10.1 Inch Ips LCD Camera Monitor With Waveform Vectorscope Histogram

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Product Description:

10.1 inch IPS LCD Camera Monitor with waveform vectorscope Histogram

Thanks to color analysis tools that include a built-in waveform, vectorscope, and RGB Histogram, you’ll get total peace of mind knowing your viewers are enjoying the vibrant colors and gorgeous images you intended. You’ll be able to easily identify and correct any color issues, such as overexposure, with total precision, all without the need for additional, costly scopes. This1280 X 800 IPS HD panel what you see is truly what you get! The IPS HD Panel delivers near perfect viewing angles outputting crisp, clear shots on the field, which means less time in the editing room.

The FW1019’s HDMI input is complimented by Dual 3G-SDI input/output along with the feature of headphone audio out. With 2 SDI inputs , fast swap for toggling between both inputs,Seamless Switch.The FW789 also includes composite and component connections, giving you the versatility to support all of your signals and video equipment.

The customized function buttons can be tailored for your workflow and optimization. Furthermore,The FW1019 is well suited for a variety of video applications, from the studio to on location. Enjoy high-resolution, versatile monitoring wherever you need it.


Description:10.1" Fully Featured Dual 3G-SDI Camera Monitor
Resolution:                   1280x800
Dot pitch:0.0565(H)x0.1695(V)mm
Aspect ratio:16:9
Response Time5ms
HDMI Support Mode:1080/24p/25p/30p/;50i/50p;60i/60p;720/50p/60p;480i/480p: 576i/576p
Viewing Angle:89°/89°(L/R) 89°/89°(U/D)
Power Consumption:≤13W
Input Voltage:DC7V-12V
Install Way:1/4"-20 Thread Socket(All 4 Sides)
working Temperature:­10°C~50°C
storage Temperature:­20°C~60°C
Unit Size:258L × 192W ×39H(mm)
Unit Weight:780g


SDI Support Mode:



 Model Number:FW1019 

>1280 x 800 HD IPS panel

> Seamless Switch

> Waveform, Vector Scope, RGB Histogram

> HDMI, 2*3G/HD-SDI input with loop-through

> False color with adjustable under luminance and over luminance warning

> Peaking with red/green/blue/white outline

> Underscan

> Image Flip, pixel-to-pixel,Exposure

> DSLR Scaling

> Headphone Output

> Check Field(Mono/Red/Green/Blue)

> Squared segmentation(Zoom one of the images to realize full screen)

> Mirror image(L/D,L/R)/Freeze, Zoom-in

> Embedded Audio

> Center Marker/screen Marker

> Color temp-adjust

> Ratio(4:3/16:9)



This essential feature assists with the calibration of professional video cameras. It shows the overall brightness of the image assisting the video professional in correcting exposure. The waveform feature also checks the evenness of the lighting when lighting a chromakey or background.


Vector scope shows how saturated the image is and where the pixels in the image land on the color spectrum. It can also be displayed in various sizes & positions, that allows users to monitor color gamut range in real time.

RGB Histogram

RGB histogram is a graphical display of the distribution of tones, exposure conditions can visually display screen is divided into R, G, B three-channel independent display. Suitable for HD-SDI and HDMI signal monitoring


The Brightness Histogram is a quantitative tool to check the picture brightness.The feature shows the distribution of brightness in an image as graph of brightness along the horizontalaxis(Left:Dark,Right:Bright)and a stack of the number of pixels at each level of brightness along the vertical axis

Embedded Audio

The Audio Level Meters provide numerical indicators and headroom levels. It can generate accurate audio level displays to prevent errors during monitoring.

 Peaking Focus Assist

The Peaking Filter used to aid the camera operator in obtaining the sharpest possible picture, which is most effective when the subject is properly exposed and contains enough contrast to be processed.


The False Color

The False Color feature utilizes a full spectrum of assigned color indicators, ensuring flawless shot exposure. The under/ over luminance warning enables the video professional to get the quality he/ she desires every time. By adjusting the camera’s Iris, the subject of the image will change color based on specific brightness values indicating optimal exposure.   


The Exposure is used to assist in exposure adjustment in the mode of Zebra Pattern.


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Q:LCD color is a bit dark
1., check that your LCD monitor has dynamic contrast (DCR) function, and if so, set it to 'close'.2., you can search your monitor online, how to enter the factory model;3. follow the online approach into the factory mode and find the 'Auto color' or ''Auto level' 'option (usually shown as the former);4 by 3, to find a black and white picture (only black and white colors of the two picture), open, full screen, and then the factory menu cursor to 'Auto Color' through the key move, and then press OK (MENU).5. after the monitor OK, quit the factory mode to see if the problem is resolved.If item 1 is executed, you can ignore the item 2-5.
Q:Computer Repair Business Focused On LCD Monitors - Specialist Guide To Help Me Get Started?
who the heck gets their monitors repaired? Monitors last so long I get my moneys worth from them. when they cease up I just buy another monitor. If I have the money I get a new one otherwise I buy refurbished! If you want to repair monitors then do the refurbished thing. I doubt very much if you'd get many people coming with monitors needing repair!
Q:Is there any LCD Monitor with 85MHZ Screen Refresh Rate ??
I don't think there is any that fast because lcd's have a slow response time, meaning they can't clear the pixels that fast anyway. However, since lcd's are slow, you won't see any flicker, but you will probably always see a little blur with fast movement in fast paced gaming.
Q:I want to use my LCD Monitor as a TV.?
you will need a TV Tuner card for sure, but there are different types of TV Tuner cards. If you want to use it as a TV without having another computer near by, you will need to buy an external TV Tuner (not a USB one), which will connect to your TV directly, that way, you just need that TV Tuner and the Monitor, to watch TV on it. Else you could use a USB or an internal TV Tuner, which will need a computer to process the TV signals and then send to the monitor as a TV.
Q:What is the difference between an lcd touch screen monitor and an lcd monitor?
Standard LCD monitors are just that, a Liquid Crystal Display and a backlight. Touchscreen monitors take a standard LCD monitor and add another screen or clear layer to the front of it. There are several different technologies being used today in touchscreen displays, but most of them usually send an electronic current through the screen and when something touches it, the current or voltage changes. This change helps the screen determine where it was being touched at. ***It is not necessary to have a mouse if you have a touchscreen monitor, but there are some programs that would be easier if you did have a mouse. Also, you might would need a mouse to set up the software for the touchscreen monitor when you first try to use it.
Q:Samsung LCD monitor has a drag shadow
A faulty estimate is not a connection problemSamsung has only one year warranty, so go ahead and fix it
Q:LCD and LED monitors?
LCD is liquid crystal display, you must be knowing and LED is light emitting diode, the basic difference is nothing but LED will br able to provide more and effective light than LCD
Q:am looking for a lcd hdtv to use as a tv and monitor?
Do your self a want and do a little study. The handiest approach a pc goes to appear remotely like an HDTV is in case you set up a difficult middle video card like a nvidia eight sequence pci-specific x16 video card. Forget a pc with included photographs, a photographs card developed into your mainboard. They will by no means be as much as the challenge of processing HD content material the way in which it's meant to be obvious and regularly why you get deficient visible best. Either that, or you may have a not up to stellar photographs card within the laptop. Then you have to be certain your track reveals a minimum of 1920x1080 determination for precise 1080p HD determination. So here is the deal: Go purchase your HDTV and be certain it has both a RGB enter or a DVI enter. I usually steer clear of S-video seeing that in my revel in, it does now not appear as well as the opposite 2 I acknowledged. When you purchase your pc, be certain it has a separate photographs card NOT included photographs. Make certain you place the pc's computing device determination to check the television's. Most HDTV's are both 1368X720 (a 720p HDTV) or 1920x1080 (a 1080p HDTV) BEFORE you attach it to the TV. Then, easily plug your PC's RGB or DVI out into the HDTV, pick the corrct enter at the HDTV, and voila, ultimate everytime.
Q:lcd monitors not working?
More info please Does the Power LCD turn off ? Can you get the screen back by moving the mouse, or touching the keyboard ? At what point (exactly) does it go off (for example after inputting user name and password ?)
Q:What are the usb inputs behind my LCD monitor for?
It is a USB extension hub. You plug the USB cable into a USB port on your computer and then connect the type B end of the cable to the monitor. Now you can plug in a removable device like a flash drive without having to plug in from behind your computer.

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