Grade A+ 15.6'' Laptop Screen B156Xw01 V.0 Ltn156At01 Lp156Wh1 B156Xw01 Claa156Wa01S 15.6Lcd Laptop Screen

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Product Description:

Grade A+  Brand new laptop panel monitor 15.6 inch B156XW01 V.0 or replacement  



Grade A+

Part number

B156XW01 V.0


15.6 inch



Aspect Ratio



TFT Active Matrix with led backlight


3 month

Compatible models: laptop / notebook

 Product Characteristics


LCD Panel Screen







Aspect ratio:

WXGA, Widescreen

Backlight Type


Screen Type

TFT Active Matrix Glossy

Item includes:

LCD Panel without inverter or bracket


Antistatic bag and box

Compatible models

LP156WH1, B156XW01 ,N156B3...  and so on


Specific laptop models can come in many sizes and resolutions. Laptop LCD resolution should not be upgraded or downgraded. You must confirm that this screen matches your laptop in size and in resolution before you purchase! No Returns Due To Improper Installation or Incompatibility.


Product line:

Laptop LCD led screen: from 4.5 inch to 18.4 inch


2. Resolution: SVGA, XGA, XGAHD, GA, XGA+, XGA++
3. Backlight: LED, CCFL, CCFL



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Q:Can someone please help me find my dream LCD monitor?
you shouldn't be so insistent on that 2-4ms thing. Unless you have extremely sensitive eyes, you won't notice it. In order to get response times like that you need a monitor built around TN, which has the unfortunate side effect of producing worse contrast ratios and viewing angles then other technologies. 10,000:1 static contrast ratio is jsut ridiculous. If anyone finds a monitor that can do that let me know :p. I don;t think you'd wnat a monitor that goes bright then 500cd/m^2 as hat' just too bright and leads to light bleeding on dark images. All that being said, if i had the money I'd spring for a dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP. The only problem with that monitor is it has a slight imput lag since it uses PVA and not TN.
Q:How much is the voltage of LCD driver? How much is it?
Extension cords are connected with the driving plate is generally the cross connection, manufacturers will be in the power supply board and driver board marked VCCGNDADJED some manufacturers directly labeled +5V +12V, which is the power driver board board input voltage. Then, the driving plate is supply voltage pin type cable screen screen has a white screen, the Department of power supply (typically five volts)!
Q:brightness on an lcd monitor?
There should be brightness and contrast controls on the monitor. Turn down the brightness option first. If that does not provide enough range, then turn down the contrast.
Q:What is the difference between LED and LCD monitors?
It is how the screen is back lite both are lcd the led uses several led's to light the screen the classic lcd uses 1 ccfl(cold cathode fluorescent) tube at the bottom, led;s give better more even lighting
Q:Is the LCD screen dimmed?
Right click on desktop - Graphical attributes - color correction - brightness, drag blocks to enlarge brightness - apply - make sureHave a try.
Q:LCD laptop monitor to VGA plans?
The picture in your link is very interesting, but I question its validity as it looks very posed (everything is laid out cleanly, spaced just so on the table, etc.) and anything can be created on a computer to make a picture look real. Also close examination of the bread-board shows the use of a couple of logic computer chips and variable resistors, which would make some sense as you would need some electronic circuitry to adjust and convert the signals correctly from the computer video output to work with the LCD display in use. I would think, though, that it would require more circuitry than displayed. I would have to see it in person to fully believe it. I'm sure it would be possible to do, but each LCD display may be different and you would need to know basic electronic configurations for video output, conversion LCD wiring configurations to create your own for the one you have. If it has been done, I'd think someone would have the plans somewhere on the internet to show that it can be done and that they did it to take credit for it and show off. Honestly though, unless you have no life and a lot of time on your hands, I don't think it would be that worth it. Time better spent getting a job if you don't have one, helping others that may need help, getting some exercise, enjoying life with friends or girlfriend/wife/kids etc. Best of luck.
Q:What is CRT monitor?
The old monitors are CRT monitor. CRT means Cathode Ray Tube. The re is a cathode ray tube in it. LCD means Liquefied Cristal Display which includes layers of liquefied cristals in thick glass panel. CRT's have more Radiation than LCD's. So CRT's are harmfull for eyes.
Q:problem with my LCD computer monitor?
visual reveal unit: video reveal units are called seen reveal unit or seen reveal terminal. They provides us softcopy output. So that's called Softcopy output gadget. video reveal units in marked are modern-day in distinctive length. even though it has have been given 2 types in accordance its reveal: a) Monochrome video reveal units b) colour video reveal units video reveal units makes use of particular reveal adapters to grant output. those adapters define its types so we could desire to earnings its types too. MDA (Monochrome reveal Adapter) CGA (colour image Adapter) EGA (more advantageous image Adapter) MCGA (Multicolor image Array) VGA (Video photos Array) SVGA (great Video photos Array)
Q:lcd monitor with component or composite inputs?
Try ViewSonic LCD it's cheap but Durable same specs like the Breanded ones Samsung BW SyncMaster does great ! Try to look for a Monitor that has a Temperred Glass for safety of the screen tho your children will gonna used it Remember LCD monitors has a Plastic Coating when accidentaly Pinch! poooopit is gone forever.
Q:Faint Vertical Lines On LCD Monitor?
i've got seen loose video exhibit cables do all varieties of loopy issues to the exhibit. make confident the two ends of the video exhibit cable are screwed tight (on the returned of the computer and the returned of the video exhibit).

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