17 Inch Pearl White LCD Touch Monitor / 1280*1024 Resolution / 8 Osd Languages

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17 inch pearl white LCD touch monitor / 1280*1024 resolution / 8 OSD Languages


Product Description

>>>>>> Specification <<<<<<
Model                                                 DTK-1768R
Dimension LCD 17"
Resolution                                                             1280(H) x 1024(V) 
Color Resolution16.7M
Contrast Radio800 / 1
Pixel Pitch0.264mm
Response Time5ms
Viewing AngleHorizontal: 170° & Vertical: 160°
VGA PortDB-15 Pin R/G/B Analog Signal
ControllerUSB / RS232 (Optional) 
Operation TemperatureMinus 10°C ~ 50°C
Store TemperatureMinus 20°C ~ 60°C 
Operation Humidity5% ~ 95% RH, Non-condensing
Storage Humidity5% ~ 95% RH, Non-condensing
Installing WaysWall mounting, Desktop VESA
DC AdapterDC12V,4.0A 
Power SupplyAC Input 100V - 240V, 50 / 60Hz
>>>>>> Feature <<<<<<
Touch Screen4 / 5-wire Resistive  (Optional) 
Hitting Life35 Million times up for each point
Stable DesignStand Base With Tilt 90° Adjustment
Operating SystemWin XP/Vista/7,Mac OS, Linux, etc
>>>>>> Application <<<<<<
Widely applied to different fields, simplify user operation, such as Banking, ATM
POS Cash Register, Food & Beverage Order Dishes, Industry,Medical Affairs, IPC
Kiosk,  Web IA, Information Machines, Retail, Transports, Office Automation, etc.


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Q:I have what I think is an odd problem with my Asus LED-LCD monitor. A few weeks ago I just noticed these big, vertical lines going across the screen if I have very dark or black images on it. These lines are sort of a very dark grey color, they're not super easy to spot, they're really not a big deal because I don't notice them whenever I'm doing stuff on the computer. There may be only one line, but it's like 6'' thick, going across the entire screen vertically. Again it's not easily visible, it's slight. But I want to know what this is and how to get rid of it, and possibly how it got there. I got this monitor last Summer and it wasn't very cheap so I want to know what's going on. Though I can't really see it during normal use, the fact that its there is just bothering me.
yes it will work, just plug it in. no drivers to install. The only catch will be the connectors. Take a look at the connectors on your video card they will either be a VGA or DVI. Make sure the new monitor has both and get the correct cables.
Q:Don't tell me it doesn't matter if Ann doesn't install it. My question is how to install it? Go away, white!My monitor is DELL 2405fpw, and the driver has 3 filesA security catalog is shown below 2405fpw.catThe ICC configuration file shown below 2405fpw.icmThe installation information shown below 2405fpw.infPlease tell me how to install the driver for this display The more comprehensive, the better!
Here's a simple oneClick 2405fpw.inf right > select Install so that you may be able to load the driver of your monitor
Q:I am confused over buying an LCD TV or a LCD monitor. My main objective is to view TV rather than use it with CPU. Could anyone suggest which one i should buy? I am also concerned about the price of the two. In my country an LCD TV costs 3 or 4 times compared to the monitor. Any links that shows the comparison between the two.
Hell no. Im playing game and watching movie all day with a Sony 32PO LCD , If you want the model its KDL 32L4000. I cant play with a 17 - 20 '' TV anymore XD. Gaming is Amazing on it and so movie. Youll experience a new gameplay with a big TV in front of you. Just an advice if you have a monster PC and play gaming, get a 1080P. Be sure that you have a PC in behind the TV. you clearly wont regret it. PS. Boost your Graphic card Digital vibrance ( Color ) to 70 - 100 depends how you like it.
Q:I recently purchased a 32 inch LCD monitor to use for my computer. When I hooked the monitor up the desktop was stretching off screen. My display setting on my computer is 1920 x 1080, I tried going into the LCD settings to scale the horizontal and vertical settings but it won't let me adjust anything it says Not available for current signal.
So did you buy a cheap tv and try to pass it off as a computer LCD monitor? Maybe the highest resolution it has is 1920x1080 all though if thats the case then its odd because that is not a native resolution for a 32inch LCD. Thats a resolution you would find on a 23 monitor. So threw windows you cant change the resolution any higher? If so then its probably a cheap tv that your trying to pass off as a computer LCD. When buying a LCD make sure you check the resolution. Look up the monitors model online and find its max resolution.
Q:I have a 19inch LCD mounted on my wall conected to a computer that is connected to a cable box. Is there a way to bypass the computer all together? and connected the cable box directly to the lcd monitor? some type of box or cable
If you have the proper cables you can. In college we had a comodore 64 monitor as a tv. yea I am old
Q:Buying a new computer. Have a Sony SDM-HS74P (LCD) purchased a few years ago. Works great, but afraid of life span. Is it worth $$ to buy a new monitor although this one works fine? thanks!!
Stick with the monitor you have provided it does what you need in terms of size and resolution Sony manufacture monitors and other electrical equipment that is of a generally very high standard and last for a respectable amount of time Worst case scenario some time in the future (could be tomorrow could be 5 years from now or more) the monitor fails and you have to buy a new one, but why the expense when it isn't necessary at present?
Q:at the moment i am not using a lcd monitor and i want to put it away but i dont know if it is safe to store it laying down facing the lcd screen up. because i know that you cant do this with plasmas.thats anyone know the safest way to store a lcd monitorthanks
I recently upgraded to a 22 inch from a 151/2 .I put the smaller one in the packing that the larger one came in with the screen facing down and put it in my closet. I know this worked and will save the screen. because a friend borrowed that monitor for a few weeks and it worked fine. I put it back up the same way.
Q:I have one of those LCD monitors that flips vertically but I never use this function. However, when I turn the monitor on the screen itself appears sideways (since the monitor isn't) but will go black and return to its normal state within a couple of seconds. For some reason, the screen is now stuck vertically and won't appear as it should when the monitor is horizontal.There's nothing wrong with the picture such as discoloration or lines; it just won't flip back the way it should.How do I fix this?
If you have Windows 7 then it can be changed in Control Panel, Adjust screen resolution. If you've got an earlier version of windows then it would depend on your graphics card. The settings for which, if I remember correctly, can be found by right clicking on the desktop and choosing Properties or Display Properties (something like that), then the Settings tab and then the Advanced button should open your graphics card settings. You should be able to find the rotation options somewhere in there. If you have extra rotation software that came with the monitor and that you never use, you'd be better off uninstalling it.
Q:hi there, i just got my new samsung lcd monitor for my computer, can the lcd monitor get overheat? im mean like if the dust covered the vent hole on monitor.and someone say they monitor smoke come out on rear of the monitor suddenly. please tell, im really scare right now. i give ya 10 points please tell me.
lcd's r very sensitive, dont use like crt. if u hav ac in urs office or home then u can continue, bcz it stays lower temp but in normal u can run 8-10 hrs .
Q:I have A Nvidia GT220 Full HD Compatible VGA card And I brought a prolink 2012w 20 LCD monitor and the box says HD readyBut when I Connect the monitor using Dual Link DVI cable Nvidia Control Panel says Your system is not HDCP (High bandwidth digital content protection )compatibleThen I try to select 1080p res. the Nvidia Control panel stuck Please Help ME.Is there Anyway to force Activate My VGA to send High Bandwidth Content To my monitor
yes the monitor is hd but only 720,,,,,,,which is classed as hd ready 1360 x 768 if it's wide screen max you need to get at least a 21.5 monitor to get full hd at 1920 x 1080

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