B080XAT01.1 For Acer A1-810 Tablet Parts 7.9 Inch with TFT Panel

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$50.00 - 60.00 / pc
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1 Piece B080XAT01.1 For Acer A1-810 tablet parts pc
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500 Piece/Pieces per Week For Acer A1-810 tablet parts pc/month
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Product Description


B080XAT01.1 For Acer A1-810 tablet parts

General Specifications:

Item:           B080XAT01.1 For Acer A1-810 tablet parts

Size:            7.9 inch

Panel type:  TFT

Backlight:    LED

Resolution:  1024*768

Interface type:  LVDS

Aspect Ratio:     Widescreen

Condition:    Brand new, Grade A, Original

Packing:      Antistatic bag and box

Warranty:  30 days



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Q:Are TFT-LCD monitors better than LCD monitors?
Just LCD, and TFT LCD are in fact different. TFT stands for Thin-film transistor. Basicly what his means, is you should be able to view it from all angles wthout the weird glare and color change that some older LCD's(in labtops a lot) have when you look at it from the side. with a TFT it should look normal from any viewing angle.
Q:Liquid crystal display LCD and LED which is good which is good, today I am ready to match LED, but home to know is LCD, we say, profiteer is not cheat me ah? LG19, 830 yuan, and if it's LED's LG, is that more expensive? Better
LED, of course, is expensive. LED is also the LCD screen.
Q:Which brand has a liquid crystal display? LCD camera. More than 5 million pixels. Where can I find it?
Samsung (SAMSUNG) 2263UW'comes with smart cameraBuilt in camera, speaker and camera management software300W pixelsThe price is around 2100, 160-230 discount
Q:I have a Mac Powerbook G4 and I want to get a Dell LCD monitor (model E207WFP). If I want to run dual screen (meaning using the internal screen and lcd as one bog screen) do I need an adapter or is it just plug and play? I called Dell but the customer service rep didn't know what I was talking about but that's not a big surprise!
That monitor has both VGA and DVI. You powerbook has a DVI output. As long as the monitor comes with the DVI cable, you just plug and play. If the monitor comes with a VGA cable, the powerbook when bought came with a DVI to VGA adapter. You should not need anything.
Q:Beside, what's the difference between CRT and LCD monitors?
The old monitors are CRT monitor. CRT means Cathode Ray Tube. The re is a cathode ray tube in it. LCD means Liquefied Cristal Display which includes layers of liquefied cristals in thick glass panel. CRT's have more Radiation than LCD's. So CRT's are harmfull for eyes.
Q:I have an LCD LG FlatronL1520B and a PS3 as well. I don't have an HDTV, so I'm asking if you can hook up a PS3 to the LCD monitor, if so, what are the requirements?
If that monitor is HDCP (HD ready), then just get a proper adapter (HDMI to VGA or HDMI to DVI) and enjoy. Note: in this case sound must be configured separately, since VGA nor DVI transfer sound.
Q:I know all CRT monitors were considered HD and so are LCD monitors because the resolution needs to be high to not strain peoples eyes. But my resolution only goes up to 1680 x 1050. Does that mean I can't get true 1080 P? I'm confused because I always thought people said monitors could exceed HD. Or are those only CRT monitors? I'm only talking about computer monitors here not TV's, unless it doesn't matter for LCD's. I have a GeForce 8800 Video card if that matters.
A digital LCD Computer Screen Tom Masters
Q:I have a 19inch LCD mounted on my wall conected to a computer that is connected to a cable box. Is there a way to bypass the computer all together? and connected the cable box directly to the lcd monitor? some type of box or cable
u ned a cable thats compatible with both of ur monitor and comp see the plug and check if they r the same read the serial and go buy it then ull need some thing that i dono how its called in english but it makes the cable in 2 a kind of adapter that duals the cable then u should have no problems
Q:hi i want buy lcd monitor my friend suggest me to buy samsung t190 please help me is this lcd is good or can i buy an other an same price range? plz help which model and company is best? plz plz plz
Dell 2208WFP is available at just a bit more, and it is a steal! If u swear by samsung, then I'd recommend 20SW33.
Q:I am hearing two different things. I hear that it can be hooked up via VGA connection of DVI - HDMI. Or something like that. I plan on using either a 720p or 1080p LCD TV and was wondering what are these hookups exactly and which is the right one for that matter?
An LCD monitor or an LCD TV? Most monitors and TVs come with VGA connectors. This is easy as almost all computers have a VGA out. However, if your computer has a DVI out then you can connect this to a DVI input (LCD monitors) or a HDMI input (LCD TVs). This digital signal should give a better picture than the analog VGA option. Because HDMI has the same signals as DVI ** you just need a DVI to HDMI cable, or a DVI to HDMI adapter. ** HDMI is single link DVI-D, with HDCP encryption plus an option of encoding audio over the signals. Since HDCP is controlled by the signal source - your computer - this does not matter for you. And since your computer probably can't encode audio onto the video signal this does not matter either. Unless your monitor is greater than 1920 by 1200 resolution the single link aspect of HDMI will not matter.

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