Low Voltage Comprehensive Distribution Box

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Supply include: Enclosure door, mounting plate, gland plate sealing gasket

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wooden case
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1.Material :sheet steel
2.Color:Ral7032 or Ral7035
3.Mounting plate:Orange or Galvanized

1. Matterial: Sheet steel
2. Paint finish: Both externally and internally
3. Protected with epoxy polyester coating
4. Textured finish RAL7032 or RAL7035
5. Mounting plate: Powder coated similar to RAL2000 or galvanized
6. IP rate: IP65
7. Certificate: CE, RoHS
8. Supply include: Enclosure door, mounting plate, gland plate sealing gasket

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Q:Which field in electrical engineering should i start my career?
Q:is electronics engineering a promising field of study?
It's pretty booming right now, and probably will be for the next couple of decades at least. As far as possibilities go, what are you looking for? Some EE's start their own companies and make millions. It's as much as what you make of things as it is about hopping on the right train to take you where you want to go. The downside of engineering has to be the pressure and the deadlines. Marketing and money drive engineering. And the market doesn't want to wait forever for the next gismo. Your design has to be finished by a certain time or else the whole bridge project gets held up, etc.
Q:Which of the following is a step you should take to properly lockout/tagout electrical equipment and machienry?
picked B and got it wrong. :( its either D or C
Q:what is really the purpose of grounding rod? how will the fault current return to the source?
1. The purpose of the grounding rod is to give electrical equipment and its housings a grounded reference point. Without this the voltages of these might go wandering off to indeterminate levels causing (in extreme cases) arcs to jump on to passers by or door handles to provide major or minor shocks. If there is a fault in equipment which causes an higher voltage part to come into contact with a grounded part then a current may flow into the grounding rod. The return path of this current is through the ground (earth) via another grounded point (e.g of the local supply transformer's star point) and thus into the transformer at its low voltage winding end. If the supply has no such grounding point (this would, by the way, be most odd but it is physically feasible) then there would be no fault current flow but the grounding would still provide a degree of security from high voltages.
Q:100 vac to 240 VAC 50-60 Hz 15 watts How can i calculate power consumption?
You have the number, 15 watts. but that is a maximum, the actual power will be less than that. If you need the actual power, you cannot calculate it, you have to measure it. .
Q:Fire extinguisher question what does the A stand for for the type of fire?
a is for ash, b is for boil ie liquid, and im not sure of c
Q:Is it possible to combine (2) AC electrical sources [that would be on at the same time] into (1) power cord?
What you're describing is called an uninterruptible power supply, or UPS. It allows your normal house electrical to power your equipment and cuts in the batteries when the electric fails. The amout of load and size of batteries will determine how long the UPS can run from the batteries. If you are just going to power your computer, these things can be purchased from most computer stores.
Q:Where to put Video Game Cartridges? ?
Store them on a big shelf or a couple boxes. You may be planning to get 30 NES games, but they are sooooooo much good ones you'll have 200 carts !
Q:my negative and ground pin is live with current when the power is switched off why?
Wow. It sounds as though you have lost your neutral and have what is called multiwire circuits in your house. Basically what is happening is you have 120 Volts on both the hot and the neutral/ground of your house. If you most of your equipment isn't working, you really have an issue you need to get looked at. Obviously I'm not standing in your house with a volt meter in my hand so I'm taking your word that the neutral and ground have volts, not current, on them. But if what you say is true then this is the most likely scenario. I strongly recommend you get a professional there quickly.
Q:What is "hardware" in the electrical engineering realm? What does it consist of? ?
Well, often Hardware and Software are used to distinguish between those who design circuits and those who write code. This distinction is necessary because many colleges still include both hardware and software as Electrical Engineering degrees. In a more concrete sense, hardware is the wires, IC's resistors, capacitors, etc. that make up a circuit. The only applicable meaning of Panel I can think of is a distribution panel, which is a box of fuses or circuit-breakers (like the fuse box in your basement).

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