Grade A+ 15.6'' Lp156Wh1 30Pins Ccfl1 LCD Screen

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$20.00 - 80.00 / pc
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1 Piece pc
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200 Piece/Pieces per Week pc/month
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grade A+ 15.6''  LP156WH1 30pins CCFL1 lcd screen 

If you need any screen or has question,please contact with me.  

1. Our MOQ is 1 pieces.

2. Payment Terms and Condition: T/T, Western Union,PAYPAL.

3. Delivery: Within 3 to 5 days after receiving the payment.

4. All our products are Original, Brand New, and Grade A++.

5. Our service include 90 days warranty.



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Q:I was think of getting a 24 inches LCD monitor instead of using my TV as my PC monitor.Is it a good idea?I can't aim with a 32 TV for some reason.(Probably cause my eye have to look farther away)Also I think my 32 strains my eyes cause its too big. So I think I should downsize.Any comments on best screen size best non eye hurting LCD?
I currently have a 23.6 Asus 1080p monitor, it's fantastic for gaming. I have my XBOX 360 hooked up through it. I agree, sometimes smaller is better, all depends on how close you are to the screen. I found this site in my source that recommends several gaming monitors. It all depends on your budget, but also if you can, you should opt for the 3D model (but you'd also have to buy the NVIDIA 3D kit), but 3D in video games is pretty awesome. Asus is easily one of the best brands for quality in computer hardware these days. Have fun and game on!
Q:Can someone tell me the difference between an LED Backlight LCD Monitor and a plain LED Monitor? I am looking for a monitor with the least amount of flicker due to an eye problem I have. The flicker causes A LOT of strain on my eyes. Would the LED monitor have even less flicker than the LED Backlight LCD Monitor?THANKS!
led /lcd monitors are the same having said that some have a better refresh rate than others most are 50 to 60 hz update image every 50 to 60 times a second look for one the will refresh at 75 hz to 84hz will cost slightly more but you not notice any flicker the newer ones say they refresh at 200hz and some 600hz a bit over the top for a standard monitor more for the 3d age an example 22inch samsung computers.become .uk/samsung-sy
Q:Isn't it set? Or is the weather too hot?
That's electromagnetic interference. What power or something is next to them to keep them away?
Q:I am trying to get a laptop monitor that I salvaged to connect to a VGA cable. I can’t find the circuit or the plans to do this on the internet. I am trying wire the pins form the laptop monitor to a VGA connector peace. Male or female doesn’t matter. I know it’s possible but would like your help.
The picture in your link is very interesting, but I question its validity as it looks very posed (everything is laid out cleanly, spaced just so on the table, etc.) and anything can be created on a computer to make a picture look real. Also close examination of the bread-board shows the use of a couple of logic computer chips and variable resistors, which would make some sense as you would need some electronic circuitry to adjust and convert the signals correctly from the computer video output to work with the LCD display in use. I would think, though, that it would require more circuitry than displayed. I would have to see it in person to fully believe it. I'm sure it would be possible to do, but each LCD display may be different and you would need to know basic electronic configurations for video output, conversion LCD wiring configurations to create your own for the one you have. If it has been done, I'd think someone would have the plans somewhere on the internet to show that it can be done and that they did it to take credit for it and show off. Honestly though, unless you have no life and a lot of time on your hands, I don't think it would be that worth it. Time better spent getting a job if you don't have one, helping others that may need help, getting some exercise, enjoying life with friends or girlfriend/wife/kids etc. Best of luck.
Q:I have a 24 LCD monitor for work, (new) that company policy dictates must be on during work hours (9 hours a day, not sure of the logic behind it). I was wondering how long this would span before it dims or goes dead.Details - Resolution of 1920X1080, 60Hz refresh rateThe input is either HDMI or DVI.125v power cord.
Lcd Monitor Lifespan
Q:I have problems in selecting models lcd monitor required by my xbox 360,Now i wants to get full HD to my feature LCD Monitor, but one problem i trying solve it, there are two types of LCD monitor HDCP / Non - HDCPwhich the one of this type of LCD Monitor should i purchase
The XBox 360 does not need HDCP. The only thing that needs HDCP on the XBox was HD-DVD playback, which nobody does anymore since Blu-Ray won the format wars. You can't play back Blu-Rays on the XBox, and MIcrosoft no longer sells the HD-DVD add-on drive for the XBox 360. So there is absolutely nothing currently on the XBox that needs HDCP. You can use the Microsoft XBox HDAV VGA cable to connect your XBox 360 to any computer monitor that has a VGA port. It supports HD resolutions. Hope this helps.
Q:I have a LCD monitor and was wondering how do you clean it.
Lightly spray windex on a really soft cloth and wipe the screen. Do not spray directly on the screen. ? Be very careful not to press very hard or you'll damage areas of the screen. ? You can buy a monitor protector to place over your screen. Another way is to cut out a piece of clear plexiglass slightly larger than the screen area and attach the plexiglass to the monitor with double-faced tape. This will keep people from pokiung the screen with their fingers and spraying the screen when they cough or sneeze.
Q:Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a LCD screen monitor soon. I'm not quiet sure what to do. There are few brands and they are all in different prices eg. Acer, Benq, Viewsonic, Samsung, and Proview. They are on different price range. I was wondering if there is any differences in those brands among quality wise. I dont play any games on my computer its just for regular use and watch dvds that it. Please help me with this I dont know which brand to choose from.Thanx
i think of of Billybean is perplexing himself TFT is skinny action image Transistor; what he's pertaining to is CRT - Cathode Ray Tube. liquid crystal exhibit is liquid crystal exhibit. inspite of the undeniable fact that there are adjustments TFT and liquid crystal exhibit look used interchangeably by ability of many. AJ
Q:I am using an acer AL 1706 LCD monitor and am running it at its native resolution (1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz). I have tried using both the standard microsoft plug and play monitor driver as well as the specific driver for this monitor (although it always says that it is for the al 1716 after I install it). I find that overall image clarity is great, but the text, expecially in web browsers tends to look slightly out of focus (I have tried using cleartype, standard smoothing, and no smoothing). This has been giving me some pretty bad eye strain after using the computer for 20 minutes or more. Does anybody have any ideas as to what the issue is and how to fix it?
if it is basically photographs what's the determination of the photographs of their interior of reach state it is in all probability being pushed too the barriers for the show length additionally on a television that isn't a real computer screen for computers the determination (dot pitch) is to severe for photographs you elect the equivalency of .18 dot pitch on the liquid crystal show
Q:hi there, how long do lcd monitor last? and i use it 5-6 hour everyday and is hot at top left side of the monitor .will the lcd backlight burn?, its a samsung 20in lcd widescreen monitor i brought it a month ago. please tell me i'll give ya 10 points
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