15 Inch Touch Screen Monitor for Industrial Application with DVI VGA AV

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Product Description:

15'' lcd touch screen monitor

Touch Screen Monitor for Industrial Application

15'' lcd touch screen monitor key Specifications

System parameters

LCD panel:


15inch   samsung digital panel

Working Voltage:


DC  11.5V-13V

Working Temperature:



Input configuration:


2 channel of video input , 1 channel L/R audio input

Screen size:


15 inches (4:3 diagonal)



1024(H)×768(V) pixel

Dot pitch:


0.107(H) ×0.372(V)mm

TV Receive System:


PAL/ NTSC/SECAM  wide application range



400cd/ m2




Power consumption:


≤ 30W

IR /FM Frequency


FM—88.9MHZ; IR—2.3MHZ/2.8MHZ

TV channel parameters


VHF-L       48.25~170.00Mhz     VHF-H      170.00~450.00Mhz

Product functions

Full Function Touch Panel for PC

Stand Optional

AV and TV function





VGA Port 

The Highest Resolution is to 1024×768

Operated System is WIN9X,2000,ME,CE/UNIX Support WIN9X,2K,XP,CE,UNIX


1pcs LCD Monitor

1pcs Stand Shelf

1pcs USB cable





1pcs VGA Cable

1pcs Instruction Manual

1pcs AC/DC Power

Some Screw for Fixing the Shelf


15'' LCD touch screen monitor ,

lcd mounted monitor 

can be used in bus advertising ,desktop computer display ,office display

4 wire resistive high sensitive touch panel 

finger or pen touch 

support 100mm*100mm VESA

UK,USA,EU,AU etc standard power adapter for option 

accept LCD OEM.

if you have this needs or like the monitor ,you can feel free to contact me at any time . i am pleased to help you .

 by the way ,we also have some small and big size toucscreen monitor sale .


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Q:I need to connect a LCD monitor using my S-Video out on my video card.?
only only be beneficial you enable the two the cardboard and onboard pictures in the bios then only installation the required drivers for each, then connect the video demonstrate gadgets on the comparable time. in common terms one ought to paintings at first yet then bypass to the computing gadgetresidencessettingsthere must be an option to apply the two video demonstrate gadgets and all this different stuff
Q:LCD Monitor hunt?
Look for a HD LCD with 720P or 1080P resolutions and also look for features such as DVI and HDMI imputs for your High Definition if you want the ability to watch TV get one with a built in TV tuner. The DVI imput will give you the ability to watch the best picture from your computer so this is a must in your case!!!
Q:Are there any LCD monitors that can be hooked up to a HP Compaq Presario C501NR (laptop)?
sure, in lots of situations taking aside a clean computer will void the guarantee there are 2 straightforward suggestions although. answer a million: staring at your question i would be sure that the wear became no longer executed with the aid of you, so that's the place your guarantee is presented in, flow on their web site locate out the place you deliver in broken products for restoration or something like that. %. it up with some bubble wrap, upload some touch information and deliver it, whether the will arises to call techinal help and spot a thank you to do this to their standards, that quantity is possibly on thier web site too. 2. purchase a cooling pad they sell tem everywhere, there pads that flow below the computer and usaully have 2-3 followers in them and that they cool you computer. 3. theres actaully a nil.33 option to. properly at the beginning i doubt your fan must be wiped sparkling it possibly only died they do this during lots of situations or a cord have been given caught contained in the fan struggling with the plastic blades from shifting. so which you opt for to open the fan cover turn it on and spot what takes place with the fan. in case you will see no longer something incorrect however the fan nevertheless wont flow it skill its lifeless, you should replace it yet i think of that includes soldering no longer sire with laptops. additionally remember, it ought to no longer be your computer are particular its getting genuine warm. maximum computer s i ever owned have been all crotch rosters, i'd get it take a seat it on my lap and a pair of hours later it felt like my crotch have been given ran over with an iron.
Q:How well do LCD monitors perform as TVs?
lcd are the best monitors to perform as TVs even plasma TVs arent as good as lcd the big deal with lcd is that lcd have everysingle pixel to a real good quality when a plasma tv just is a laaaarge tv thats why most of the lcd are 13 to 40 because size matters ;] and quality too
Q:Which LCD monitor is easiest on the eyes?
Mine is! It's a Sony E96D 19 TFT. £169 from Misco cat number WW125180 It arrived perfect no, and I mean no dead pixels!
Q:Do LCD TV's make good PC monitors?
LCD okorder
Q:LCD monitor backlight fading time?
that doesnt sound right, i bought a 22 LG monitor for Gaming and when i got it it said that i should have a life of 40,000 hours or somethign like thatyour monitor really shouldnt fade within a couple of years, and turning your monitor on or off will not hurt it, i always shut mine off if im going somewhere real quick or doing something else.sounds like you got a bad monitor, hope you can return iti would call and complain they should send you a new one.
Q:lcd monitors not working?
More info please Does the Power LCD turn off ? Can you get the screen back by moving the mouse, or touching the keyboard ? At what point (exactly) does it go off (for example after inputting user name and password ?)
Q:What is the imaging principle of liquid crystal display?
Starting with the luminescent mechanism of LCD (liquid crystal display), the traditional CRT (cathode ray tube) is struck by a high-speed ray of an electron gun on a phosphor screen, and the phosphor is hit by a high-speed impact. The LCD panel itself does not emit light, and a 15 inch LCD screen consists of millions of tiny liquid crystal units, commonly known as dots". The liquid crystal becomes transparent after being electrified, and then is imaged by a tube built behind the LCD panel, which is known as passive luminescence".
Q:How to repair the ghosting of LCD monitor?
Can be eliminated, replaced, the picture tube failure, high maintenance costs.

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