Wholesale LCD Monitor Made In China 15/17/19/21.6/23.6 Inch Screen

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$40.00 - 129.00 / pc
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50 Pieces pc
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10000 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month
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15/15.6/17/18.5/21.6/23.6 INCH LCD Monitor

Hey, Looking for some cheap but with good quality monitor at moment?

Don't hestiate contact me! every size(from 12-55 inch) is possible!

Many models can be selected!


What's Included

  • LCD Monitor

  • Power cord

  • User Manual


Product Features

  • flat-panel LCD monitor
    Brings your images to life.

  • 1024*768/1366*768/1440*900 maximum resolution
    Provides stunning image clarity.

  • Ultrafast 5 ms response time
    Allows pixels to change colors quickly to avoid streaking, blurring and ghosting in fast-moving scenes and video games.

  • 1000:1 contrast ratio; 300 cd/m² brightness
    For a highly visible display and clear on-screen images.

  • 170° horizontal and 160° vertical viewing angles
    Let you clearly see the screen from multiple vantage points.

  • PC compatible
    For use at home or at the office.

  • 1 year warranty, 1% free spare parts

  • OEM service include LOGO and box design etc.





1.wholesale price

2.fast delivery

3.high quality

4.good service 

5. one year international warranty


Promotion Time !!Come On! Never Miss the Chance!



1.Display Size diagonal

15/17/18.5/21.6/23.6 inch

2.Panel vender and type


3.Product ID


4.Display Feature


   LCD panel 


   Display Size

344.232 (H) x 193.536 (V)



   Dot Pitch

0.25875(H) x 0.25875(W)

   Maximum Colors


  Horizontal Freq.


  Vertical Freq.






  Viewing Angle


  Response Time 


5.Audio Speaker System


6.Speaker Type 


7.Maximum Audio Output

2W × 2  (Optional)



Video In 

VGA  x1

Audio In

PC Audio in 3.5mm Jack:x1

9.OSD features 

OSD Support: English, Portuguese. German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese etc..

10.Normal voltage range

DC   12V/3A

11.Power Consumption 


12.Stand by Mode Power Consumption 

3W or less


User manual, AC Power Cord , Adapter 

14.Environmental considerations


    Operating temperature:


    Operating Humidity:


    Storage temperature:


    Storage Humidity:



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Q:I want to buy 4 lcd monitors. My need is to reduce the electricity bill. Which one should I buy??with lowest price. (needs only the minimum quality.) I looks monitors around 2000 - 4000 RS (40 - 80$)
Honestly dude, with any hardwareyou get what you pay for. My recommendation for a good, economical monitor is an Acer 20 wide screen. I use on and love it, they have lately updated their hardware and the prices are still reasonable with good picture quality and the power consumption isn't outrageous.
Q:I am looking to upgrade my dual 19 lcd's. I love the 22 size, but don't want to wish OI went with 24's 2 weeks later. I will be using them for primarily trading, emails, reading docs and etc. 4ft is the furthest I can place them away. My existing setup is 2ft away. I am looking to spend less than $400 per monitor and am leaning toward one of Samsungs from Costco.
i suggest dell either sp2208wfp or entry level one if u want low frill model. dell e2408wfp is also good and price difference is not huge. 24 can support 1920x1280 while 22 supports max 1650x1050 i would suggest decide based on price and your budget
Q:I just received a 22 monitor and it came with a DVI-D cable and a VGA cable. Originally I plugged in just the VGA but out of curiosity I checked my graphics card and it supports a DVI-D connection.So, I unplugged the VGA and plugged in the DVI-D cable.I'm not sure if there is supposed to be a difference visually.I also don't know if you are supposed to have both plugged in together or just the DVI-D by itself.Thanks in advance,Sean
DVI-D will give a better picture. All LCD monitors are digital. So the monitor has to sample the analog signal and convert it. It needs to do this at the center of each pixel, but there is no signal from the system to tell the monitor when this is. So the monitor has to look at the video signal and reverse engineer the pixel clock to work out where to sample. As you go up in resolution this gets harder as the pixels become shorter periods of time. A poor video card and EMI fixes on the system and monitor make this harder too as the signal takes time to change from one pixel to the next. The result can be a slight shimmer or jitter in the screen. The auto setup routines have gotten a lot better, but are not always perfect. A DVI-D link gets rid of this problem. Only connect one. Unless you want to run an extended desktop across the one monitor, using the monitor's input select button to switch between the left and right sides of your extended desktop. (Not worth it IMHO.)
Q:Hello there, i am trying to play my PS3 on my LCD monitor and i am using HDMI to DVI wire to hook the PS3 to my LCD monitor (22 Lg Flatron). How nothing appears on my monitor and it show a message Digital Out of range 33.7kHz / 30Hz . Can some please tell, how to fix this problem. Thank you
The PS3 is very picky about what monitors it will work with. In particular, monitors that are not HDCP-compliant will NOT work with the PS3 most of the time. Check your LG monitor and see if it is HDCP-compliant. I'll bet your monitor is not HDCP-compliant. In which case the PS3 will never work with it, and you are out of luck.
Q:1, with spots of good or with a good line? 2, sell online writing is new, but will not be finished before too many times? 3, general warranty for a year, the quality should not be a big problem? 4, our company bought with the line, I have spent more than 2 months, and there is no problem. Does it mean quality is OK?
That's the picture tube problemDivide it...Wired, there are spots are aging phenomenon
Q:I just bought a 19 inch Philips LCD monitor and realized that I have two USB ports at the back of it. They even threw in a usb cable with the monitor. The problem is, I have no idea what it's supposed to do even after checking the manual. I tried connecting it to the computer and there's no response either.
You can plug USB devices (camera, etc) into them instead of having to reach down to your computer's USB ports
Q:Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a LCD screen monitor soon. I'm not quiet sure what to do. There are few brands and they are all in different prices eg. Acer, Benq, Viewsonic, Samsung, and Proview. They are on different price range. I was wondering if there is any differences in those brands among quality wise. I dont play any games on my computer its just for regular use and watch dvds that it. Please help me with this I dont know which brand to choose from.Thanx
i think of of Billybean is perplexing himself TFT is skinny action image Transistor; what he's pertaining to is CRT - Cathode Ray Tube. liquid crystal exhibit is liquid crystal exhibit. inspite of the undeniable fact that there are adjustments TFT and liquid crystal exhibit look used interchangeably by ability of many. AJ
Q:Can the liquid crystal display of notebook computer be wiped directly with wet cloth?
In theory, there are special LCD screen, cleaning towel and other special tools, clean yourself, it is recommended to use cotton dipped in alcohol scrub.But if you don't pay attention, you can scrub it with wet towels that are often sold in supermarkets. That's what I do, and nothing wrong with it.
Q:hi there, i just got my new samsung lcd monitor for my computer, can the lcd monitor get overheat? im mean like if the dust covered the vent hole on monitor.and someone say they monitor smoke come out on rear of the monitor suddenly. please tell, im really scare right now. i give ya 10 points please tell me.
As long as you do not totally block the vents then it will not overheat. There are components on there that can fail though. If something in the power supply fails or in the inverter card it can smoke when it fails. Also any electrolytic capacitor will produce a puff of steam when it fails that can look like smoke. To carry a safety mark like UL, CSA, CE, etc. the case of the monitor has to act as a fire enclosure. Typically all components will extinguish themselves once they no longer receive power and the monitor will shut of power to most circuits if there is a failure. If you really thought smoke came out of the monitor then unplug it and take it to a repair shop.
Q:does a monitor have to be HD in order to get HD programming? whats a good contrast ratio, native res, and refresh rate. Im looking at a 19 AOC widescreen monitor, 800:1 contrast ratio, 5ms refresh, 1440x900 native res.,300cd/m2 brightnes lvl. Would it give me a better picture than what my 30'' CRT HDTV ?(with the native res. of 1080i HD)
You can state all the specs you want, and yes, some actually kind of matter, but the best thing you can do with LCD monitors is to go and actually try each one and see which one is more visually pleasing to you. Different people like different monitors and respond differently to them. That said, the higher the contrast ratio, the better; the higher the resolution, the better (to a pointthings get very small very fast) - especially for gaming; and obviously the size is a big factor. CRT's can give a very nice picture, but the refresh is the problem. LCD's are much better in this respect.

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