[Ilogic] Best Wholesale 14.1 Inch Screen Replacement For Lg Laptop LCD Screens Lp141Wx3(Tl)(N1)

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best wholesale 14.1 inch screen replacement for LG laptop lcd screens LP141WX3(TL)(N1)


MODEL   LP141WX3(TL)(N1) for LG
Size 14.1 inch
Productor for LG
Resolution 1280x800
Display scale 16:10
Response 16(Tr+Td) ms
Luminance 200 nits
Contrast Ratio 300:01:00
Color 262K
Interface LVDS
Drive-screen voltage 3.3
Pixel Pitch 0.0791x0.2373 mm
Active Area 303.74x189.84 mm
Outline 319.5x205.5x5.5 mm 
Weight 400 g
Viewing Angle 40/40/15/35 
Backlight CCFL
Operation Temperature0 °C ~ 50 °C
Operation Humidity 10% ~ 90%
Storage Temperature -20 °C ~ 60°C
Storage Humidity 10% ~ 90%
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Q:Would you recommend Acer's LCD monitors?
Acer is a great brand. I never had a problem out of them. Of course they are man made so they aren't going to be perfect no matter what brand you get but a lot of computer companies like dell and hp use Acer and then just put their name on them.
Q:Minimum refresh rate for monitors to support ?
There are quite a few LCD monitors on the market that are 3D capable. The minimum refresh rate for a monitor is 60Hz for a 2D display, but for 3D, you would want a 120Hz monitor. That way, you could use either passive or active 3D technology. Passive technology uses the same type of glasses you would have that the theater for a 3D movie. (I.E., There's one red lens and one blue lens.) There's no electronics in them. Active glasses use technology to show first a one image to one eye while blocking the other eye. Then they show a second image to the other eye while blocking the first. This is why 120Hz is required - so both eyes are being presented with a 60Hz display. In general, most people agree that active 3D looks better than 2D, but it's more expensive for the glasses and the display. I'd recommend going to a Best Buy or the like an viewing both active and passive 3D. The last time I was at Best Buy, there weren't any passive 3D setups left. However, there were active 3D TVs, Xboxes and Playstations 3s. What you see on the latter two would be similar to the computer display. I've seen newer (1080p) TVs that are 240Hz, which is supposed to make the 3D pop even more. I haven't seen a monitor specifically for a computer that is 240Hz yet, but I'm sure those are in the works. (You can always use a TV as a monitor of course.) Keep in mind that the monitor and the glasses are generally sold separately. The monitor is fairly generic with regards to the glasses, but the glasses are usually specific to a particular set of graphics cards from a specific manufacturer. That is, you'd want Nvidia-compatible glasses for an Nvidia card. ** edit ** I doubt it's possible to get any 120Hz monitor that is not full HD (1080p).
Q:What's wrong with one of the LCD monitors?
The vertical line appears on the screen (often bright line, often dark line, dotted line, solid line), sometimes not, show that the LCD source driving circuit of LCD screen or failure; a source electrode drive circuit, general cable weld, or drive IC or IC peripheral circuit damage, damage, weld parts; two LCD screen, LCD screen is damaged once the damage can not be repaired, only the replacement or test after entering XP screen test key test to see if there is no vertical line that is not the display problem. It should be the video card or even the motherboard problem. If you don't worry, try using another monitor. The work of liquid crystal display, LCD screen receives the driving signal sent from the host to the LCD screen and liquid crystal valve is controlled by the integrated circuit in the display, if the host sent a driving signal circuit or display is not normal, there will be failures you narrates. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the connection between the host and the LCD screen, whether the cable is in bad contact, if the contact is good, then the problem is on the host or LCD display, it is recommended to send a professional maintenance station for inspection and repair
Q:can a lcd monitor cause nero to burn slower?
It will if you hooked it up in the middle of the burn. You have to stop the burn, then hook it up, then reboot the system allowing the PC to find the new hardware and then begin the burn. Nero is a Virtual Memory hog.
Q:LCD bezel and LCD gap
What brand do you want to see?. Second line brands can be accepted. A line of brands is unlikely to happen
Q:1. what are good LCD monitor companies. 2. TFT v.s TN displays.?
I think that you should get one that is the same brand as your computer. It would be much easier to install, and it will work with your computer better. I think that you should get a TFT display because I have one on my laptop, and it is fantastic!
Q:LCD highlights
Highlight is the LCD quality problems, local does not affect the use
Q:Why does my lcd monitor blank out after a while?
Assuming you've already checked your operating system's screensaver settings, and made sure there aren't any power-saving settings enabled on the monitor's hardware itself, it could be because there's a subtle incompatibility between your video card, video driver, and the monitor itself. If you're running Windows, remove all the video and monitor references from the Device Manager and reboot to let Windows rediscover and refresh the setup. If it only detects your monitor as Generic LCD monitor or some such, and the problem is still occurring, you may want to check the internet to see if there's a specific driver for that monitor. In addition, look the model of monitor up, find out its hardware resolution, and set your Windows desktop resolution to the same numbers. Also make sure that your video card supports that particular resolution - some of the older cards don't work all that well with widescreen LCDs. To get around that problem a bit, make sure you are running the very latest video drivers for your video card.
Q:LCD monitor shifting to cyan?
I would check the cable theory by just switching cables, or even wiggling it. It may just be a short in the cable on that particular color's strand. It may aslo be the plug on the PC or monitor. Other than that, i am not sure if LCD's can actually lose colors.
Q:A question about lcd monitors and DVI?
LCD monitors usually bring both option DVI(digital) and dsub (analog). Instead of plugging it in the DVI port just plug it as if it was a CRT monitor (analog). Very few monitors come now only for DVI. DVI just provides a better picture for LCD monitors but DSUB works well with it.

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