Brand New 13.3&Quot; Laptop LCD Screen For Macbook Air A1369 504 Mc503 Lp133Wp1-Tja1

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Brand NEW 13.3" LCD Screen For Macbook Air A1369 MC504 MC503 MId 2010 2011 2012

 Brand : SAMSUNG & LG


Model Number: LTH133BT01



Resolution: 1440x900

Condition: 100% Brand new

high quality many in stock send fast



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Q:i wanna buy a LCD-monitor for my PC. i researched on a few things before buying. but I'm confused with refresh rate of LCD-moniters. some experts say that 85 Hz for 24-inch size is best and more than this it will not be a good thing but will result in a bad display. some say that 120 hz is new and best refresh rate for good picture clarity and for movies n video games. :( what to do ?????
120Hz is better but quality of the monitor is important. The best makes for monitors are: Ilyama Dell Benq LG
Q:I have a Samsung 712n LCD monitor that I bought back in 2004. It works great, but a few days ago this odd white/transparent line started showing up near the top of the screen. It's thin, goes all the way across the screen, and it kind of fades in and out as it goes across (hard to describe, I know). Also, it only shows up if the monitor has bright colors being shown on it (i.e. my desktop wallpaper), but if I have a black or white picture on it, it won't show up. When there is a color picture on there, it's as though the pixels there try to blend in with the picture but the colors are off by a few hues. Is there a way to fix this or am I gonna have to shell out $200-300 for a new monitor?
my laptop has the same line. Nightmare! It hardly shows on white background but otherwise, cuts all the way through each page. Particularly annoying with my artwork. Need a new cheap laptop I guess. Any suggestions please?
Q:I just bought an ASUS MS246H LCD monitor, and the specs states that it has integrated stereo speakers. However, I plug in my HDMI cable and there is no sound.There is a hole next to the HDMI plug, and it's apparently for earphones. Is this what it meant by integrated stereo speakers? I have to plug my speakers in?I thought integrated speakers meant that there should be sound coming out of the monitor itself.?
Plug in your HDMI cable to the laptop. Restart your computer and it should work fine. You will then see your HDMI cable listed as a connection in the Sound Devices menu (Control Panel --Hardware and Sound --Manage Audio Devices)
Q:I recently bought a Samsung 920BM LCD monitor for home use. After using the monitor for about two hours my eyes feel like fried eggs and I am developing a severe headache. I have never had eyestrain like this from any other monitor I'm wondering if I should have purchased a smaller monitor (I was using an older 15 before) or if the settings needs special consideration. If anyone with a 920xx series could tell me there settings I would be grateful.
get a light to the side of you and slightly above head height works for me using a 24 at 60 htz if you can up your refresh rate to at least 60 htz higher if it will allow
Q:I have a envision lcd monitor. When I try to turn it on, it won't turn on. The light on the monitor keeps on flashing green, and when I unplug the monitor it doesn't help at all. PLEASE HELP ME!
It would suggest temporarily running your display at a much lower resolution and frequency. Many monitors cannot run 100Hz (or even 80+), some will struggle beyond 1024 x 768. If the monitor cannot make sense of the signal, SOME will say out of sync / freq too high, other will just sulk in standby. Also, check connections etc - if using from a laptop, make sure the output socket is actually switched on ;)
Q:1. what are good LCD monitor companies. 2. TFT v.s TN displays.
dell and viewsonic are the best!
Q:I bought this used LG Flatron W1934s LCD monitor. When I connect it to a PC, the desktop shows up but system shows it as non-Generic PNP Monitor and doesn't show 16:10 resolutions at all. Moreover monitor goes to stand-by mode within 2 minutes. It turns black like it had no connection to system. I'm using a VGA cable through a DVI converter on my Nvidia Geforce 9600GT. I've even tried it on simple VGA port on different PCs but same result. LG says it doesn't need drivers to work properly though I've tried but no good. Any idea what's wrong?I'm using Windows 7 but I've tried Windows XP too.
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Q:I picked up a 19 Hanns G LCD monitor to use with my laptop as an external monitor. The connection is a standard VGA and using the VGA out from the laptop. The issue is, on dark colors (but not black!), it looks like there's a little bit of noise or fuzziness only on those darker colors. On lighter colors, there are no issues. The colors overall look balanced and bright. The 'moving noise' is hardly noticeable unless you're a few inches away from the screen, but want to be safe since it's brand new and can return it if necessary. Is this normal on some LCD's? Could it just be the analog signal? Anything else it could be? Thanks!
Your could try bumping up the refresh-rate through your display settings, but it is most likely a result of being a poor-quality monitor
Q:if i want to get full hd movie or games, i have to buy 40 inch lcd tv which has a resolution 1920 X 1200, can i get full hd as well by buying 22 or 23 inch lcd monitor which has the same resolution? Thanks!
Hell no. Im playing game and watching movie all day with a Sony 32PO LCD , If you want the model its KDL 32L4000. I cant play with a 17 - 20 '' TV anymore XD. Gaming is Amazing on it and so movie. Youll experience a new gameplay with a big TV in front of you. Just an advice if you have a monster PC and play gaming, get a 1080P. Be sure that you have a PC in behind the TV. you clearly wont regret it. PS. Boost your Graphic card Digital vibrance ( Color ) to 70 - 100 depends how you like it.
Q:I just bought a computer, there is a small part of the flashing on the liquid crystal display font. With the other host, this display has no font flash, what is not related with the host? Or circuit board for this host problem? Please give me a good suggestion!
1, refresh frequency reduction, general 60, can not be high!!!2, operation display correction software, such as NOKIA MONITOR, LCD random attached CD is provided by the manufacturer, the ratio of NOKIA to MONITOR is convenient; if not, the display panel will generally have a key calibration button, try

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