Hydraulic Excavator CE1000-7

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Product Description:

1,Hydraulic system provide perfect power and accurate control to ensure continuous digging operation.

Main components, such as pump, valve, are manufactured by international top brand enterprises.

There is an open hydraulic system with Tri pump & Tri circuits, controlled by load sensing system and limit power to ensure higher efficiency and productivity at the lower est hydraulic loss. Reasonable power distribution and double pumps with crossover power control system can reduce circulation time under multiaction operation and promote productivity.

Swing secondary pressure control for better starting and braking pressure so as to ensure fast and stable swing operation.

Hydraulic hose, connection: world famous brand with excellent performance ensure better reliability for operation in mine.

High efficiency features:

Starting with zero displacement with better starting load and starting performance

Technique with minimum flow control at neutral position for best energy saving and economical efficiency

Technique with pressure cut-off to provide better system protection

Control of constant power of single pump, limited power of three pumps for reasonable distribution of engine power

Confluence of three pumps for combined movements and increasing of operating efficiency

Logic valve control for automatic straight traveling, automatic release of swing brake

Confluence of two pumps for increasing operating efficiency

2,Power system(Unique power-driven technology in China)

Diesel engine

Cummins QSK19 electronic injection engine with CELETC electrical system provide surging power and excellent reliability, conforms, conforms toTier2 emission standard. ECM is enable to read controller data and adjust engine to meet different working conditions

Turbocharged and electronic injection control can promote fuel efficiency and reduce fuel consumption,meanwhile provide stronger power and better performance.

Electric engine ECM is featured as data collect, error diagnosis, automatic protection, maintenance and monitoring


Clean energy: zero-displacement, environmental friendly

Low cost: compare to diesel engine, the electromotor is more economical

Maintenance free: lower operating cost and easy maintenance

Separate hyd-oil cooler with better cooling effect and easy maintenance

3,Welding&casting structure for working attachment

Adopt international top brand cylinder seal for better sealing property

Working attachment pins are made of special wearresistant alloy, hardening and chroming treated for getting high strength and long circle life

4,Automatic central ludricating sestem

Top brand automatic central lubrication at setting time interval, for specified quantity and at all lubrication points. which results in saving of manual daily maintenance, reduced manpower and increased productivity

5,Classified esign & manufacture based on working condition

Special design & manufacturing of bucket, undercarriage, working attachment and other structure parts based on different working condition; customizing design on power unit, hydraulic system, oil products and electrical system to make our products suitable for all kinds of adverse circumstance

Working attachments such as breaker, cultivators, quick-change connector can be equipped to meet different working requirements

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Q:Leopard gecko excavator setup? What does yours look like? :o)?
I personally don't use Excavator because of the fact that it clumps when it gets wet, but crumbles when it gets too dry, giving the chance of being ingested by a leopard gecko. Once it gets ingested, it gets wet again and can cause impaction.
Q:foreigner in korea job ?
The vast majority of jobs open to foreigners are for native English speakers with four year college degrees. You can't get those jobs without the degree, citizenship in an English-speaking country and native language ability. Then there are low level factory jobs. But those are already filled by foreigners from poor countries. Those workers are making a better wage than in their home countries, so if there are any openings at the factories their families and friends will fill them first. You'll need to know someone with that kind of job already to hear about openings. Other than English teachers and factory workers, a large number of women from Russia, China and the Philippines work in the (illegal) sex industry. For that kind of job, you will need to be female, average or above average in looks and willing to dance naked, convince soldiers to buy ridiculously overpriced drinks and/or have sex with whoever your house madam says you must. Like the factory jobs, you'll need to know someone already there to get that kind of job. No one cares if you got good grades in high school, in South Korea your education is incomplete until you got to college. If you are gorgeous and white, there is a very small number of modeling jobs available. But if you haven't even modeled in your home country, don't bother. Basically, you going to South Korea to work (as things stand now) is a fantasy, not a dream. Otherwise, you can try marrying a Korean citizen. If you're a woman, then you have a fairly good chance of finding a man in a rural part of the country who has not been able to find a wife (due to men outnumbering women). Most farmer/fisherman types have been preferring women from other Asian countries, but it's worth a try. But if you are a man, don't bother because your lack of job prospects really makes you not a good catch at all. I hope this helps and good luck!
Q:Modern excavator 220LC-5 detailed parameter 20
There will also be blocked filter hold car a few days ago I went to work a 1700 throttle 800 and just dumped soil live as mentioned arm slowly I suggest you look for the modern staff transfer pump flow should be very simple for them, my family had a 225-7 for three years. I suggest you buy a Liugong 205C quite good
Q:What is the cost of running an excavator 10hrs a day.?
Depends on the size of the machine it could be anywhere from $45 hr to $110+ Hr. If its for a basement or something like that its' about $70Hr
Q:How many hours does the excavator usually last?
Look at the life of the maintenance, the service life of various excavators will have a fixed range, for example, an excavator to dig the mountain, mining, heavy work, so no matter what brand is probably in 7 years would be scrapped, the so-called good quality that is nonsense, and good times, were at most for a year, so buy excavator want to make money do not buy luxury brands such as excavators, Carter Komatsu, and can choose the price at the end, practical such as Liugong, you can receive the cost within three years, and four years can be earned a Carter about one million to what time to recover the cost?
Q:if the ratio of capital to labor increases, we can expect that labor productivity will increase?
a. true more capital to labor means replacing hand shovels with excavators.
Q:I'm looking for a summer job in the Excavator/Dozer area.?
Good luck with that. You will be competing with people like me that have years of experience. You may want to find something in your area that does apprenticeship programs. Also, I'm kicking myself for not going into the union (Local 3) Spend a little time and money now, and make ship loads of money later.
Q:What kind of excavator is trong?
It's built in Shandong, JCM.Excavator: excavator is a kind of special engineering vehicle, which is composed of rotating platform, large shovel and mechanical arm.
Q:my friend has hernia,whats the cause?what is the best medication?
Hernia can be caused by excess coughing. As for the best medication, ever heard of the doctor's?
Q:LOL excavator correctly installed
Say only the mainstream of playing wild routines, on a single excavator, or used to play other locations, not mainstream, do not say.The first is the playing field knife enchants, excavator not letter every day and so on by Zhao Kensai werewolf Gongsu eat hero, is not the master, so two kinds of choices, and the giant warrior enchant enchant slag. Enchant warrior is feasible, because with attack fighters possessed high damage early for wind or have the confidence to oneself, can open the situation in the early stage, reducing the CD property is also very suitable for excavator. But it is not the most recommended, because in the current version on the single is half meat output CARRY, then the tank task is mainly composed of a single and a wild bear, compared to the previous version on the single is meat, now the single version on the T1 are Nobel Jian Ji the meat output. The playing field in the middle and late stage of damage as the front bear more responsibility, so it is recommended to enchant enchant slag giant, more stable than warriors, after all the skills base damage excavator is good, is not very dependent on soldiers enchant the damage.

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