Excavator 15ton (K150SD-1)

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Excavator 15ton  (K150SD-1)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:K150SD-1



Usage:Special Excavator



Transmission:Hydraulic Transmission


Drive Type:Internal Combustion Drive

Bucket Capacity:0.5~1.0m³



Certification:ISO9001: 2000






Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.







Production Capacity:100PCS/Year

Product Description

Big torque travelling devices ensure strong driving force when turning and climbing the extendable chassis not only improves working stability, but also allows transportation of whole machine without dismantling big circular are structure on both ends of pontoon reduces travelling resistance.

Operating weight20000kg
Standard bucket capacity0.4m 3
Arm length1508mm
Boom length3900mm
Number of cylinder4
Max. power/rpm86.5KW/2200rpm
Max. torque420N.M at 1600 rpm
Main pumps
TypeVariable displacement axial piston pumps
Max. displacement2 × 63cm 3 /r
Working pressure30Mpa
Hydraulic motor
SlewFixed displacement axial piston motor
TravelVariable displacement axial piston motors
Slew speed13.6pm
Min. back slew radius2468mm
Max. travel speed high/low3/2.1km/h
Grade ability30 °
traction force157.5kn
Max. digging force of bucket72kn
Max. digging force arm51kn
Groud pressure0.13kg/cm 3
Tank capacity
Fuel tank capacity217L
Hydraulic tank capacity217L

Excavator 15ton  (K150SD-1)

Excavator 15ton  (K150SD-1)

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Q:The reason why the excavator holds down the engine is 150
You still have to find a repair do not know where you are like you a wrong diagnosis is not only a waste of money but also a waste of time and effort in Hangzhou, Xiaoshan has a very good mechanic tall fat with a fairly good technical Landwind we are all the way to repair the ten time he invited ten times to help you out with no recurrence but I don't know if he contact number I see the information you send me or hydraulic pressure instability or lock problem are you sure no problem you cleaned oil oil oil have a plurality of small screen and the mailbox surface is cleaned? Has the atomizer been tested yet? Good luck. No, you go to Xiaoshan. If there's any need, I can ask you about that. Good luck
Q:what is this called???????
Rock-ripping heavy duty Excavators have buckets with big teeth.
Q:what is the productivity of medium earth excavator in backfilling work?
depend okorder.com/
Q:Is zoo med excavator clay substrate good?
I would use what u r comfortable with if it is for reptiles and says safe for rep tiled and ur kind of lizard then it is ok to use especially if the leopard geckos picture is on it. I wouldnt make it i would just buy the thing or something like it it may not work the way u want it to and can turn into a big project.
Q:LOL excavator how to play ah, great God taught some skills
Similar questions have been answered before.This is my life hero, and I am also from contact with excavators, skilled, just playing the hero encountered a variety of problems, and doubts, I think you have met, we discuss together.S5 don't say anything about it. Let's talk about S6.The excavator is a cattle GANK, the opposite pressure is not given other playing field to some, but not the simple and crude barrel Zhao letter to go out to catch the hero, a little game adaptation.How do you catch people?Able to touch the enemy easily. (dodging vision, cutting in)Providing good damage and control. (rank, equipment, output technique)Keep in good health. (playing wild is too bad, don't come, don't give a double BUFF)
Q:Zoomed clay excavator sand?
I think you should change the sand type. A fine grounded sand would probably work. You should check with a local pet store and see what they use just in case though.
Q:Does it take longer and more difficult to dig a foundation than to put up floors of a building. How about cost
Interesting question. Digging the hole for the foundation is much faster than putting up the floors. Using a house as an example, the excavator usually can dig the hole in a few hours. Then, one day to pour the footings for the foundation, another day to form and pour the walls (if using that type of foundation). If using block wall foundation, figure a few days. Now comes the framing. Depending on the size of the house, it will take anywhere from 1-3 days to frame in the first floor deck. Figure another 2-7 days to frame the first floor walls, depending on the crew size and complexity of the plan. Repeat for any additional floors and then roof. There is no way to give you a cost. You have not given any information, such as size and type of building, location, construction materials, etc. Hope this helps.
Q:CAT where is the origin of the small excavator?
1.CATER American brand, made in japan.2. in terms of quality and performance is not inferior to other Japanese brands; power is the Carter Co independent models, and there is high pressure refrigeration pump; bucket capacity in the 1*5 to 2*8 range; the cab dashboard is adjustable, convertible, digital dial. So, on the control, comfort, more satisfied.3., Sino US joint ventures are made by XCMG and Carter joint venture factory.
Q:Leopard Gecko Substrate?
Our leopard gecko started out on paper towels as a juvenile, because it was safe and easy to maintain. As an adult, he has been on VitaSand for a few years, and we've had no issues. We use a small strainer (a fine one you'd use in the kitchen) to clean it between changes. And we take care not to leave really wet spots in the sand because it can build up bacteria and mold. It seems to help reduce ingestion by the gecko when we dust the crickets with calcium powder now and then before feeding. The reptile carpet can cause abrasions on the delicate skin, and can catch a claw and cause injury, so we aren't a fan of that option. A textured ceramic tile is okay, but can get cold, so make sure he has an appropriate heat source. The main thing is try an option and observe carefully. If you use sand and start seeing sand in the droppings, remove the sand. Good luck.
Q:hi guys me and my partner are immigrating to brisbane next month from ireland she is a nurse and got sponsord?
where is brisbane.

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