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I have a VCR and it has a Cable receiver and i was wondering if i can watch it through there because it has the regular video output, S-video output, and the RGB video output? If not is there any other way that i can watch cable tv through my monitor?
confident you may. what you like is purely a television Tuner card interior the comp after so which you may use that as you television as nicely. and not purely that. it is going to likely be lot much less complicated to record the videos which you relatively choose
Liquid crystal display LCD and LED which is good which is good, today I am ready to match LED, but home to know is LCD, we say, profiteer is not cheat me ah? LG19, 830 yuan, and if it's LED's LG, is that more expensive? Better
LED, of course, is expensive. LED is also the LCD screen.
I can get a real good deal on an Acer 22 LCD monitor. I have a Samsung 19 which I am happy with, no bad pixels, good color etc. How happy are you with your Acer LCD monitor?
Get an old CRT (heavy tube monitor). They have better broad angle viewing, and better contrast gradient than modern flat panels. You could try using a large HDTV as a screen. Most of those have a fairly broad view angle. Best would be a video projector. Those have a very wide angle, depending upon the surface that is projected upon.
i wanna buy a LCD-monitor for my PC. i researched on a few things before buying. but I'm confused with refresh rate of LCD-moniters. some experts say that 85 Hz for 24-inch size is best and more than this it will not be a good thing but will result in a bad display. some say that 120 hz is new and best refresh rate for good picture clarity and for movies n video games. :( what to do ?????
120Hz is better but quality of the monitor is important. The best makes for monitors are: Ilyama Dell Benq LG
Why do you take pictures of some LCD monitors, and the images in the frame will flash, and they also have black stripes. Should they not flash according to the imaging principle?It's not a camera problem, because not all LCD monitors are flashing...My desktop is flashing, and my laptop won't. Why? Is there a problem with the desktop monitor?The model is Samsung S22B360HW
This is really a normal phenomenon...Refresh rate 60HZ, which means that it refreshes 60 times per second...If your camera's exposure time is not good, you will feel the flash of the picture being taken...As far as you say, notebooks do not, this may be related to brightness settings, and is not the kind of film and so on
The video card driver has been installed with a resolution of 1024*768, but it still looks virtual What should I do?
1, the resolution is not set properly.Although the small resolution can be really let the fonts big effect, but to change the resolution, the LCD display will not the best resolution to achieve point-to-point display, so the picture will appear the phenomenon of virtual font. In addition, there are a small number of users do not know the numerical optimal resolution of various specifications of LCD, so it will cause incorrect settings resolution phenomenon, so that the display in the display font, it is prone to the phenomenon of false hair.2, the display itself IC circuit design is poor or aging.In addition to the IC driver circuit design issues, some of the longer used LCD driver IC drive circuit began to aging, which may lead to the screen appears false phenomenon.
I'm after a cheap 32 inch LCD monitor. Not a TV but a PC monitor. Anyone got any ideas?
I believe all LCD TV's today can be used as monitors. I use my LCD TV as one. Also I know Walmart has them for like $300.
About two days ago I noticed that everything on my LCD monitor is blurred, fuzzy (as if you had bad vision and it's not my vision everyone else notices it as well). The monitor is not old, I bought it less than six months ago. I noticed it happened after I chose to print something. Does this have anything to do with it? How can I fix the blurred screeen?
You should go to control panelappearance and themesdisplaysettings tabtroubleshoot