15.6 Led 15.4 LCD 10.1 Led 8.9Led 17.3Led 14.0Led 11.6 Led Laptop Screen

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$20.00 - 60.00 / pc
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10 Pieces pc
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20000 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month
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Product Description:

laptop led monitor new and grad A,model range


our product laptop screen information as following,

Size:8.9"led, 10.1"led,11.6"led,12.1"lcd,12.1"led,13.3"lcd, 13.3"lcd, 14.1"lcd, 14.1"led

       14.0"led, 15.4"lcd,15.4"led, 15.6"led, 15.6"lcd, 16.0"lcd, 16.0"led, 17.1"lcd, 17.3"led


Commodity:laptop lcd screen panel

Quantity:Every moth 20k

Packing:Origianl packing or neutral packing

Shipment:By air or by express service (choose best way for customers)


Delivery time:3-5 day after confirm the payment.

MINI Qty:10pcs


This offer is subject to our confirmation.If you fnd the laptop lcd screen panel acceptable,please let us have your inquiry soon.



B089AW01 v.1 compatible models HSD089IFW1 A00, LP089WS1


B101AW06 v.1 compatible models B101AW02, LP101WSA, HSD101PFW4, N101L6-L0D, M101NWT2 can use for Acer D255E D257 D260, ZH9ZE6, PAV70 KAV70, ZH9


LP116WH1 TL N1 compatible models B116XW02 v.0, N116B6-L02, LTN116AT01, CLAA116WA01A, can use for lenovo S205, U150, E10, thinkpad X100E, E10, X120, Acer ZA3,1551,1810TZ,   samsung X170, X118, X123 Sony YB35JC.,ect


B116XW03 compatible with LP116WH2 LTN116AT02 LTN116AT04 N116B6-L04 B116XW01, can use for lenovo U160, Acer AO722, Dell M102Z 1121 1110, M101Z ,  Toshiba T110, T112, T210, T115D.,ect


B156XTN02, B156XW02, BT156GW01, BT156GW02, CLAA156WA11A, CLAA156WB11A, HT156WXB-100, LP156WH2, LP156WH4, LP156WH9, LTN156AT02, LTN156AT03, LTN156AT05, LTN156AT09, LTN156AT15, LTN156AT16, LTN156AT17, LTN156AT24, LTN156AT27, M156NWR2, N156B6-L03.,ect



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Q:flat monitor lcd monitor whats the difference?
The term flat and LCD are generally used interchangeably, however that wasn't always the case. A flat monitor could be a CRT monitor with a flat display surface* or a LCD monitor, whereas an LCD monitor is always flat. *before LCDs became the norm, many manufacturers were producing a CRT monitor with a flat display surface, which supposedly made a superior picture, as most traditional CRT displays had a slightly curved surface.
Q:How do I fix this wide screen LCD monitor problem?
feels like the PS3 is detecting it and the visual demonstrate unit is working. i could basically verify that the cables are attached properly. if so, basically make confident that the DELL visual demonstrate unit would not have an enter/mode swap. The PS3 does could desire to be set up interior the device document to seek for the HDMI cable inspite of the undeniable fact that it seems such as you have that under administration. Your visual demonstrate unit switching to no sign shows to me that that's interior the incorrect mode/enter however.
Q:my LCD monitor color has changed to pink all of sudden.how to get to normal color?
Were the setting options you tried related to your computer Desktop display properties? Or it could be a bad or loose cable/cord problem, so see if the cables/cords connecting your monitor are secure and connected. Or turn off the monitor and computer, unplug the monitor, remove and reconnect the monitor to you computer, and see if the problem is fixed. Try the monitor on a another computer if you can to see if that fixes the problem. If you use the same cable/cord, and the monitor is pink, could be a bad cord. If a different cord used, and still pink, could be a monitor problem (just by elimination here).
Q:My LCD monitor won't turn on?
First try another monitor to double check your video adapter if its not that theres a good chance that either your inverter in the monitor is going out which is an easy fix or the lcd screen is shot in which its cheaper to by a new one
Q:How long do LCD monitors typically last?
Mine lasted for 3 years and it still works, you should be fine for awhile
Q:How do I turn the LCD into a touch screen?
The touch screen is mainly divided into resistance type and capacitance type. The LCD is only an output device!!Solution: buy a touch screen
Q:Small LCD monitor for field use.?
Cheap and easy do not go well together, but if your looking for basic output I would suggest either an outdated car LCD or PVP. You will not get the best resolutions and will need an external power source, but do your research to see how cheap a small AC pack is vs buying one that takes cells. More than likely, for basic resolution you could get away with a cheap 100 watt pack on a screen not built for carry.
Q:Is an HD Computer monitor worth it?
It depends entirely on your GPU. If it can support a high resolution, I would say that it's worth it. Any modern *DEDICATED* GPU probably can. It's something you'll have to find out first. If your GPU cannot output in HD (720/1080P) then it's absolutely worthless.
Q:Why does the LCD look a little flash?
There may be a problem of lower hardware configurationYou can change the monitor to someone else's computer to see if there is any blinking or not. That might be the reasonMy display is also like this before, for a long time over load online games, the results of a flash on the phone, and later added a new memory to solve this problem
Q:Two LCD monitors or one large one?
I'd give your wife the 19 inch. and splurge on 2 nice Samsung SyncMasters. Have these side-by-side is completely incredible. While one big monitor is okay it is nice to have programs confined on a screen. I have a Samsung Syncmaster 225BW and a 204B (which rotates which is nice when working on documents or looking at long scrolling websites). I usually put the tool bar right in the middle of them and work away. So get yourself two 21 inch plus monitors. But get same brand to avoid some annoying color difference that might occur, esp if you are working with graphics.

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