17&Quot; Led Open Frame Monitor/ Resistive/ S.A.W/ Capacitive/ Infrared Touch/ 1280X1024/ Rgb/ Dvi/ Dc12V / 350Cd

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 a. High Speed Response
 b. Automatic Scanning
 c. Power supply with enhanced design margin
 d. RoHS Compliant
 e. S.A.W Touch screen
    Resistive Touch screen

    Infrared Touch screen


Kiosk , ATM , Retails, Commercial Transportation, Advertising Display
Signage Display and Many other industrial application


Viewable Size Image17″
Backlight UnitWhite LED 
Active Area (mm)

337.920 X 270.336

Pixel Pitch (mm)

0.264 X 0.264

Number of Pixel1280 X 1024
Contrast Ratio (Typ.)1000 : 1
Brightness (cd/m²)350
Viewing Angle (L/R/U/D)85 / 85 / 80 / 80
Operating Temperature0~50°c
Input SignalRGB
Input PowerDC12V
            Frame Standard Type                                  Open Frame                       



FrameChassis(Closed), Panel Mount
Input signalDVI, HDMI, Video
Input powerDC24V / AC110~220V 
DimmingAuto Dimming
 Touch & etcSAW, Resistive, Capacitive, IR  



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Q:Structure of an LCD Monitor - What are the Internal Components of an LCD Monitor?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Structure of an LCD Monitor - What are the Internal Components of an LCD Monitor? A brief overview of the internal components of a computer monitor should be useful along with links to any hardware (electronic) sites for more study.
Q:Flickering on LCD monitor?
Defrag it through the monitor settings
Q:Optimize my LCD monitor??
well there are those things, but the best way to do this is get a monitor calibration tool, i reccomend GretagMcBeth, if you look for it they have one for about $80, this is used by pro designers and photographers to get the best out of the monitor!!!
Q:What is the best LCD monitor for my MacBook Pro?
Presently, there is no such thing as a 30 monitor that costs under $400. 30-inch monitors are usually very high-resolution monitors that do 2560x1600, and those cost upwards of $1000. Unless you want a 32-inch LCD HDTV, those might be had for $400, but their resolution is far lower, usually 1366x768. There are also LCD HDTVs that can do 1920x1080 (aka 1080p High Definition), but you would be hard-pressed to find one of those for under $400.
Q:LCD monitor strains my eyes?
Welcome Aboard!! those so called patented demonstrate features of colur, brightness etc is all HUMBUG. the phantasm of coloration is have been given by utilising blending pink, blue green. Then u have the brightnes assessment buttons. U can alter those 5 butttons on all video demonstrate units as consistent with ur decision. there is particularly little eyestrain in a liquid crystal demonstrate computer screen because it fairly is flat like ur e book. basically make certain u get the slimmest physique (the only which boarders the demonstrate screen). it fairly is sizeable exceptionally while it holds audio device mike or digital camera. those are acceptable while they're exterenal. acceptable of lluck.
Q:LCD cannot display red
Should be the three primary colors, red signal is not connected, first look at the VGA connector socket has no breakage, loose connections or VGA connections to a problem in itself (you can try to replace the VGA cable or other host connection) in addition to the graphics VGA graphics card or the end of the problem.
Q:What are the main parameters of the LCD display?
In brief, there are mainly the following aspects1, static contrast values (more advanced): 12 brightness3, response time (usually 5MS, and some high-end 8MS)4, visual angle5, interface type (general only VGA interface, and some high-end DVI data interface, etc.)6, power consumptionI hope that the answer can help you o (a _ U) o...
Q:LCD monitor, 10 point awaitng?
i'll make my answer simple: 1. Contrast Ratio just means how dark black really is. Higher ratio, the better. (ex 10,000:1 is better than 1,000:1) 2. Response time is how long it takes for your monitor to display a picture. shorter is better. mine are 5ms and great for gaming. pretty much anything 8 or under should be fine.
Q:LCD monitor power switch?
the best way to turn off your monitor is to go to control panel on your PC and then to power settings and set your monitor to go to sleep or turn off if you would rather turn it off manuley then you should power off your PC first before shutting off your monitor because your PC needs a display to operate and it will keep turning your monitor back on
Q:The LCD display is dark
Screen light on the dark, that is, short-circuit phenomenon, the machine self-protection, to eliminate short phenomenon to normal use.This kind of failure is usually part of the power problem, if you have your own ability, can open the machine to check the circuit board, the power supply should be part of a capacitor bulge leakage, then the pressure plate is damaged or short tube to burn out, to see if the capacitor bulge, related to the capacitor should be replaced. For ordinary people, only the visual fault self repair, if it is to change the pressure plate or tube for master repair, high-pressure plate lamp cost about 15 yuan, also a few dollars, see how much you accept master wages.In addition to show is the flash of a dark, just before the tube is not bright dark, you can connect the computer into the normal display open system, invisible image also never mind, listen to voice can know already in the system, then find some light flashlight, sticking to the screen look carefully, you will there are in fact found image display, backlight lamp does not light but you can't see it, with a flashlight light can vaguely see the imageIn this way, we can judge the backlight problem and show that the part is normal. The backlight is composed of three parts, the power supply, the high voltage board and the lamp tube.

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