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Detailed Product Description of Korean Vibro Attachment




(PATENT NO.10-0970772)


- AVH Construction Technology Patent


-The best workability & efficiency - Multi-function performance Sheet Piling & Auger Drilling - High quality product which is designed by ISO9001 system


A. Pile Driving & Extracting Working 1) Maximum 11mt driving, extracting, arranging sheet pile, H-beam, Tube 2) Pilot Double-check system holds clamp presser until released, thus increasing workers safety 3) Operator can easily control sheet pile, H-beam and tube by himself due to its 90 degree tilting 4) The 360 degree rotation and the double-axis of movement allow for full range of motion 5) Substantially reduces costs by eliminating equipment manpower typically used in piling operations


B. Auger Drilling Working 1) For auger operation, the screw can be easily attached & detached operating vibratory hammer normally 2) Drilling of soil, weathered & soft rock with power pack during auger rotation and vibration operation 3) Can be applied for ground release drilling, ground investigation, before sheet piles - Multi-functional equipment enabling sheet piling and auger drilling - Powerful vibration and clamping power is the best in this class equipment - Upgraded durability by hydraulic bearing and powerful motor for high speed rotation - Specially designed heavy duty elastomers of Patent which is excellent performance in high frequency vibration of 3,000 cycles per minute - Unique technology designed by AVH technology, which is the first in KOREA Patented and CE certified - Strong & powerful DPD350TA can perform the same operation as DH hammer - Introducing innovations to the field of vibration drilling techniques with our R&D team who can adapt to the developing technology and who refreshes itself progressively in order to satisfy all the needs

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Q:Which brand is better for a small pile driver?
How not to say with you, said wylong machinery can also be here in Hunan, people buy more customers with good reputation
Q:Do you make money on building pile drivers? How long will it take to recover the cost?
See what you buy is if the rig, vibrosinking machine, other conditions are ideal, then you have a half a year or even 3 months to recover, the general said, 30 thousand meter will be able to recover the cost. But if you buy a rig, if not imported, domestic buy it to around 4 million, the time is much longer! Itself consumption, maintenance costs are much higher!
Q:Can the piling machine be built at night?
In residential areas, generally do not allow night construction! Hello, I am a driver of piling machine, buy machines, contact me with workers!
Q:Mechanical piling machine about how much money?
45W or so.Pile driver is composed of pile hammer, pile support and auxiliary equipment. The pile hammer is attached to two parallel vertical guide rods (commonly called Longmen) at the front of the pile support and hoisted with lifting hooks. The pile foundation is a steel structure tower with a windlass at the back of which is used to lift the pile and hammer.
Q:What is the noise level of site construction (piling)?
I often monitor piling works, and the noise of site construction (piling) is above 300 decibels
Q:Principles of piling
The structure of a pile driver consists of a pile hammer, a pile stand and auxiliary equipment. The pile hammer is attached to two parallel vertical guide rods (commonly called Longmen) at the front of the pile support and hoisted with lifting hooks. The pile foundation is a steel structure tower with a windlass at the back of which is used to lift the pile and hammer. A guide frame consisting of two guide rods is used in front of the pile to control the direction of the pile driving so that the pile can be accurately penetrated into the formation in accordance with the design orientation. The tower and the guide frame can be used to batter pile deflection. The guide frame can also be extended downward along the tower and used to fetch water along the embankment or pier. The pile can move and move. The basic technical parameters of a pile driver are impact weight, impact kinetic energy and impact frequency. According to the motion of the pile hammer power source can be divided into hammer, hammer, diesel hammer, hydraulic hammer etc..
Q:Why should the pile foundation be excavated after the pile driving?
If it is high-level, there are first excavation to the bottom of the foundation and then piling
Q:What is an impact pile driver?
You mean the kind of pile driver that used to use high explosive diesel engines to produce impact?The principle is like using the percussion hammer nails, using a hammer impact in the nail head will generate the nail.It's very seldom used now.
Q:Is there a pile driver in it?
However, the piling machine is not stable, but also a team together. And we're going out of town, this month, ten days.
Q:PV pile driver
The PV pile driver has both wheel and track components. The tracks are divided into generators and full hydraulic ones. Shandong Tengzhou production of this idiot manufacturers have a few, can come to Shandong to look strong, has many years of construction experience in complex terrain. Can prevent landslides and broken stones.
Our products is the worlds very first new concept ripper which developed and designed to use ultra high-frequency vibration for breaking rock and ripper operation.Since the time of Establishment, we have focused and specialized on vibration construction machinery development and successfully built up innovative know-how in vibrating technology. We will continuously invest and develop wide range of innovative products .

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Location South Korea
Year Established 1982
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Company Certifications Certificate of conformity with the following European Directives;ISO 9001:2008

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