15 Inch Touch Screen Monitor for Industrial Application with DVI VGA AV

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$80.00 - 140.00 / pc
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10 Pieces pc
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1000 Piece/Pieces per Week pc/month
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15'' lcd touch screen monitor

Touch Screen Monitor for Industrial Application

15'' lcd touch screen monitor key Specifications

System parameters

LCD panel:


15inch   samsung digital panel

Working Voltage:


DC  11.5V-13V

Working Temperature:



Input configuration:


2 channel of video input , 1 channel L/R audio input

Screen size:


15 inches (4:3 diagonal)



1024(H)×768(V) pixel

Dot pitch:


0.107(H) ×0.372(V)mm

TV Receive System:


PAL/ NTSC/SECAM  wide application range



400cd/ m2




Power consumption:


≤ 30W

IR /FM Frequency


FM—88.9MHZ; IR—2.3MHZ/2.8MHZ

TV channel parameters


VHF-L       48.25~170.00Mhz     VHF-H      170.00~450.00Mhz

Product functions

Full Function Touch Panel for PC

Stand Optional

AV and TV function





VGA Port 

The Highest Resolution is to 1024×768

Operated System is WIN9X,2000,ME,CE/UNIX Support WIN9X,2K,XP,CE,UNIX


1pcs LCD Monitor

1pcs Stand Shelf

1pcs USB cable





1pcs VGA Cable

1pcs Instruction Manual

1pcs AC/DC Power

Some Screw for Fixing the Shelf


15'' LCD touch screen monitor ,

lcd mounted monitor 

can be used in bus advertising ,desktop computer display ,office display

4 wire resistive high sensitive touch panel 

finger or pen touch 

support 100mm*100mm VESA

UK,USA,EU,AU etc standard power adapter for option 

accept LCD OEM.

if you have this needs or like the monitor ,you can feel free to contact me at any time . i am pleased to help you .

 by the way ,we also have some small and big size toucscreen monitor sale .


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Q:I just bought a 32 LCD TV to use as a computer monitor. I have hooked up the DVI cable from the TV to the computer, but the tv does not seem to be getting any signal. Any ideas??
whats this i her about lsd
Q:i have a pc with BenQ FP71G+ LCD monitor, i wanna connect ps3 and pc to the same monitor, how can i do that, plz i want details cuz i don't know anything about the process, thanx in advance ;)
plug both cables in, done
Q:Can I play my PS3 with any HDMI LCD monitor? Planning to buy this LCD
If the monitor has an hdmi port hen it surely has line out audio which means you can connect a regular 3.5mm speaker to the line out port on the monitor and get hdmi audio output from the speakers. also if u want u can turn on a/v multi audio output from the ps3 audio settings and then select the a/v red white cables for audio output but in that case you will need a a/v to 3.5 mm converter to connect ur speakers
Q:I bought an Acer X163W LCD monitor from wallmart for $99.99, and i was wondering ho long it will last in a 24/7 media environment. I've already had it on for 4 months 24/7 and don't notice anything changing with image quality and brightness.
It will last for years. I have been using mine for 4 years now and it's still great!
Q:I moved house recently (from Australia to Italy) and shipped my computer over. I got it today and plugged it in and all worked fine until about half an hour after using it the monitor just went dead, no power at all. The computer still works fine but the monitor won't switch on anymore. I have tried swapping power cables and sockets but still no good and there power voltage/specification are the same in Australia and Europe (240). I was always worried the monitor would be damaged in the move but it looks fine and was working perfectly for a while. Has anyone any suggestions on what could have happened? Are LCD monitors worth fixing or is it cheaper to buy a new one? It is a great monitor and don't really won't to lose it.Thanks for any help,Grazie
A 15 CRT monitor would likely use a little more electricity than a 20 LCD monitor. We're talking maybe 40 watts versus 75 watts, so still low numbers.
Q:LCD base is broken, how to do?
With separate brackets, you can go to Taobao to search the display stand
Q:i would like to know if anyone knows the price at sams club?
HP okorder
Q:i cant afford to buy a LCD tv now,i decided to use pc monitor.
Yes , depending on your ports if your monitor has HDMI,DVI,VGA either one of these cables can be found and bought just ask your local stores they will probably have them. So depending on your ports you will need an XBOX to HDMI or DVI , VGA. Good Luck
Q:There is a gap between the black frame and the LCD screen of the display. It is about 1MM or so. There is no fully contact with the LCD screen. Is it normal?
No problem. This is called the art line. The second line brand art line is around 2MM
Q:What does "LCD" mean?Do you have any letters to distinguish between the screen and the widescreen? 22 what does "FHD" in W LCD FHD mean?
17 "LCD" refers to a general 17 inch LCD display.Usually a W is added to represent a wide screen, such as 17W

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