Wholesale Laptop Screen 15.6 Led Screen Ltn156At24 Lp156Wh4 N156B6-L0B Lp156Wh2 B156Xw02 Bt156Gw01 Ltn156At09

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$35.50 - 40.00 / pc
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10 Pieces pc
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1000 Piece/Pieces per Week pc/month
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WHOLESALE Laptop Screen 15.6 LED screen LTN156AT24 LP156WH4 N156B6-L0B LP156WH2 B156XW02 BT156GW01 LTN156AT09 NEW & A+

Laptop Screen LED LCD Panel of Item specifics:

Panel Model

LTN156AT24 W01


New and Grade A+

Lamp Type


Panel Size


Dot Resolution


Interface Pins

40 pins




WHOLESALE Laptop Screen 15.6 LED screen LTN156AT24 LP156WH4 N156B6-L0B LP156WH2 B156XW02 BT156GW01 LTN156AT09 NEW & A+


Packing: Antistatic bag and original box


Lead Time: Within 3 days after payment confirmed


Chimei Brand: 20pcs/original box

LG Brand: 22pcs/original box


WHOLESALE Laptop Screen 15.6 LED screen LTN156AT24 LP156WH4 N156B6-L0B LP156WH2 B156XW02 BT156GW01 LTN156AT09 NEW & A+



WHOLESALE Laptop Screen 15.6 LED screen LTN156AT24 LP156WH4 N156B6-L0B LP156WH2 B156XW02 BT156GW01 LTN156AT09 NEW & A+


Compatible models of 15.6 LED:





LTN156AT02, LTN156AT02-A04, LTN156AT02-B04, LTN156AT02-D01, LTN156AT05, LTN156AT05-H01, LTN156AT05-H07, LTN156AT05-W01, LTN156AT09, LTN156AT09-B02, LTN156AT15, LTN156AT15-C01, LTN156AT16-L01, LTN156AT17, LTN156AT23, LTN156AT24


B156XW02 V.0, B156XW02 V.1, B156XW02 V.2, B156XW02 V.3, B156XW02 V.6




BT156GW01 V.1, BT156GW01 V.4, BT156GW02 V.0


M156NWR2 R.0


N156B6-L04, N156B6-L06, N156B6-L0B, N156B6-L0A, N156B6-L07, N156BGE-L21


WHOLESALE Laptop Screen 15.6 LED screen LTN156AT24 LP156WH4 N156B6-L0B LP156WH2 B156XW02 BT156GW01 LTN156AT09 NEW & A+



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Q:I know it's not going to be simple, but I'm sure someone, somewhere must have tried this. I have a couple of LCD monitors for computers I would like to refurbish - one was a flat screen I had for my PC that burned out a couple of years ago and another is for a laptop (less than a year old) and it seems to have stopped working.What I want to know is, is there anywhere that I can find instructions or a process for taking it apart and rebuilding it/refurbish the monitors to see if they can be fixed. I've checked google, but all that comes up is sites for monitors that are already refurbished - no sites that offer details on the process. This surprised me, because as I said, sure people must have tried and done this successfully and put it out on the web - people do that all the time for the most inane stuff, yet I can't find anything.
I would try doing a search for the specific monitor type (brand and model) that you are looking to refurbish as each monitor is going to have a different process. I had a similar problem when I went to repair my laptop's LCD screen. Check the manufacturer's website as well for maintenance documents. Take note, however, that the parts for your monitor may cost more that it would cost you to just go out and purchase a new monitor.
Q:if compare this two monitors, which one is better? why?which one u prefer? why?what are the weakness of plasma monitors??what are the stronger of plasma monitors?what are the weakness of lcd monitors?what are the stronger of lcd monitors?got any website is about this information??
I okorder
Q:i wanna buy a LCD-monitor for my PC. i researched on a few things before buying. but I'm confused with refresh rate of LCD-moniters. some experts say that 85 Hz for 24-inch size is best and more than this it will not be a good thing but will result in a bad display. some say that 120 hz is new and best refresh rate for good picture clarity and for movies n video games. :( what to do ?????
120Hz is better but quality of the monitor is important. The best makes for monitors are: Ilyama Dell Benq LG
Q:i have a fairly new LCD monitor i got it a year ago and im pretty sure its an HDMI monitor. i want to know what i have to buy and how to use those things to make my ps3 work with my monitor. (dont have a HD t.v )so please list the things i needor if you know a GOOD video explaining how to do it please sent me the link. but make sure it explains it good cuss im like semi-retarded when it comes to this stuff lol :P
What i do is grab a HDMI-USB cord, plug the usb end into ur ps3, and the other end into ur tv
Q:For a few months now I've been glued to the ViewSonic VX2025wm as the number one to get. Great for all of the above, solid reponse time and contrast ratio and widescreen. But I was wondering maybe something better will emerge soon, within a few months or is even already out now.By the way I am looking for an LCD, 20-21, widescreen and good for all the above. Also I believe there is a solid line between monitors for business, graphic design, etc and the rest of the things I mentioned. By the way what would widescreen essientally mean for pc monitor? Do you agree it is better?
I haven't had a problem with any of the Dell monitors, for gaming or otherwise. Some video and photo editing monitors are special for their color handling and reproduction abilities, like you mentioned. Widescreen is the aspect ratio between the height and width of the screen. Regular is more square while widescreen is more rectangular. For instance, 1600x1200 is a standard resolution, while 1920x1200 would be widescreen.
Q:With a liquid crystal display, need the power adapter to use 12V, so I use the battery I put to the beach (12V, a) to pick up, the result is of course what is generally where burned, burned, how much money can be repaired?I mean the monitor is burning. Just look at my title
The 1 floor of the correct answer, as long as the normal voltage, current and also will not burn things, even if the 100A connect the battery is not the problem, estimation is negative reverse, something to see what things burn, the price is not good, to see who can repair, most will cost 20-30 perhaps, just a few cents fix. People have to pay technical fees
Q:if i have a lcd computer monitor with DVI and DSUB outlets on the back, can i connnect this to a regular dvd player and play dvds?thanks
Not by itself. For an analog only DVD player, you need a VGA TV tuner, or TV to VGA converter box. If your player supports component, a component to VGA converter box might work. If the DVD player has HDMI, and the monitor supports HDCP, you can use an HDMI to DVI cable, or an HDMI cable and DVI to HDMI adapter.
Q:I am in the final stages of building my computer, I'm now in the market for a decent 19 LCD monitor. Can anyone recommend a good brand/website for a price aroung 150.00? Thanks.
I would go to Tiger Direct or Newegg. I just went and browsed both sites and found at least a dozen monitors in your price range. If possible, look for the Acer 19'', which I bought last year for about 155$. It is a very nice entry level LCD, and I am very pleased with it. I work in graphics design, and it suits my needs nicely.
Q:I have been living in China for five years and in that five years I have acquired MANY stuff cuz of the massive price difference between China and Europe. I have two 28 inch Full HD (1920x1200) TFT LCD monitors, brand and model is: Hannsg HZ281 which I would like to transport to Europe with air cargo. I only have the original packageing for one which is new but for the other I have no packageing. The original packageing onthe new one is very sturdy btw, on the outside there is a hard cardboard box and the screen is fixed in the middle with this white foamy and hard thing (sorry I dont know the name in english) but I think polyurethane or something like that my main concern is that I dont think the cargo area will be heated cuz there will be no passangers there so temps will get below freezing I assume. Is that harmful to my screens? Any advice to how to wrap or package the new one better if needed? Any advice on how to package the old one for which I have not the original box? Thank you.
I don't think it'll be a problem. Monitors are shipped all over the world in air cargo all the time. I've even had LCD monitors left in my car overnight with temps down to -17 degrees Fahrenheit where I live, so I think you're fairly safe about the temps. As for packaging, the original packaging for the one should be good enough, for the other make sure that there's plenty of cushioned padding around it and a few inches between it and the box sides to keep it safe. Double boxing it (box within another padded box) will provide the safest packaging.
Q:Also the video card and monitor should it be a 24-bit or 32-bit color depth ?The human eye how many different types of colors can we see 16 million colors
An LCD monitor has a native resolution, a 1920x1080 monitor physically has 1920x1080 groups of cells that can glow red, green and blue to make the different colours. If you drive the monitor with anything other than its native resolution the image will be less distinct. This is especially true where the host is employing tricks to improve the resolution. You probably will see no difference between 24-bit and 32-bit colours. Two swatches of colour adjacent to one another that are one tone different will show a clear dividing line. The same two swatches with a gap between them will look the same. You perception of colour is far worse than you will believe, have a look at the various optical illusions around that show two things that are demonstrably the same colour can look radically different in different contexts. It's also worth noting that mixing red, green and blue together does not produce the entire range of colours the eye can see, only a pretty good approximation. This is most noticeable with so called fluorescent colours, these need special lights or inks to reproduce and cannot generally be printed or reproduced on screen.

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