B080XAT01.1 For Acer A1-810 Tablet Parts 7.9 Inch with TFT Panel

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$50.00 - 60.00 / pc
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1 Piece B080XAT01.1 For Acer A1-810 tablet parts pc
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500 Piece/Pieces per Week For Acer A1-810 tablet parts pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Description


B080XAT01.1 For Acer A1-810 tablet parts

General Specifications:

Item:           B080XAT01.1 For Acer A1-810 tablet parts

Size:            7.9 inch

Panel type:  TFT

Backlight:    LED

Resolution:  1024*768

Interface type:  LVDS

Aspect Ratio:     Widescreen

Condition:    Brand new, Grade A, Original

Packing:      Antistatic bag and box

Warranty:  30 days



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you may desire to might desire to do some thing so directly forward as exchange the image width of your 32 exhibit exhibit. There might desire to be settings that practice you the right thank you to swap the viewable element of the exhibit exhibit and make it wider. additionally, 1024X768 is the comparable element ratio (4:3) as 800X600, so it is going to offer greater desirable advantageous determination without sacrificing viewable exhibit exhibit area.
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