktop VESA
DC AdapterDC12V,4.0A 
Power SupplyAC Input 100V - 240V, 50 / 60Hz
>>>>>> Feature <<<<<<
Touch Screen4 / 5-wire Resistive  (Optional) 
Hitting Life35 Million times up for each point
Stable DesignStand Base With Tilt 90° Adjustment
Operating SystemWin XP/Vista/7,Mac OS, Linux, etc
>>>>>> Application <<<<<<
Widely applied to different fields, simplify user operation, such as Banking, ATM
POS Cash Register, Food & Beverage Order Dishes, Industry,Medical Affairs, IPC
Kiosk,  Web IA, Information Machines, Retail, Transports, Office Automation, etc.


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Q:What LCD monitor would you recommend for me?
Acer is a huge type. I never had a issue out of them. of direction they are man made so as that they are not going to be appropriate no rely what type you get yet a relatively good type of laptop agencies like dell and hp use Acer and then basically placed their call on them.
Q:which better , Philips or HP LCD monitor ?
The best monitor you can buy is the one that looks the best to your eyes. I'm not being flippant here. Everyone sees things differently, and some people can see a great image in a not-so-expensive screen, and crap in a high-priced one. Go look at the various models and buy the one that looks best to you and that's the most affordable.
Q:Tell me whats the best settings for this lcd monitor?
The poster Blitzkrieg is one hundred% impressive in each way!! in the experience that your getting a 8800 gts you will definatly prefer to circulate with widescreen. All workstation video games help widecreen there is not any fussing with something you in basic terms set the determination in the interest your enjoying to tournament your workstation determination and there you circulate, and whether the interest doesnt help widescreen newer pics enjoying cards vehicle conform the image on your reveal screen so which you will in no way be conscious a differance. one extra difficulty all FPS's and RTS's and workstation video games for that count are designed and optimized for widescreen. in case you ever circulate to a working laptop or workstation interest experience i one hundred% assure you will not see one individual utilising something different than a widscreen reveal screen.
Q:Color Noise on dark colors from LCD monitor?
Your could try bumping up the refresh-rate through your display settings, but it is most likely a result of being a poor-quality monitor
Q:The displays on some of our lab monitors are wavy.?
LCD monitors are completely immune to the problems of CRT monitors. When you say wavy, are you talking about vertical waves or horizontal? Are they standing waves or do they drift across the screen? Are the waves luminous waves or color waves? Are they ALL experiencing this problem? Of those with the problem, are the patterns identical and synchronous or are they independently wavy? Are all the computers identical systems? Do all the computers share a common power source? You say you're a teacher, which makes me take this shot in the dark: Does your institution also have a radio lab (I.e.: a class capable of producing a strong source of EMI)?
Q:LCD display pattern
This is basically your graphics card or memory there is a quality problem, or memory speed does not match. Try changing the display card. If it is later added to the graphics card, you must pay attention to the best purchase and the original display card exactly the same film.The display shows wave interference or shows a snowflake pattern; what you see may be caused by the ripple effect of the display. Because the video signal has been changing, the problem of video ripples is difficult to solve. The scan ripple depends on the horizontal sweep rate (refresh rate), and this can be reduced by selecting the right frequency. At present, there are some high-end display set with advanced elimination of ripple distortion function. For a display without this function, ripple effects can be reduced by adjusting resolution.Computer wiring and common faults
Q:LCD or LED pc monitor for gaming?
This Site Might Help You. RE: LCD or LED pc monitor for gaming? I plan on getting a 30' monitor which one LCD or LED for gaming?
Q:How do I network an lcd monitor to my laptop?
What your trying to do is to run your laptop screen and the LCD screen as 2 seperate displays. This can be done in Win XP, if you right click on the main window and select properties, settings, and make sure that you can see 2 monitors in your drop down menu. Make sure you have the LCD monitor connected. There is a guide under Windows, Help and support, type in: dual monitors and it guides you thru the set up.
Q:LCD LCD and LED which is good?
LCD is LCD ah, LED TV is also LCD TV, but the backlight is no longer ordinary backlight tube, but the LED backlight.
Q:Is there anyway a LCD monitor can be repaired.?
Are you sure it's the monitor? A bad graphics card can also do that. The getting hot part reminds me of the last time I had a graphics card die. If the monitor turns out to be the problem you can replace it for $150.00. Graphics cards can be had even cheaper. You don't repair this stuff, you replace it.

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