22'' Infrared Touchscreen Game LCD Monitor For Fox 340 Pog T340 (Pot O Gold) Wms

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$200.00 - 220.00 / set
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1 Set set
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2000 Set/Sets per Month set/month

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Product Description:

Best supplier of LCD's  To USA gaming!!

open frame lcd touch screen monitor for Pot O Gold (T340)/ WMS gaming machines!!! 


Support southern gold,gold touch, pot o gold game etc

 Accessories: power cord, adaptor, VGA cable, RS232 cable and CGA/VGA converter

1) Size: 15'' 17'' 19'' 22''.

2) IR touch sceen, accurate touch, fast response!

3) CGA,VGA resolutions

4) With bezel optional

5) compitable with 3M

6) Seriel/ RS232 port

7) Ideal for use in Amusement, Gaming and Kiosk applications

8) According to customer's requirement, providing the fully customer design service. 



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Q:Disappointed with my first widescreen LCD monitor purchase?
1. Right click on your desktop, then click properties. 2. Click on the Settings tab, it will show a diagram of your monitor. 3. Slide the Screen Resolution to one of the shapes that resembles the dimensions of your monitor, click apply 4. If you're happy with the resolution, keep it. If not, try a larger or smaller resolution.
Q:Acer AL2216W 22 inch lcd monitor giving me eye strain?
Regardless of the brand, it isn't the monitors fault.it's your eyes. If you already wear glasses, maybe you need a different correction for that distance. If you don't have glasses alreadymaybe you need some. You are possibly just experiencing dry eyes also. Refreshing drops every couple of hours may help while on the computer. There is no ideal brightness and contrast. It's adjustable because not everyone likes it the same way. You should get an eye exam to help determine the problem. Hyperopia, astigmatism , dry eyes, could all be causes.
Q:Monitor Electronics Repair - Troubleshooting Guide For LCD Monitors?
LCD Monitor Repair is the industry standard 'top guide' for LCD repairs of most brands. I've been able to successfully troubleshoot a number of LCDs for my clients, with a 95% success rate with Acer, LG, Samsung Philips monitors. These are the ones I get most often.
Q:how can I Play PS 3 on LCD Monitor Without Computer?
Hiya okorder
Q:About LCD monitor size?
well if your finding that you not using the whole 22 inch then yeah they might be or you might just need to slide it back some. I don't know though i would love a big monitor personal i would i think the 22 wide screens are perfect but my buddy and our designers at work here use 30 inch so it kind of depends what your using it for.
Q:LG Flatron LCD Monitor is not being detected as native.?
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Q:What are the main parameters of the LCD display?
From all angles to see the LCD, the average person is 90 degrees angle to see the monitor, you can try 75 degrees, 60 degrees, 45 degrees, 30 degrees and so on the angle of view. At a certain angle, the LCD changes color and shape. The better the color and shape, the better.Heat problems, to see if the liquid crystal has a heat sink.The casing should be strong.Not thinner, the betterThe base must be strongWant to buy a brand?. The general warranty is not, but a good brand name is always strong.
Q:How Much is a HP 23inch LCD monitor?
HP okorder
Q:Is 1680-1050 good resolution for gaming on an lcd monitor?
I can't think of an LCD monitor that will give you a resolution so high. And if it could, I can't think of a video card that would run one of the newest games at that resolution without slowing down the framerate dramatically. You're much better off sticking to the tried and true resolutions like 1024x768
Q:Maintenance of liquid crystal display
Daily maintenance points:1 、 liquid crystal display for a long time do not use, please turn off the power or set the host for power-saving mode.2, as long as possible to reduce the use of bright white screen for a long time, these two points can slow down the aging of the tube, and extend the service life of the monitor.3. Keep the storage and use environment clean and correctly clean the screen surface.4, away from the high temperature and humidity environment.5, no liquid upon screen and machine.6, strictly prohibit extrusion impact screen surface.7, avoid unnecessary vibration.8, do not disassemble and disassemble.

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