17&Quot; Open Frame LCD Touch Monitor

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$260.00 - 450.00 / pc
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5 Pieces pc
Supply Capability:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month
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 Technical Specifications:

Display   Panel:

17"   Diagonal TFT Active Matrix

                                                                         Display Format:

4:3   Aspect Ratio

Native   Resolution:


Display Resolution:

640x480   up to 1400x1050

Dot   Resolution:

3840(H)   (RGB) x 1024(V) = 3,932,160 (dots)


800nit   LED Back light High Brightness



Viewing   Angle:


Touch   Screen:

SAW   USB Touch Screen (option)

5   Wire USB touch Screen


2   x 2W Speakers At Rear (Optional)

Power:   Supply

DC   12V 4A   (2.06A,actual measurement value)

Operating   Temp:

-10-50   °C

Storage   Temp:

-20   - 50 °C

Enclosure   Material:

Black   Steel (Q235) Enclosure


400.0   x333.0 x62.0mm




VGA,   S-video, AV, audio,TV


12   Months

Package   Includes:

Display   cables, touch screen driver CD, monitor manual.

Other   Features:


  • Industrial        Strength Enclosure


  • On-Screen        Display


  • VESA        100 Mounting


  • Sunlight        Readable Display


  • 800        nits up High Brightness

OS   Compatibility:


  • Windows        2000 / XP Windows 9X / ME


  • Windows        CE/Linux



Net Weight:6.5kg

Gross weight:10kg




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Q:Which is the best computer LCD?
HelloAt present, the mainstream of display is LED backlight, and the panel types are more use of TN and IPS, in which the effect of IPS is better.Brand words, Samsung, DELL, LG are good, but cost-effective, then, AOC's best.
Q:I have been reading some reviews regarding this monitor and many users are complaining about a buzzing noise the monitor makes when the brightness is turned down. Does anyone know if I should purchase it or is this a known problem on all these models? Also, how well does this monitor perform to the Dell 19 widescreen monitor? Thanks!
I don't have either of these monitors but I do know that the 19 inch Samsung was rated one of the highest monitors by PC World in their 100 best products of 2006, the Dell was also, but it was a little bit lower. If you don't feel comfortable buying, go with the Dell, I know that they produce good LCD monitors and have won awards for them. The monitor I have is a Benq. I don't know how it stands to todays standards, but when I bought it around two years ago, it had better quality than any other monitor I could find. So far I haven't had any problems with it and it works great. As long as you go with a pretty common brand such as Samsung or Dell, you should get a pretty good monitor. If there is a problem with it, I'm sure they would be able to help fix the problem. Hope this Helps!! Have fun with the new monitor.
Q:I just purchased a LCD monitor last night after using a CRT monitor for 15 years. I feel funny. :( I don't know what is wrong with me but something is not right. I have adjusted so many settings and I cant quite place what it is. I dont see any flickering, but it seems I have to strain. I do have bad eyes anyway. I also have seizures. I have always viewed my screen at 800x600. I know lots of people dont like this setting. Anyway, I tried the suggested setting, and several others and the only one that looks right is still 800x600. It seems so much bigger on the LCD monitor though. It is a 19inch, and I had been using a 17inch CRT.I just dont know whats wrong, but somethings not right. Anyone else ever have this type of problem when changing from CRT to LCD?
I've heard a few times that you are supposed to look away from the display every 20 mins or so. Look at a colorful image on the wall or something.
Q:I moved house recently (from Australia to Italy) and shipped my computer over. I got it today and plugged it in and all worked fine until about half an hour after using it the monitor just went dead, no power at all. The computer still works fine but the monitor won't switch on anymore. I have tried swapping power cables and sockets but still no good and there power voltage/specification are the same in Australia and Europe (240). I was always worried the monitor would be damaged in the move but it looks fine and was working perfectly for a while. Has anyone any suggestions on what could have happened? Are LCD monitors worth fixing or is it cheaper to buy a new one? It is a great monitor and don't really won't to lose it.Thanks for any help,Grazie
Monitor No Power
Q:20 inch monitor
I can't think of an LCD monitor that will give you a resolution so high. And if it could, I can't think of a video card that would run one of the newest games at that resolution without slowing down the framerate dramatically. You're much better off sticking to the tried and true resolutions like 1024x768
Q:I have an LCD monitor and when i turn out the lights it gets darker and when I turn on the lights it gets brighter i need to know if its defective
the monitor could have a light sensor that will automatically dim the monitor in low light conditions, and turn up the brightness in bright conditions. its not a defect its just friendly
Q:I am hearing two different things. I hear that it can be hooked up via VGA connection of DVI - HDMI. Or something like that. I plan on using either a 720p or 1080p LCD TV and was wondering what are these hookups exactly and which is the right one for that matter?
An LCD monitor or an LCD TV? Most monitors and TVs come with VGA connectors. This is easy as almost all computers have a VGA out. However, if your computer has a DVI out then you can connect this to a DVI input (LCD monitors) or a HDMI input (LCD TVs). This digital signal should give a better picture than the analog VGA option. Because HDMI has the same signals as DVI ** you just need a DVI to HDMI cable, or a DVI to HDMI adapter. ** HDMI is single link DVI-D, with HDCP encryption plus an option of encoding audio over the signals. Since HDCP is controlled by the signal source - your computer - this does not matter for you. And since your computer probably can't encode audio onto the video signal this does not matter either. Unless your monitor is greater than 1920 by 1200 resolution the single link aspect of HDMI will not matter.
Q:Hello Yahoo Answerers,I would like to get a LCD Monitor that doubles as a TVor a LCD TV that doubles as a monitor. I've decided that I definitely want a Samsung 22 Widescreen LCDTV or Monitor, but I'm unsure if the benefits of a Samsung TV really outweigh the cheaper price of a Samsung monitor.Which do you think I should go for? A TV with a PC input or a Monitor with a TV input?And is it really worth a few hundred dollars more to get the TV for the remote and built in speakers?Can anyone share their experience with this?Thanks in advance!
go for ur choice and the one u can afford and is important to u most
Q:I am building an arcade cabinet and need a 4:3 monitor for the screen. i have 23 1/2 inches across to fill so i would like to find a 24 inch.
I believe ??, the link you got here upon approximately refresh expenditures is sort of old, while it consists of liquid crystal demonstrate video demonstrate contraptions. The liquid crystal demonstrate video demonstrate contraptions won't 'flicker at 60 Hz, they function on a very diverse technologies.
Q:Hi, I just noticed that my Innovision MAG LCD monitor is either losing magenta or adding cyan -- can't tell which. Any ideas as to the problem? It's only a couple of years old, is it dying or could it be a cable problem? I know on my plasma TV it was a cable problem, but not sure on this! Thanks for the help!
I would check the cable theory by just switching cables, or even wiggling it. It may just be a short in the cable on that particular color's strand. It may aslo be the plug on the PC or monitor. Other than that, i am not sure if LCD's can actually lose colors.

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